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Inbox Goodies….The Unemployed Version

by Travis on November 6, 2009

Bloggers Choice

Two of WYDU’s favorite join forces to come with a new track. Straight off Cee & Bekah’s Soul Movement Vol 3, The Understudies join forces with the Hip Soul duo from down under. I might have had just a little thing to do with these two groups meeting, a fact of which I’m proud of. - TravWe are just one week away from the official release of Cee & Bekah’s Soul Movement Volume 3, hosted by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. This is the third (and best) of the Soul Movement series and the first being sponsored by my label, HiPNOTT Records.

For the next leak, we bring you “Too Dope,” featuring The Understudies from the San Fransisco Bay area. If the beat sounds familiar, it should, as they go in over the Black Milk banger “Motown 25″ (originally done by Elzhi and Royce Da 5′9).

Socheck out what everyone Down Under is raving about… and check out their updated profile page at where you can also download the first two volumes of the Soul Movement series.

Download Here


Mekka Don – They All Come Down

Always good to hear new music from former Spotlight artist Mekka Don. The thing about Mekka’s music, it’s honest music, you ain’t going to hear no bullshit. That’s what the new song, “They All Come Down,” is all about. An honest take on “celebrities” and their falls from grace. Not your typical hip hop subject matter and that’s why I’ll be bumping it. -Trav


Mekka Don’s new hit single is more than just a hit. They All Come Down” is a record written and recorded by Mekka Don which explores the rise of all stars and their inevitable fall. With the rise and fall of the Bernie Madoffs and Plaxico Burress’ of the world, and recent convictions of rappers Lil Wayne, TI, and Lil’ Boosie, the song could not have been more timely. Although some of these “falls” are tragic – ala Michael Jackson and Steve McNair – the truth still remains the same – “They All Come Down.” The song is complemented by a powerful video produced by Humungoid Films. Jared Zwerling plays the role of celebrity-living the good life.

The video debuted at “The Undaground Railroad” showcase at Taj presented by The Source Magazine and Tyku to rave reviews. A crowd member was quoted as saying “This is a very sad but true song. The video is perfect and every line he said was the truth. We need more music like this.” DJ Mick Boogie previewed the song and immediately felt compelled to post in on his website. Mick said, “the song is very soulful and bluesy. It has a message. It reminds me of some old UGK music but is slightly more mellow. It’s a winner.”

The song and video will be officially released today via The content rich website chronicles the rise and fall of many of America’s biggest stars in entertainment, sports, and business. The video is available for free and the song can be purchased via Itunes. Please visit to learn more about Mekka Don, a rapper the New York Daily News says is “Bringing Change To Rap.”

Mekka Don – The All Fall Down


We are proud to present the new EP of covers from our longtime friend, collaborator, and bandmate Zo!, “…just visiting too.”

1. Perfect Angel feat. Yahzarah
2. Nights Over Egypt feat. Carlitta Durand
3. Crazy You feat. Sy Smith
4. Holding You, Loving You
5. My Flame feat. Phonte
6. Somethin Special feat. Yahzarah
7. The Highways of My Life (Pts. 1&2) feat. Darien Brockington

Working on this record has been a labor of love for everybody involved, and we hope it serves as a teaser for Zo’s upcoming full-length “SunStorm,” dropping next summer on FE Music.

Enclosed in the “…just visiting too” zip file is a digital pdf booklet complete with all the album credits, information on the album’s vocalists and contributors, as well as information on the originals.

Enjoy the music, pass it around to a friend, and as always thank you for the support.

We hope this record makes your transition into the holiday season much easier. Thank you for listening.

Team FE marches on!

One Love,
‘Te and Nic



Gangland Vol. 4 (American Nightmare)

The Bay Area’s own Lefty a.k.a. the L.E.F.T. (Bash Bros.) returns with the New York native DJ Concept to deliver the 4th addition to the “Gangland” street album series. After setting a buzz with Gangland Vol. 3 the two brethren went back to work to bring the American Nightmare to light. Deep, dark & edgy what more can I say…This piece is free…check it!


