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Nine & DJ Pooh – BC's Random Album Post

by BC on October 30, 2009

Nine – Cloud 9 (1996)

Get it Here Nine Cloud 9

1) Know Introduction w/ King Just
2) Every Man 4 Himself
3) We Play 4 Keeps
4) Tha Product w/ U-Neek
5) Uncivilized
6) No Part N Me
7) Lyin’ King
8) Richman Poorman (Act One) w/ 3rd Eye
9) Jon Doe
10) Make or Take w/ Smoothe Da Hustler
11) Warriors w/ Bounty Killer
12) 4 Chicken Wings and Rice (1991)

I was listening to Nine last night and decided to dig out his second album. I remember listening to it with my buddy on the way to Smokin’ Grooves in Weedsport, NY back in 1996. Sidebar: How’s this for a lineup? The Fugees, ATCQ, Cypress Hill, Busta Rhymes and Ziggy Marley, among others.

When it first came out I was really into it, but it did have some holes after a few more listenings. However, I still enjoyed the album and there are some real good songs on here. The reviews weren’t that good at the time, if I remember correctly. After this LP, I didn’t hear much about him and figured he dropped out of the game. Unfortunately, the mid to late 90′s was a time in which a lot of hip-hop artists were being signed and their albums shelved for the foreseeable future because of creative differences. A lot of established artists seemed to drop out of sight as well. It was a weird time for rappers and major labels.

Anyway, Uncivilized and Lyin’ King are the 2 tracks that stick out for me, along with the 3rd Eye produced and guesting, Richman Poorman, if only because it has 3rd Eye. The last thing I heard about Nine was that he was releasing an LP on the same label as Juggaknots, and he was on their last album. I haven’t heard anything since then (around 2006).

DJ Pooh – Bad Newz Travels Fast (1997)

DJ Pooh – Bad Newz Travels Fast

1) Intro
2) Bump Yo Speakers – Threat
3) No Idea – Kam, Charlie Wilson, Roger Troutman
4) Grow Room – Mista Grimm
5) Whoop! Whoop! – Kam
6) Get Money – Threat, Tray D
7) New World Order – Tha Low Life Gangstas & Bad Ass
8) Bad Newz Travels Fast – T-Lee from Tha LA Zuu
9) Ebonics – Mista Grimm
10) Get Off – Threat
11) Who Cares – Kam
12) MC’s Must Come Down – Mista Grimm
13) Nowhere 2 Hide – Threat
14) You Ain’t Sh*t – Mista Grimm
15) Gangsta Vocabulary – Threat

This one has a little bit of relevance based on some of the soundtrack posts and some Ice Cube references that I’ve made recently. I think I got this album based on the Kam featured song Whoop! Whoop! and the potential of Threat and Mista Grimm.

Just like Travis, in his great soundtrack post, I always liked Kam, but never had any of his albums. Not sure why, but sometimes, especially back in the day when money was tight, there were numerous albums released aroung the same time and those further down my list never got purchased.

This LP was put out not too long after DJ Pooh and Ice Cube ended their partnership, and not too soon after Friday’s release. Kam wasn’t too happy with Cube either. Whoop! Whoop! was basically a funky Ice Cube diss. I think there were some other random Cube disses mixed onto this album, but it’s been awhile since I gave it a thorough listen. Kam’s beef had something to do with him calling in gang connects to protect Cube and feeling slighted when he didn’t receive proper backing from Cube for his own album, despite helping Cube out. There were some other reasons as well. I don’t remember what the DJ Pooh/Cube beef was about, but I’m guessing it was over money.

Both Threat and Mista Grimm are featured on numerous tracks. I mentioned in an earlier post that I always associated these guys together because they came about around the same time and both were West coast artists, and this LP didn’t do much in separating them in my mind. Mista Grimm seemed to kind of get lost in the mid-90′s major label BS. I also seem to remember he was signed to John Singleton’s label, whatever that was (not sure if that came to fruition).

Overall, this is a solid album and worth the download.

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