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"Most Played For The Week" (Eric's Picks) Pt. I

by Eric C. on November 12, 2009

1. “The Park” (Blue Sky Black Death Remix)

One of the decade’s most consistent independent Hip Hop groups, Cunninlynguists have returned with the highly anticipated “Strange Journey: Volume 2″.  The trio of Kno, Deacon and Natti already have an impressive resume with underground favorites such as “Southernunderground”, “Will Rap For Food”, “A Piece of Strange”,
and “Dirty Acres” and hot off the heals of “Strange Journey: Volume 1″, you might as well go right ahead and put another feather in the native Kentuckians.  Although not quite as dope as “Volume 1″, this 2nd installment of “Strange Journey” still has the official “Bloggerhouse” stamp of approval as Cunnin’ once again fails to put out anything that’s remotely wack or lame.

Implementing the dopest usage of “Funky Worm” that I’ve ever heard, the production duo of Kingston & Young God aka Blue Sky Black Death succeeded in one thing this week…forcing me to dig even deeper into their production catalog.  As you’ll soon read, this week’s “Most Played” reflects just how much I’ve been sleeping on this duo that simply doesn’t get the shine they deserve, from myself included.

2. “Away With Me” -Jean Grae & Blue Sky Black Death

Once again, I’ll admit, this last week I went on a “Blue Sky Black Death” downloading frenzy upon hearing the damage they did to “The Park” remix.  I can even recall peeping the duo’s reworking of Jean Grae, “The Evil Jeanius”, but not being “blown away” after the first few listens, only to let it slide into the evil depths of my 160GB Ipod.  However, I first noticed the instrumental for “Away With Me” on a Blue Sky Black Death “Indie Rock” album and recalled hearing it on “The Evil Jeanius”.  Lemme just say this: no one could have mastered “Away With Me” quite the way that Jean did.  If anyone follows Jean on Twitter, you can kinda’ sense that this chick isn’t really playing with a full deck, but it’s sexy as hell, especially when she slides into freak mode on this cut.  Also, let it be known, that Jean will rip half of the emcee cats out there a new diggedy!

3. “Blowing Up”-Jern Eye f. Roc C & Nightclubber Lang

Fueled by a slick Biggie vocal riff, “Blowin’ up like ya’ thought I would”, this DJ Vinroc-produced heater is sure to give you neck pains.  This bouncy, bass-heavy, trunk-rattler is included on Jern Eye’s sophomore LP, “Vision” as a bonus track yet it remains the sickest cut on the album, birthed by possibly the least “known” producer on the album .  While “Vision” is a pretty solid effort that features an impressive production roster, comprised on underground vets  such as Jake One, Illmind, Keelay & Zaire, Jern Eye still hasn’t won me over just yet lyrically.  However, for the beats alone, “Vision” is worth a listen…maybe even a purchase?

4. “I Hate To See You Go”-Chinch 33 & Damien Calculon

Prior to the download (click it’s FREE) of Chinch 33 & Damien Calculon’s “Surrender” EP…well, I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into or what I could expect from this EP.  Also, what soon piqued my interest which further ensued to a listen, was their inclusion on the Digi Crates sampler that I posted last weekend.  The EP is unique, without a doubt, I’m not sure how to really categorize the production style that is featured on “Surrender”.  It’s like this-imagine semi-electronica/Hip Hop/Mobyish’ production with Primo’s numerous vocal samples he slices into hooks sprinkled amongst the tracks for good measure.  “I Hate To See You Go” is a somewhat somber track that features an elegant yet whiny violin section that sets the mood perfectly for the highlight track of “Surrender”.

5. “Club Unknown-Epsilon Project f. Dex

Is it just me or has the “EP” officially returned??  I mean, it seems like there’s a “free EP” or another precursor to the actual full-length LP around every other corner.  Thank goodness, that the majority of EP’s that have arrived this year have turned out for the better.  Not one to veer off the beaten path, with the exception of “Freeloader” actually serving as a warm-up to another EP, Epsilon’s “Audacity Of Dope” , Oxnard’s Epsilon Project has me anxiously anticipated their new work which will feature production from the likes of Kev Brown, Oh No & DJ Vadim.  One of my favs from “Freeloader” has gotta’ be “Club Unknown” as this track truly takes you for a trip down memory lane with it’s throwback yet effective production.  Also, be sure to peep “Stage Five Clinger” & “That’s What You Need” (which, if your of the male species is required listening).  Hell, peep the whole EP…it’s FREE damnit!!

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