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Yo! WYDU Raps

by Travis on November 18, 2009

I’ve long thought about how to do a video show in the same vein of Yo! back in the days. Is it possible or did youtube just kill the video show? I’m not sure if it’s something that could ever happen again or not. The fact is though, I miss videos. I mean yeah, we can go to youtube and check them out whenever we want, but I miss the package of a hip hop video show. Yes, Ed and Dre were great as hosts and were a big reason we watched. And the fact that the game has changed so much since the days of “Yo!” and other rap video shows, the same reasons we watched back then, for the newest and hottest song, has been replaced by the internet. One more good thing the internet has killed, how is that for biting the hand that feeds me?

In any sense, I’d to do a somewhat regular series around here (anyone knows I don’t do anything on a regular basis for the most part) of some videos that get sent my direction. Lord knows I get enough of them, and I’m always trying to figure out a way to get them posted up in a more original way than just making a post and saying “here is so and so’s latest video”. So here is the first crack at this…

The first video comes from a Gutter Water Music fam member, Oddity. Coming in over Dysposable Heroes production, Oddity tackles the subject of the Twin Towers, 9/11 and the potential the government had a role in it. I haven’t had the pleasure of having much contact with Oddity yet, but from following his rants on the Gutter Water Music site, the dude is one of those cats that challenge you to think for yourself and not rely on the face value of anything. “Twenty Minutes With The President”, does that as well. The video is aight, nothing mind blowing, but it does it’s job with lots of footage of that eventful day that is sure to spark something in most everybody that dealt with that day.

The second video is from another WYDU Artist Spotlight alum, ScholarMan. I’ve been a supporter of anything ScholarMan does, because it’s straight from the heart with soul, he doesn’t mess around with unnecessary bullshit. The new song and video “Reap, Sow”, is a great track, one of the better ones I’ve heard from ScholarMan, and dude creates nothing but quality music. The video looks like a big budget was put up for it as well, very professional, with a storyline and all hooked up to it. It added to the song, which is what a good video should do, take a great song and add to it or at the very least don’t take away from it. Now I just have to find the mp3 for this track…

Next up Kam Moye aka Supastition. It’s getting late and I’m getting tired, so we go to what the good people at Audible Treats sent us

The Video:

“Sometimes you have to be grateful for the things you already have.” With Kam Moye’s new video for “Let’s Be Honest,” the North Carolina emcee continues to display his down to earth sensibilities, and now finds himself fleshing out those sentiments with a strong set of visuals. The scenes are filled with Kam rhyming on a park bench and window-shopping with his girl, a refreshing contrast to the decadent hip-hop videos that have grown to be so common. The video is directed by Matt Koza of HOJ Media, who is known for his recent work with Foreign Exchange, Big Pooh, Cymarshall Law, and more. Kam and MYX Music Label have enlisted Koza for a 3-video package deal, which will also include videos for “Splitting Image” and one other video off of the new album. Kam states, “I’ve worked with a few video directors in the past and I’ve had great experiences, but very few had the same quality as Koza’s videos. Instead of experimenting with different directors, I wanted to use one director to help tell my story for the album.” Kam Moye’s new album, Splitting Image, is currently available everywhere via MYX Music Label.

Album Sampler:

Buy It Here:

Last but not least, it’s Bekay, with his newest video, “Bloodsport”.

Brooklyn’s own Bekay presents his follow-up video, ‘Bloodsport,” to his long awaited album, Hunger Pains, which dropped this week on Coalmine Records. The track is produced by Shuko and features DJ Dutchmaster on the cuts. Directed by MonStar films, ‘Bloodsport’ was shot & directed in the world famous Gleason’s Gym which was once the training facility for boxing legends Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson. The concept is a spin off LL Cool J’s “Momma Said Knock You Out.”

You can view it on YouTube here:

Bekay“Bloodsport” (Video) HUNGER PAINS DROPS THIS WEEK!!

Get Yourself A Copy Of Bekay’s Hunger Pains Today!
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jrrider November 22, 2009 at 6:58 am

This is all you need big Trav:

Slaughtahouse – the microphone

Peep the hook. Alchemist says it's all Evidence but old heads know that it's Evidence reciting Ice T – power.

Great video, Great crew, off of a great album.

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