Track listing:
1.There Is No Danger Intro

2. 2minus1=12, 5, 6, 20

3. Zoner

4. Self Discovery Interlude

5. Lefty Speaks

6. Big Noise Remix

7. Bada Bing feat. (Scarub of Living Legends)

8. Rakka Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) visits Gangland

9. Yessir

10. Misery

11. Sean Price & Kimbo Price arrive

12. Homicidal Recital

13. Head Medicine feat. (Verbal Kent, Very, Tab One of Kooley High)

14. Under Nuclear Attack Interlude

15. Dance with the Devil

16. Piseas (Bash Bros.) steps in / Get Acquainted With The A-Bomb Interlude

17. Permanent Midnight Remix

18. Awful Gas Outro
****Download includes “Big Noise remix” video*

Visit Lefty & DJ Concept online:

DJ Concept:

< a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

Coming 2010
Brainchild (DJ Concept & Lefty)

Bash Bros. “Saturn’s Return


I’ve just posted on my site a new CD for download, a remix tape called ‘THE LITTLE BROTHER SHOW’, a 9 track remix EP featuring my re-works of tracks by or featuring Phonte, Big Pooh and Little Brother. Here’s the blurb about it I put up on the site;

Ever since putting out the Diary Volume 1.5 remix tape earlier this year, I’ve been wanting to do another remix tape with a more current feel. Whilst there’s been something of a trend for producers remixing entire albums in the past few years, the truth is that there’s a very small number of modern hip hop acts who’ve genuinely inspired me, let alone ones that have published acapella albums. Little Brother, on the other hand, impress me consistently and are one of the few contemporary hip hop acts who I always check for. So I gathered together the limited acapellas that I have obtained over the years and used them (along with a few instrumental skits) to produce this 9 track remix EP. Much like Diary Volume 1.5, I’ve tried to keep the style of beats appropriate to the age the original tracks, although it’s all post-2003 material so in truth anything goes. The more recent tracks are a pretty accurate reflection of where my beat making sits right now.I think it’s probably pretty clear from what I’ve said already, but for the avoidance of doubt, I should probably add that this is not an official Little Brother mixtape or release. It was born simply out of my search for some quality vocals to put together a coherent sounding EP and perhaps more importantly my being a fan of Little Brother. I sincerely hope it’s received that way. Anyway, enough from me – I hope you enjoy the show!

Vocal and instrumental versions of the EP are available for free download from the Music of Substance downloads page;

… or you can download the vocal version direct via RAPIDSHARE using the following link;

Artwork is attached and tracklist appears below;

1 – The Little Brother Show (Intro)
2 – Little Brother featuring Carlitta Durand – Life of the Party (Chris Read Remix)
3 – Big Pooh – Strongest Man (Chris Read Remix)
4 – The Download (Interlude 1)
5 – Darien Brockington featuring Little Brother – I Need You (Chris Read Remix)
6 – Little Brother – Whatever You Say (Chris Read Remix)
7 – The Tour Life (Interlude 2)
8 – Little Brother – The Way You Do It (Chris Read Remix)
9 – Hope You Enjoyed The Show (Outro)

Thanks for your time and support!


Chris Read


Think You Can Outdo The Alchemist?

Think you can outdo The Alchemist? Then download the acapella to Bekay’s “I Am” and remix it for a chance to appear on the iTunes edition of The Hunger Pains Remix EP. Click on the link below to download the original, acapella and contest rules/itinirary & prizes.

Download HotFile:


Haji P. Good Grief
First single from upcoming album Neighborhood Kid.
Haji P., of North Carolinian duo Brown Co., sets up for the release of his first solo project, Neighborhood Kid. A follow up to Brown Co.’s 2007 LP, Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. The lead single, “Good Grief” (produced by DJ MF Shalem) offers a brief autobiography of the rapper; spanning his childhood in Hawaii & Jersey City, his coming of age in the south, and his most recent move to California’s bay area. Dope, right? The entire life of one mildly remarkable entertainer, summarized into four minutes of melodious rap song. How could you not love that? And if by some horrible mistake you decide you don’t love it…give it a second listen and correct that mistake. Peace. -Haji P*

Big ups to Charlie Brown for the song title. Good Grief!

for more on haji p, go to…


Del The Funky Homosapien – Lyrics To Go 2009

This is the first leak from the A Tribe Called Quest Tribute mixtape that has been in the works for a few months now. Del the Funky Homosapien straight murders this update to “Lyrics To Go.” Thanks for your support…

DJ Chong Wizard
in collaboration with, Thick Magazine & Vita Morte have joined forces to present the first single off the forthcoming A Tribe Called Quest Tribute mixtape called Eclectic Relaxation. This single features none other then Del The Funky Homosapien from the legendary Hieroglyphics crew. Being that Del is also a official member of the Native Tongue posse and close friend of Q-Tip’s it was only right for us to get him involved on this mixtape. On top of that the song is produced by one of our contest winners… Bidimridim!!!

