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Trav's "Most Played For The Week"

by Travis on November 3, 2009

Welcome everyone to what is to be sure to be a new page in dreaded blog world. Why do I say dreaded? As my fellow Bloggerhouse member Dart eloquently pointed out in our introduction post last week, the blog world has gotten a little over-saturated. Now I’m not one to rip on the next man for doing his own thing, but when you aren’t doing your own thing, that’s where the problem lies. I’m not going to say we are the save alls to the ills surrounding hip hop or blogging for that matter. I’m just here to say we are here to bring quality and originality. I’m hoping for a great adventure from here on out, if nothing else, it’ll be original. One last thing before we get this show on the road, this is my first time working with the word press template after working with blogger for four years, so bear with me while I figure this shit out.

Not to be out done by brothers in blog, yours truly drops his most played tracks of the last little while. We all have are own tastes, but the one thing we do have in common is we have high standards when it comes to our hip hop music. We all like quality music (I’ll withhold judgment on Dart’s 50 cosign until I hear it…haha)

The Brown Bag Allstars - Make Way (J57 Remix)

It’s hard telling when I got this track, since The Brown Bag Allstars have been one of the busiest groups out there this summer and autumn. I was listening to the iPod on random one day while at work when this track came on. Checking the track, it immediately stuck out for it’s authentic hip hop flavor that sounds like it came from the golden age. Consisting of J57 (JLOG1C), The Audible Doctor, Koncept, Soul Khan, Cold Codeine, DJ Goo, DJ E Holla, & Deejay Element, the Fat Beats backed Brown Bag AllStars hook up a funky horn sample that just drips of true hip hop sounds.

Masta Ace & Edo G – Over There

I couldn’t have a list of current hot tracks without a track or two from the new A&E album. I’m warming up to it after starting a little cold on it (not because of the music, but because of the promo that was slipped to me a month or so ago). Backed by a smooth M-Phazes beat, both Ed sounds natural over the slick goodness. Backed by simple strings, handclaps and a quiet storm like vocal sample, it’s a kick back and chill to the music. Ironically enough, this is a straight Ed solo track (Ace handles some of the chorus, just adlibs though) and he works wonders with the track, dropping the kind of lines we expect from the veteran MC.

Educated Consumers feat Poorly Drawn People - My Us

Coming in over a rock tinged guitar, Educated Consumers team up with one of my favorite groups, Poorly Drawn People. Each MC from SeezMics, Storm Davis to Reason each drop a ruff rhyme over the dark, menacing beat. The three work really well together, all complimenting each other quite nicely. I had this on iPod “rewind” for a good portion of a day not too long ago.

Apollo Brown – Down There
If you’ve followed me much in the past year, you know I’m on a big Detroit kick. I’ve also been listening to a lot of instrumentals jawns (for my Philly heads), so when a Detroit producers makes an instrumental joint, you know I have to hear it. Apollo Brown is the latest D-town beatmaker to grace us with his presence. While writing the other night, “Down There” from his Skilled Trade LP came on and the deep bass line started shaking my computer desk. The carribean flavored track is rich with horns and a deep bass line that rumbles anything not held down.

Paten Locke - Ventilation

First off, if you haven’t got P Locke’s “Super Ramen Rocketship”, stop what are doing and go get that now. Got it? Good. The album is one of those that I seem to have a new favorite every other week, but the one track that is stays on that favorite list is “Ventilation”. It’s spacey like sound gives it a light feeling, much like it’s title might suggest. The best part everything is handled by Paten, the lyrics, the beat and the scratching. That’s right, there is scratching present.

ST/Mic – We Kings

I had heard of this ST/Mic cat through his label Domination, who sends me a lot of promotional stuff, and I’m sure I’ve heard of him before that, just can’t place where. Anyway, “We Kings” is a track that stuck out on his latest album, “Honest Music”, and once again, there is nothing fancy about the track, it’s just solid hip hop music.

Ancient Tongues – Hard Road

The first single, “Hard Road”, from the Ancient Tongues has been mentioned both by Eric and myself over the past month. It’s a different track to be sure. It’s got some alternative type of sounds to it, like it could get some play on a college radio station really easy. It almost reminds me of an MC 900 Ft Jesus track from back in the day. So what I’m really trying to say here is that it’s got it’s own sound and flavor, something that isn’t always found in today’s hip hop music.

Sene & Blu - Won Thousand Girls

Being a fan of both Blu and Sene, I was curious on how this project would turn out, especially with Blu supplying the beats. I’m not going to lie and not say I was more into Blu’s MC skills than his production skills. Blu laces up an oldie sample for Sene to drop an ode to the ladies and it works quite well. It’s got that old rag-time/fifties type of flavor beat wise, something that grabs me anyway. Sene is a slept on MC that deserves more shine than he gets. The beat and the topic speaks to me in volumes.

The Strangerz – Custodianz

This track could quite possibly be in my top 10 list at the end of the year. “Custodianz” is a dark and menacing track with loud drums and an eerie vocal sample that sounds like it came straight from the sewers of NYC with a Happy Meal and a dead rat. Who are The Strangerz? If you read WYDU or WTR much the past year, you will surely recognize the voices is the dudes from Tha Connection, Hus KingPin and SmooVth Dude along with Marvelous Magnum, who comes off strong with his verse as well, dropping memorable lines. Not sure which catches my ears more, the beat or the lines the cats are spitting. Makes me want to nod my head with my fist slamming down on a table top. That’s hip hop.

E The Real - Wasted Emotion

I like beats that were made out of weird sounds. Something original, you don’t need to sample a Marvin Gaye song or whatever other soul record you were thinking about to make a decent album. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good soul beat as much as the next man. But when someone uses something that sounds liked chopped bag pipes, you got my attention. Frank The Butcher lives up to his name and chops up some original sounds to make this beat an interesting one. It also helps that one of my favorite artists in E TheReal kicks his no no nonsense rhymes over said beat. It has the making for a great track.

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Justin Boland November 8, 2009 at 1:41 pm

Shit, you just hipped me like 8 tracks I’ll probably be playing for the rest of the week…muchas gracias, you got good taste…by which I mean we dig similar bangers, of course.

Bloggerhouse is shaping up real fucking nice, a tip of the hat to your whole team.

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