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Idle Warship – Party Robot

by Travis on October 28, 2009

Mick Boogie teams up with Idle Warship to drop a free project. Idle Warship for those of you not up on the group is Talib Kweli, Res, and Graph Nobel. I’m not up on the other two, Res is more of a singer, and appeared on other Talib Kweli projects in the past and Graph Nobel is probably not something I would actively seek out either. The tracks I’ve heard of from the prior to this has been enjoyable. I’m not the biggest Talib fan usually, but I’m going to give this a listen. Two track through and the first track had a mature sound to it, which means my old ass liked it. The second track sounds like it was left off a John Hughes movie soundtrack from the 80′s. Very synth pop sounding. Should be interesting…. -Trav

Idle Warship welcomes you to our first full length offering, Party Robot. This started out as a path to musical freedom. When we established Idle Warship, we did it for us. Now that we are giving you this music, Idle Warship no longer belongs to us, it belongs to the world. We don’t believe in labels for music. Labels make stop you from hearing something before you listen to it. We appreciate those who have taken this journey with us without judgment and enjoyed the ride. To everyone who purchased our music on iTunes and anyone who has bought a ticket to an Idle Warship show, this is for you. All my party robots stand up!

The mixtape has been released with two different covers (both attached). Click either of the links below to download the mixtape with your preferred artwork:

Party Robot
(robot cover):

Party Robot
(girl cover):

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