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Masta Ace – Singles

by BC on November 5, 2009

In honor of the release of Ace & Edo’s Arts & Entertainment, I decided to post a couple maxi-singles from Masta Ace. I only wish that a couple of the maxi-cassettes that I have were CDs, because I have a couple more from the Slaughtahouse days that I was only able to find on tape.

Sittin’ On Chrome

Download Here

The vocal version is the album version, which is a great song. The Pitkin Ave Mix is a more mellow mix and features a variation on the “they ain’t got no valet” with “I thought you lived in Cali”. The Rockaway Ave Mix is also more mellow than the original version and both remixes are nice to have, especially if you’re an Ace fan.

You can get both Maintain and Ya’ Hardcore on the Hits U Missed discs out there, but for a while at least, I had them and you couldn’t download them off the internet, which was still pretty young at the time.

On Ya’ hardcore, the first 2-3 times I heard it, I didn’t think it was Ace. He comes on a different style and slightly deeper voice. Basically, it’s a track that seems to be from the perspective of a fan, or someone other than Ace, as he talks about listening to hardcore rap, or gangsta rap. One reason, out of many, that I liked Ace is that he wasn’t someone that catered to what was popular at the time. He spoke about not smoking weed (although, wasn’t preachy in doing so) and not having a gun. Well, this track is from that outside perspective, as I said, and involves the character taking a trip to Albee Square Mall to shoot the place up. It’s a different kind of song from MA, but a solid one with a message.

Maintain features Lord Digga and is another good track. It’s pretty mellow and it starts off a little weird, but then gets better. It’s about the pressures of life and maintaining in the face of that pressure, hence the title.

The remainder has a couple of instrumentals so you can kick your own shit over an Ace beat.

1) Vocal
2) Pitkin Ave Mix
3) Rockaway Ave Mix
4) Ya’ Hardcore (Trip 2 Albee Sq.)
5) Maintain
6) Sittin’ On Chrome (Instrumental)
7) Rockaway Ave Mix inst.

Runaways feat. Masta Ace – Express Delivery

Download Here

I really don’t know anything about the Runaways, other than they seem to be from London. I had never even heard of this and it looks like it came out in 1999. I was looking for used CD’s at Cheapo’s and decided and look for some Ace stuff just to see if there was anything. there wasn’t anything used, but I found this sitting there and snatched it up.

MA pretty much disses those that talk about being thugs, chains, wack MC’s, etc. I really like all the mixes, but the weakest to me is the Flightcrank mix, which is a bit of a rock infused track. It’s okay, but not as good as the rest. My favorite mix might be the one from The Next Men, but they’re all pretty dope.

After not even knowing that this even existed, I was pumped when I found it, and I was even happier when it turned out to be damn good.

There are a couple instrumentals and an acappella as well.

1) Original mix
2) Instrumental
3) Remix by Aquasky and DJ Format
4) Remix by The Next Men
5) Remix by Flightcrank
6) Flightcrank Instrumental
7) Acappella

This gave me an idea to post some more of these in the future. So, I’ll be getting some of my other maxi-single stuff up here at some point.

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