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The Pharcyde and Beastie Boys – Dope Videos

by BC on November 17, 2009

“Remember music videos?”, says the bitter, crusty, old man. They were a great visual aid to the groups that you loved, and a lot of times actually helped you get into new groups.

Below are some great videos from The Pharcyde and Beastie Boys. I set out to load up a bunch of different groups, but figured I’d start with these two groups, since they have so many great videos between the two. Most of them are directed by Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich, Where the Wild Things Are), who directed a number of great videos, including Bjork’s It’s Oh So Quiet and Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer.

The PharcydePassin’ Me By

This isn’t quite the same as the LP version, and I don’t remember if this is the version that was originally aired on television, but it’s very close to the LP version. It’s a simple black and white video, featuring members of the group periodically hanging upside down while kicking their rhymes. I think someone, maybe Ludacris used this upside down technique in one of his videos.

The PharcydeDrop

This one is directed by Jonze and is uses some badass slow motion… backwards. Obviously, the lip-syncing isn’t exact, but it’s not bad for trying to reverse lip-sync. There’s also a nice Beasties cameo in the middle of the video, as this song samples the oft-sampled Adrock line, “Mmm, drop!” Great video.

The PharcydeRunnin

This song, along with Drop, was from the group’s second album. Parts of the video show the group on a plantation with white slaves, one of which is Max Perlich, friend of the Beasties and co-star of Gleaming the Cube. Some cool imagery, which made up the cover of their debut follow-up.

FatlipWhat’s Up Fatlip?

This video was also a Spike Jonze joint. It features Fatlip at his self-deprecating self. This song came out years before Fatlip’s The Loneliest Punk, which was a pretty dope album. I first heard the song on a Delicious Vinyl sampler, or mix CD, that also featured songs from Masta Ace and The Pharcyde. I don’t think I saw this video until I bought a DVD set of Spike Jonze videos, which I recommend, that also has a documentary featuring Fatlip discussing his break-up with The Pharcyde, among other things.

Beastie Boys – Sabotage

Spike Jonze directed the Beasties in this 70’s cop show parody. They star as fictional actors playing fictional characters (does that even make sense?) that run, jump and chase each other all over LA.

Beastie Boys – Sure Shot

So, every video for this son I found had the embedding disabled. So, you get a link. Anyway, it’s another Spike Jonze directed video and a good one at that.

It includes the Adrock line “Well, it’s the Taking of the Pelham 1, 2, 3. If you want a doo-doo rhyme, then come see me.” Which I had no idea what that was until the remake came out with Denzel and Travolta.

Beastie Boys – So What’cha Want

Apparently, the Beasties are pretty strict about embedding their videos, so the closest thing I could find was the video below. It’s the remix with Cypress Hill, but it shows pieces of the original video of the Beasties hanging out in the woods. The video is in slow motion and was filmed normally with the song being sped up, so you get a slow motion video with better lip-syncing than a Britney Spears concert.

Here’s a link to the real video:

Okay, so I got a bit annoyed that you can’t embed any Beastie videos, so I stopped here, but you can view a lot of them on YouTube if you want to reminisce, or if you want to become acquainted with the trio.

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O-Snaps November 18, 2009 at 10:37 pm

Dude the Video for SuperStar Part 0 is Awesome as well its by K-OS…

O-Snaps November 18, 2009 at 10:38 pm

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