Download Here


Damu The Fudgemunk & Buff1 – When Winter Comes


If you like what you hear, please feel free to share the mp3 and/or link.

I dont wanna flood our inbox, so instead of attaching any files, i’m just shooting you a link to our bandcamp page where you can stream/download direct. If you would prefer that I send you the 320k mp3 file and/or cover image that i threw together, just lemme know.

Damu on the beat and our friend Buff1 on the mic. Additional details below.


“When the Winter Comes” (2 track mix) is produced by Damu The Fudgemunk and will appear on the upcoming free digital release “It’s a 1derful Life” from Buff1. Available December 2nd.

Damu The Fudgemunk is releasing the instrumental version of his group Y Society’s debut LP, Travel At Your Own Pace, in Late November on Redefinition Records (CD/Vinyl) & Tres Records (Digital). In mid December, Damu is dropping an all new EP entitled Kilawatt Vol.1 on Vinyl/mp3 featuring mc Raw Poetic of Panacea.

“When The Winter Comes” is gonna get all my cold climate people ready for winter and it’ll also get everybody ready for the holiday season. Hope ya’ll like it! – Buff1

For more info on Damu & Redefinition Records:

For more info on Buff1:
released 03 November 2009
Lyrics: Buff1
Music: Damu The Fudgemunk
Photo/Design: JNOTA


Free Download: Muneshine “Today’s Special” feat. Dminor

Now available for free download is the latest single from Muneshine titled “Today’s Special” featuring Dminor and produced by Presto. Also available is the video – “Today’s Special”.

Free Download: Muneshine “Today’s Special” feat. Dminor

More videos from Muneshine:
- Globetrotters
- Status Symbol

New features with Muneshine:
- Interview
- Interview

“Status Symbol” CD Digital available at:
- iTunes


Potholes In My Blog Premier
Download: Blame One – “Mr. Science” prod. 8 Attack
Download Here
Download: Blame One – “Danger” prod. Supa Koopa 805
Download Here

Blog Post:

With great pleasure, today we announce that the highly esteemed emcee, Blame One, is officially out of retirement! But not only is he back, we also get word that Blame is working on two very exciting projects, set to be released in the very near future. These two joints we are dropping today will be found on One’s upcoming mixtape, Leaks and Gemz, which will be available in a couple of months. But that isn’t even the best of it. Along with the mixtape, Blame One is teaming up with DJ Babu of the Beat Junkies to drop a collaborative LP some time in 2009! Now if that doesn’t get you excited for hip-hop, I don’t know what will. Check out the two leaks and get ready to cop yourself some Blame One in the coming months…


Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic)

As many of you know the first records I ever worked on were as a part of my crew Greenhouse Effect, from Columbus Ohio. Many things have happened and thru the years; the cast has changed and some people have come and gone. But since we started out with this Greenhouse shit as the foundation of this the weightless recordings movement, Illogic and I have decided to drop the “effect” from the name and continue carrying the torch as Greenhouse.

We have been working on material together off and on for the past year or so, and will be releasing an EP called “Electric Purgatory – Part One” on Tuesday November 24th on Weightless Recordings. The EP will be the first in a two part series that will be completely free to download. The CD version will come with all the instrumentals and a free poster, and available at

So with that said, here’s a song called “Gettin There”. – Blueprint
Divshare link is here

Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) CD Release Party Announced

Details of the Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) CD release party for their upcoming “Electric Purgatory” EP have been announced.

Date: Saturday November 28th, 2009
City: Columbus, OH
Venue: Skullys
Cover: $10
ages: 18+
Doors: 9pm
Performers: Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Kam Moye (aka Supastition), J. Rawls, Envelope, Dominique Laurue.

Flyer for event is attached.

2. Blueprint starts a video blog

To chronicle the release of his 2010 album on Rhymesayers, the new Greenhouse release, and answer fan questions blueprint has started a new video blog. The first episode is located at . Feel free to repost.

Loose Ends

Meanest Man Contest“Day Off Theme (f/ Nebz Supreme & DJ Disruption)

Cymarshall Law “10 Bricks” Freestyle
Download Here

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