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‘09 Was Yours, 2010 Is Mine (Ours): Bloggerhouse’s “Next 30″ (Trav's Picks 6-10)

by Travis on November 19, 2009

Ethereal (aka E The Real)

Multiple Projects in 2010

E The Real, as I and many others like to call him, has made noise in the past as part of the Social Light Sounds crew and a member of the Nite People (who put the excellent, What Do You Mean You People album this summer). Well E has decided recently to go in a different direction as a solo artist and the newly Kinda Dusty collective/website/label. In some ways, I guess I saw this coming as he has put out some excellent EPs with conjunction with the likes of Paul Mighty and Frank The Butcher on the Recognizing The Real and Social Light Sounds & The Butcher Block in the recent months. E brings a no nonsense approach to the mic, he’s not going to amaze with his off the wall voices, flows and styles. He is like a full back running right up the middle of the defense, running fools over.  To me, that’s what hip hop is, forget the flash and fluff, straight up lyrics and take no shorts. I was kinda disappointed that his move would be the end of the Nite People (NOTE: SLS representatives contacted us and let us know that the Nite People will continue on) , but maybe this scenery change will really light his fire. Already with the backing of the previously mentioned producers, he seems hungry and on the right path. I expect some big things out of E The Real by the time 2010 ends.

Kooley High

Upcoming Album: The High Life

Consisting of six cats that went to NC State together, I’ve had the pleasure to see the Kooley High cats mature and grow into what they are now. What are they now? Well they are a talented crew ready to make some noise in the twenty ten. This past year, they’ve been building steam with the Kooley Is High mixtape, then members Tab One and Charlie Smarts (both also form Inflowential) dropped mixtapes to generate some buzz and the talented female MC, Rapsody, is set to drop her mixtape any day now. With producers Foolery and Sinopsis on the beats and Ill Digitz on the board, the groups sound is on that follows the blueprint laid down by their mentor 9th Wonder and his group, Little Brother. Not to say that Kooley is biting Little Brother, far from it, but if you dig that sound, you are sure to be into what Kooley High is doing.  I can see Kooley making waves in the upcoming year, and truthfully, I expect nothing less from this crew of talented MCs, producers and DJ.


Upcoming Materiel: Multiple projects

Yes, I lived in Denver for awhile, so before some of you cry “foul!” on my placing of Denver MC Whygee on this list, know that it ain’t where he from, it’s where he at. While I lived in the Mile High City, Whygee and I never crossed paths, so it wasn’t until Kid Hum sent me his EP with Sunkenstate and himself that I was introduced to Whygee the MC.  He’s come with a multitude of projects this past year, every thing from a second Suicide Watch EP with Kid Hum and Sunkenstate, to his The Saga Of Mr. Bitches project, to his album with Denver legend Sounds Supreme, Hype Killz, which might be the best out of all of them (and I LOVE the first Suicide Watch EP, but can I get a separated tracks version?!). Whygee reminds me of the cats back in the early days of the hip hop culture who rhymed strictly for the love of it. Like he wakes up rhyming and goes to sleep rhyming. His intricate word play is something that you have to listen to multiple times to catch everything that is being said. Not like in complex, made up words, but just the multiple meanings some of his rhymes contain. Already the best MC I’ve heard out of Denver, I think this cat is close to being a made man on the national level, time will tell, but Whygee has only just begun.


Upcoming Album: ?

I’ll come right out and say it, Detroit is ruling this hip hop shit right now in my humble opinion. Elzhi, Black Milk, Royce, One Be Lo, Buff1, 14Kt and so many others just make that city the most creative and musically superior city/region going presently. With all the quality artists coming out of The D, it would be easy to be overlooked. Hopefully, former Subterraneous member (Binary Star/One Be Lo/Senim Silla) Illite (pronounced Elite) doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. As I mentioned, this cat has been around the block, appearing on the Subterraneous project, Water World Too, back in the day and even dropped some projects with fellow Detroit native and producer Octane. Illite has that Detroit sound; hard slamming drums, and generally hard production, edgy production. That makes sense since he has a lot of Detroit producers that have his back. Lyrically he reminds kinda of Black Milk, but maybe with more of a razor tongue ala Elzhi. Nah, he’s all himself, as he flip rhymes like flapjacks as evident on his Champion mixtape that dropped earlier this year. With backing from the likes of Baby Paul (of the Beatminerz, 14KT, Decompoze, Nick Speed, Magestik Legend, and Denmark Vessey, Illite just does his damn thing on track after track, sometimes just giving us a peak of what the future holds. I’m not completely sure what he has on the schedule in 2010, but my money is on him for the next Detroit artist to blow. lite_Champion_Mixtape_Hosted_by_Nick_Spe ed.rar

Diz Gibran

Upcoming Album: TBD Album First Quarter of 2010

Out of all the artists I named these past two days, Diz Gibran is probably the closest to really blowing up on a hip hop level and probably the one I knew the least about. Part of the new school of LA artists, which is hit and miss to me, Diz came out nowhere for me to drop an album with NYC producer Moonshine in the form of Soon You’ll Understand. The free album grabbed me from the first listen and hasn’t left the rotation on the iPod since then (physical product anyone?). From the deep rattling bass line found on “Once Again”, to the blaring horns on “Exactly”, to the very somber and emotional “Impossible”, Diz carries what a lot of MCs lack; passion, feeling and the ability to get the listener really “INTO” his music. Sounding like a new age Lord Finesse both in vocal tone and in lyrics, Diz shows great versatility as an MC. As I said, the new found LA scene is kinda hit or miss for me, but it isn’t going way, and I think we’ll see Diz Gibran as the one that rises to the top in 2010.

Diz Gibran & MoonshineSoon You’ll Understand
Download Here:

The Barely Missed It List:

Zilla Rocca – This cat has gotten nothing but better over the past year, with his Bring Me The Head of Zilla Rocca remix project, to the 5 ‘O Clock Shadow Boxers, this cat makes music that I would make if I had an ounce of musical talent in my body.

Crew54 – This Texan group has that southern twange over soulful production, I really expect them to drop a project that takes the hip hop world/blogosphere by fire in the very near future, like next year.

The Physics – This Seattle group dropped a hellva EP this past year that got slept on, but with some push, this group could catch some cats off guard next year and I’ll be sitting back saying, “I told ya so.”

Joe Sinister (ala “Payback II” on Erick Sermon’s No Pressure LP) – This is his year, I tell ya, dude is going to finally make his comeback to the game. Now if someone could just find him…..

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E The Real chosen in Top 10 for 2010 at The Butcher’s Block
November 19, 2009 at 12:54 pm


Kid Hum November 19, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Peace! Thank You.

Whygee December 23, 2009 at 8:02 pm

thanks for the love guys… BLESSINGS!

Hype Killz with separated tracks here…

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