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Bulworth, the Forgotten Soundtrack (1998)

by BC on November 6, 2009

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It ain’t over mothafucker.

I was digging around for something and found Bulworth just staring at me. Regarding the movie, it sure was dumb from what I remember. Warren Beatty was some sort of politician that suffered some sort of mid-life crisis and decided he’d get in tough with his inner-urban blackness. It tried to tackle race issues, but it just wasn’t good enough to keep me too interested. Also, starring Halle Berry, she’s pretty.

It’s a decent soundtrack and if you can find it, buy it for the simple fact that the liners feature a picture of Beatty with Cappadonna, RZA, Pras and Mack 10 in front of the American flag. Surreal.

1) Zoom – Dr. Dre and LL Cool J – Dre got the high pitched squeal in there. I was never a big fan of this song and it was about 4 years after I listened to anything new from LL. It’s an okay song and a weird combination.

2) Ghetto Supastar – Pras feat. ODB and Mya – This is a great song (you know that) and fooled me into buying Pras’ solo LP. I miss ODB and for those of you youg kids, it has that cute girl from Dancing With the Stars.

3) How Come – Canibus and Youssou N’ Dour – This is around the time when I still enjoyed me some Wyclef. I like this song.

4) Bulworth – Method Man, KRS, Prodigy and Kam – Let’s see what happens if we throw a bunch of rappers in a hat and pick four. That being said, this is a nice track produced by DJ Muggs.

5) Holiday/12 Scanner – Witchdoctor – I never got into Witchdoctor and I’m not a huge fan of this song. It’s listenable, but not my kind of song.

6) The Chase – RZA – A nice song also produced by RZA. It features a dope piano loop and some hectic/dope verses. Although, he did seem to cut his verses at least one short, as the last 2 minutes or so are just the beat.

7) Eve of Destruction – Eve – This beat is nice and has been used before, but I can’t place it right now. It’s driving me nuts, oh, I think on that Louis Logic/JJ Brown LP. I think it’s an old song (possibly), but it’s not listed in the liners. The song’s okay, I’m not an Eve fan, so, yeah.

8) Maniac in the Brainiac – Mack 10 and Ice Cube – This is an okay song, not great, but not bad. I guess Cube is the brainiac and Mack 10 is the maniac, according to the chorus.

9) Freak out – Nutta Butta feat. Anonymous – I’m sure someone out there knows who these 2 are, but I don’t remember them. It samples the Le Chic (is that right) song and is produced by Teddy Riley. Not my style.

10) Joints and Jams – Black Eyed Peas – The Peas before Fergie. I liked this song and ended up buying their debut LP, but didn’t listen to it much.

11) Run – Cappadonna – RZA produced and decent. I’m not a huge Cappadonna fan, but this song predates the Ghostface song from The Pretty Toney LP, which has a similar chorus.

12) Lunatics in the Grass – B Real – This is a pretty good song. It’s basically a Cypress song, but there’s some dude named Jacken on here.

13) Kill Em Live – Public Enemy – This is okay. I wasn’t really checking for PE around the time this came out.

14) Bitches are Hustlers Too – D-Fyne – Don’t remember this chick and this song isn’t that good.

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jrrider November 7, 2009 at 9:59 pm

This was another hot garbage soundtrack. Very underwhelming. I still remember being pissed for the Bullworth single being average at best.

You should have came back with The New Jersey Drive soundtracks. E Bros, Naughty, Jeru, Boot Camp Click, biggie and one of the tightest Outkast songs ever.

BC November 8, 2009 at 12:30 am

I posted New Jersey Drive a week or two ago. Some nice songs on there for sure.

jrrider November 8, 2009 at 12:58 am

Didn't see it, good lookin out then.

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