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'09 Was Yours, 2010 Is Mine (Ours): Bloggerhouse's "Next 30" (Dart's Picks 6-10)

by Staff on November 17, 2009

Here’s the thrilling conclusions to my 10 picks in Bloggerhouse’s “Next 30″. Enjoy (or don’t):

6. Pac Div “Grown Kid Syndrome”

Pac Div’s “The EP” & “Church League Champs” mixtape were two of the most talked about projects of 2009. Anticipation for the upcoming Pac Div LP were through the roof so much so that they even earned a co-sign from Diddy himself. The team of Mibbs, Like & producer Swiff D will aim to make fans appreciative for the years they waited to hear the finished product.

7. Slum Village “Villa Manifesto”

Slum Village are without a doubt one of the greatest & most influential Hip Hop groups of all times (just ask anyone who actually knows anything about Hip Hop) and when Baatin passed recently after returning to the lineup it was a blow to Slum Village fans the world over. On December 8th, a digital EP will be released for the “Villa Manifesto” project and if “Cloud 9” and “Actin’ Normal” are any indication this album will be on beast mode. In any event, Slum Village forever RIP J Dilla & Baatin. Shout out to T3, Elzhi, Young RJ & Scrap Dirty.

8. Jay Electronica “Exhibits A, B & C”/”Center Edge Territory”/ “Abracadabra: Let There Be Light”

Jay Electronica. All the shit he dropped this year. All the shit he’s gonna drop in 2010. Why spend a gang of time explaining something that’s painfully obvious? I know y’all are still playing his entire back catalog just like I am so just nod your heads in agreement and let’s keep it moving now, shall we?

9. Danny Brown “The Hybrid”

Who’s Danny Brown? I take it if you asked that question you never heard his “Hot Soup” album from last year. You also managed to miss him merk a Dilla track. He merks another track on the upcoming Danny Swain project titled “Theme Music To A Killing Spree”. He merks live appearances. When Danny Brown drops this “The Hybrid” project and buzzes all throughout 2010 and beyond don’t act like he came outta no place because cats like Sweeney Kovar put you up on game a while ago. Don’t sleep.

10. Random Axe (Sean Price, Guilty Simpson & Black Milk)

The supergroup project that I’ve been anticipating more than any other (and have been for years it seems) is hands down the Random Axe project that will drop on Duck Down sometime in the near future. Sean Price’s “Mic Tyson” and Guilty Simpson & Madlib’s “OJ Simpson” project will be killing iPods as well but when you combine these two deadly emcees with Black Milk’s slaps & bars the result might possibly cause a rift in the time space continuum. Look for the Hex Murda executive produced  (Happy birthday, Hex!) jawn to be an instant contender for Album Of The Year and/or instant classic status. Yeah, I used the “c” word! Care to doubt me? Go check my fuckin’ track record…I’ll wait.

Next up: Trav’s Bloggerhouse’s “Next 30″ picks 1-5


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Marty November 17, 2009 at 11:41 am

Excellent choices, Dart. I was gonna point out my favorites of the 5 but I really just dig ‘em all. Though if I had to pick one, I’d go with Random Axe.

Dart November 22, 2009 at 8:52 am

@ Marty: As you should © Hex Murda


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