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Schoolly D

by BC on November 16, 2009

Hailing from Philadelphia, Schoolly D is considered one of the first gangster/gangsta rappers, if not the very first. His lyrics were primarily street related, although he did have a lighter side, as evidenced in songs like Mr. Big Dick and Mama Feelgood. I also liked the fact that there was usually a lot of scratching, provided by DJ Code Money.

Recently, he was heard doing the theme song for Aqua Teen Hunger Force and also narrated early episode. For some lame reason, I was unable to fine the animated opening, but here’s the song:

Am I Black Enough For You? – 1989

This was the first LP that I owned from Schoolly D. I got this on tape back in the days before the official Parental Advisory sticker (thanks Tipper!). To be honest, part of the reason i got this is because of the titles of some of the songs. You have to keep in mind that I was 12 when I got this. And, this was a time in my life where I was so into hip-hop that I knew I could buy anything and I would like it.

If I had a list of my top 100 LPs of all-time, I know this would make the list. I still listen to this album and it’s very heavy in old rock and funk samples. It’s an album that could never have been made 5-10 years later because of sample clearing. For some reason, I’m missing track 18 in my folder.

1) “Black” – 0:29
2) “Gangster Boogie” – 4:06
3) “It’s Like Dope” – 3:46
4) “D. Is For” – 3:47
5) “Black Is…” – 0:30
6) “Gucci Again” – 3:42
7) “Pussy Ain’t Nothin’” – 3:04
8) “Black Attack” – 0:40
9) “Who’s Schoolin’ Who?” – 3:17
10) “Mama Feelgood” – 3:30
11) “Get off Your Ass and Get Involved” – 1:53
12) “Education of a Black Man” – 2:29
13) “Black Education” – 1:03
14) “Livin’ in the Jungle” – 3:34
15) “Black Jesus” – 3:50
16) “Super Nigger” – 1:53
17) “Am I Black Enough for You” – 4:24
18) “Don’t Call Me Nigger” – 3:36
19) “Black Power” – 1:03
20) “Godfather of Funk” – 3:05

How a Black Man Feels – 1991

This album wasn’t as consistent as his previous LP, but there are some real great songs here. Basically, every other track is good, starting with Run (in my mind 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 10). There’s a lot of scratching on songs like Run and King of New York.

1) “Run” – 4:12
2) “Your Worst Nightmare” – 4:52
3) “King of New York” – 4:35
4) “Original Gangster” – 3:39
5) “Die Nigger Die” – 4:56
6) “Where’d You Get That Funk From” – 4:43
7) “How a Black Man Feels” – 3:50
8) “Just Another Killer” – 5:32
9) “Peace to the Nation” – 4:45
10) “Sometimes It’s Got to Be That Way” – 4:41

Welcome to America – 1994

I am not familiar with this album at all. I remember it being a big departure from his previous work and I barely listened to this, and still really haven’t. I tried to get into this a couple times, but just never did.

1) “Intro” – 1:14
2) “I Wanna Get Dusted” – 4:14
3) “I Know You Want to Kill Me” – 3:56
4) “Welcome to America” – 4:10
5) “Niggas Like Me” – 4:19
6) “Gangsta Trippin” – 4:37
7) “Gimme Your Shit Nigga” – 2:52
8) “No Good Nigga” – 3:46
9) “I Shot da Bitch” – 4:27
10) “Motherfuckin D” – 4:32
11) “Stop Frontin” – 4:22
12) “Peace of What” – 2:22
13) “Another Sign” – 4:31

The Best of Schoolly D – 1995

I bought this used a few years ago because it has a lot of the early stuff that I don’t have on CD, or don’t have at all. There are some classic songs on here, such as P.S.K., Gucci Time and Saturday night. There’s also some stuff from Smoke Some Kill, which I only own on tape and vinyl, so I don’t have mp3′s for that one.

1) P.S.K. What Does It Mean?
2) Gucci Time
3) Put You Filas On
4) Saturday Night
5) Dedication to All B-Boys
6) Fat Gold Chain
7) Parkside 5-2
8) B-Boy Rhyme and Riddle
9) Smoke Some Kill
10) Mr. Big Dick
11) Cocui 900
12) Livin’ in the Jungle

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Commish CH November 16, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Am I Black… is an outstanding underrated album. He never got the shine he really deserved in the late 80s. The Walken classic flick King Of New York has all of his joints too. Big ups.

Travis November 17, 2009 at 7:48 am

I'm a self professed Schoolly D junkie myself, always have been. I'd say that "Am I Black Enough" is my favorite, although his Saturday Night The Album is probably his best as far as quality goes. Definitely underrated. He has an album in one of those Brian Coleman books, either Rakim Told Me or the second one, can't remember….but it was a good read, there isn't enough written about him out there.

BC November 17, 2009 at 3:54 pm

I have that second book, I need to dig it out. Yeah, I've never been able to find all that much about Schoolly D really. There are so many artists like that, where you just can't find anything on them unfortunately.

chronwell November 20, 2009 at 4:22 am

The last album Ive seen from Schooly School was a Parliament-influenced tape I found on the cut-out rack at Willy's in '98. He is the creator of the KickedhisassthenIshothiminthehead style of rap that still rules, 24 years after he first came on the scene. Much love for showin a Hall of Fame rap hero love!

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