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Blackalicious – Melodica

by OSnapple on November 7, 2009

Back in the day I got introduced to a hip hop duo that in my opinion has one of the most, quick witted and intelligent minds in the game. Most people know him for his albums, NIA (1999), Blazing Arrow (2002), and The Craft (2005) all of which I still rock in the car weekly. But several months ago while surfing the net I came across an EP from 1994 called “Melodica” and it really made me take a step back and look at how much talent they had even in the groups infancy.

Most people caught wind of Blackalicious from the “A to G” track off the A2G EP. It still amazes me that Gab has been known to rip this track multiple ways, using the alphabet as his template for the track. Below is the Cut Chemist Workout from A2G.

One of my favorite tracks off the 1999 Release “Nia” is a track called “Making Progress” with a lot of the bullshit that’s out in the music world today im happy that im still able to listen to something with a more positive vibe.

Track List for Nia
01. Searching 1:49
02. The Fabulous Ones 3:00
03. Do This My Way 4:49
04. Deception 5:11
05. A To G 2:24
06. Cliff Hanger 6:21
07. Shallow Days 4:20
08. Ego Trip by Nikki Giovanni 1:44
09. You Didn’t Know That Though 4:35
10. If I May 3:45
11. Dream Seasons 4:49
12. Trouble 4:28
13. Smithsonian Institute of Rhyme 4:24
14. As the World Turns 5:41
15. Reanimation 3:38
16. Beyonder 4:06
17. Making Progress 3:11
18. Sleep 3:54
19. Finding 1:54

We also have the Good ol “Blazing Arrow” (2002). When it comes to albums I can listen to front to back, this is most defiantly on the top of my list.
Under the track list is one of my favorites from the album.

Track List

01. Introduction: Bow And Fire..1:06
02. Blazing Arrow……………2:40
03. Sky Is Falling…………..2:26
04. First In Flight………….4:33
05. Greenlight: Now Begin…….3:13
06. 4000 Miles………………4:35
07. Nowhere Fast…………….6:41
08. Paragraph President………5:09
09. It’s Going Down………….3:44
10. Make You Feel That Way……3:26
11. Brain Washers……………6:23
12. Chemical Calisthenics…….3:21
13. Aural Pleasure…………..4:47
14. Passion…………………3:54
15. Purest Love……………..4:03
16. Release…………………9:26
17. Day One…………………4:53

Last but not least, by any means, is the freshman release of “Melodica” This album was initially released in 1994 under the Solesides Label and then later released as in import edition through both Marlboro Music and Mo’ Wax. The albums are virtually identical, but the import releases included instrumentals for all the tracks minus “Cheezit Terrorist” and “40oz Breakfast”.

Track listing

Original Solesides version

01. “Lyric Fathom”
02. “Rhymes for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind”
03. “Swan Lake”
04. “Attica Black”
05. “Cheezit Terrorist”
06. “40oz for Breakfast”
07. “Deep In The Jungle” (Feat. Lateef the Truth Speaker and Asia Born)

Mo’ Wax/Marlboro versions

01. “Swan Lake (Vocal)” – 5:38
02. “Lyric Fathom (Vocal)” – 4:15
03. “Attica Black (Vocal)” – 6:12
04. “40oz (Vocal)” – 7:42
05. “Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb & Blind (Vocal)” – 2:36
06. “Deep in the Jungle (Vocal)” (Feat. Lateef the Truth Speaker and Asia Born) – 6:48
07. “Swan Lake (Instrumental)” – 5:07
08. “Lyric Fathom (Instrumental)” – 3:21
09. “Attica Black (Instrumental)” – 6:15
10. “Deep in the Jungle (Instrumental)” – 7:11
11. “Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb & Blind (Instrumental)” – 2:31

You can download the “Melodica” import album Here


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The illDefined November 7, 2009 at 10:06 pm

blackalicious has been one of my favorites for years. A2G was one of the first rap albums I ever bought as a kid. Just did a post on these guys myself a few days ago when Gab released the track with Brother Ali and Del the Funky Homosapien.

Thanks for the link to melodica!

O-Snaps November 8, 2009 at 10:45 pm

Dope man im about to download it and check it out, i think Blackalicious was also one of the first LP's i picked up back in the day.

good looking out on the Track

Anonymous November 9, 2009 at 1:10 am

Being fromthe East I was more into Boot Camp and Wu when theses guys 1st showed on the scene but in 02, my man gave me a copy of Blazin Arrow and said he aint dig it but I might.Long story short I think its one of the best hiphop albums of this decade!Great write up on a great underappreciated crew!

Nesta November 13, 2009 at 3:39 am

To me, Melodica is the best shit they ever did.

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