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Kam Moye Album Sampler

by Travis on October 28, 2009

Kam Moye was one of several note worthy releases that dropped yesterday. If you are not familiar with Kam Moye, you may know him better as NC MC Supastition. I’ve been a big Kam/Supa fan since first hearing him back in 2004 or so. He’s dropped some classic cuts, so I’m looking forward to hearing this project. - Trav

The Sampler:

The date has finally arrived and to celebrate the October 27th release of Splitting Image, Kam Moye has leaked a self-selected album sampler, just in case there are still any undecided folks out there. The sampler is a 7-song sneak preview of Kam’s first CD under his given name, rather than his alter ego Supastition. Splitting Image represents more than just a name change for Kam. The album isn’t a departure so much as an evolution towards a more mature, focused persona, and the sampler contains several songs that hint at this transition.

The sampler features production from Jake One, Vitamin D, M-phazes, Veterano, Khrysis, and S1 with guest appearances by Phonte, One Be Lo, Zumbi (Zion I), and many more.

Album Sampler Track List:

1. Splitting Image ft. Neenah
2. Imani
3. Re:born
4. Hello Karma ft. Phonte and Ayah
5. Let’s Be Honest
6. Give Out, Give In
7. Life Line ft. One Be Lo


“RE:Born” (Prod. by Vitamin D):

“Let’s Be Honest” (Prod. by Veterano):

Kam Moye, Marco Polo & !llmind caught in the act of studio crashing:

“Blue Skies” (Produced by Apollo Brown)

“Step By Step” (Produced by D.R.)

“3 Ladies”

Watch out for the “Let’s Be Honest” music video scheduled for release next week.


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