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Bloggerhouse: Boldly Going Where Hip Hop Publications Don’t Wanna Go Cuz They’re Scared To…

by Staff on November 15, 2009

I’m sure by now that you internet savvy Bloggerhouse readers are already well aware of the momentous news that recently broke. The next December/January double issue of XXL will not be featuring another 10 Freshmen List. Why? Isn’t because of the fallout associated with some of last year’s choices? *Cough!* Charles Hamilton! *Cough!* Asher Roth! Was it the semi embarrassing fact that the one glaring omission from that ’08 Freshmen list had a bigger year than everyone on last year’s cover? *Cough!* Drake! (Whom, incidentally I picked for my “12 To Watch In ’08″ list last February?). Nah, that can’t be it…can it?

In any event, XXL will forgo making another Freshmen list. Why would they wanna take the time to sift between the talented crop of young emcees that made serious noise over these past 12 months when we bloggers can do the dirty work for them and take all the criticism that comes with it? We’ll write about Freddie Gibbs, Pill, Donnis, Senor Kaos, Emilio Rojas, Fresh Daily, Danny Brown, Quelle, Diz Gibran, Nipsey Hussle, Fashawn, Phil Nash, Shawn Jackson, Vandalyzm, Add-2, XV, Elucid, Sene, Co$$, Boog Brown, Rapsody (of Kooley High), TiRon, Donny Goines, Chris Faust, Jay Rock, Skyzoo, Torae, Chaundon and a gang other young emcees that are making serious noise that for whatever reason get overlooked by major publications time and time again. Why should you have to stick your necks out, have opinions, then deal with the unnecessary grief? *Kanye shrug*

We get 50 Cent on the cover of the year end double edition of XXL. Imagine my non shock at that choice. One cover has homie sitting on a pile of money. How endearing to Hip Hop fans and American citizens in general during a fuckin’ recession when we’re experiencing jobless rates in our cities that we haven’t seen since the 70′s. Brilliant idea. Think of all the heads that are searching for work daily and relieved their unemployment got extended another 14 weeks recently. I’m digging “Before I Self Destruct” but 50 Cent clearly doesn’t need MY hard earned (and even harder to come by) money!

Lastly, the new XXL will feature a list with the Best 100 Hip Hop Websites. I’m bracing myself for the worst. I’ve been told by a few people to not be surprised if Poisonous Paragraphs and many other deserving sites end up making this list due to the ruckus I caused after Vibe’s bullshit ass Hot 50 Hip Hop Blogs list dropped this past Spring. If they do then I’m glad I was of service. If not, you know my response will be priceless. I’ve told informed that the double issue of XXL will hit newsstands December 1st. My installments of Bloggerhouse’s Next 30 will drop on Monday & Tuesday. We win!


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Vincent November 16, 2009 at 2:08 am

Is XXL really selling that many magazines these days anyway? How long until it’s strictly an online magazine?

Dart November 16, 2009 at 6:54 am

@Vincent: I dunno. Either way, you gotta start asking the question: How can you compete with online publications when you’re not willing to get as dirty as or work as hard (or harder) than them?


er4se November 16, 2009 at 8:40 pm

yo man, i only buy xxl or complex when im in the fucking AIRPORT… and i wanna read some shit cuz im bored… seriously i think most heads get all their daily infokill off the internets, blogs and webmags– and thats the way it should be… if you cant afford high-speed internet and a mac then get a fucking better job who reads print media anymore? get wireless bitches…

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