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Darc Mind, Symptomatic of a Greater Ill

by BC on October 28, 2009

I wanted to post the LP on here (from my Soul in the Hole post), but it appears that you can still purchase it, so I won’t put a download up here.

I was curious about learning some more about what happened and just about the group in general and I found their MySpace page. There’s a link to a review in what I believe is the now defunct Elemental Magazine (R.I.P.). It likens the release, or lack there of, to KMD’s Black Bastards. I wasn’t able to find any information as to why the LP didn’t come out, but I’m sure it’s similar to other stories that we’ve heard in the past.

Check out the review in Elemental Magazine from Sept. 2006:
The group’s Myspace:

Check out the tracks Visions of a Blur, U Da One, I’m Ill and Outside Looking In.
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