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"Bass For Your Truck" Trav's Five Most Played for the Week

by Travis on November 21, 2009

Jern EyeGet Down

I’m guilty of just cruising through the inbox and just clicking on things that just grab my attention, whether it be a name, a sender, or a song title. It’s wrong, but I get so much crap (and I mean that in a nice way), that it’s nearly impossible to listen to everything, just a fact of life. So I had been skipping over the Jern Eye emails for whatever reason, until someone (Eric maybe?) mentioned the cat, so I figure I’d check out some of his tracks. The first track I hit was “Get Down”, and needless to say I was fucking blown away. I still don’t know much about the cat, but this track is straight audio crack. Armed with some drums that would make DJ Premier proud, this track just screams some updated late 80′s shit. It’s tracks like “Get Down” that made me fall in love with hip hop in the first place, and it’s tracks like “Get Down” that keep me pressing “Open” on the emails I get. Oh, and this cat Jern Eye isn’t too shabby on the mic himself. Nice chorus that keeps your heading nodding and spitting along to it. One of the better tracks I’ve ran across this year.

Felt - Bass For Your Your Truck

Like Dart, I’m not sure what to think of the latest Felt edition. Not sure if it’s Aesop’s production or what it is, but I’m just not feeling yet. However, while I was driving down the road last week, attempting to listen to it again (I fell asleep the first attempt the night before), when “Bass For Your Truck” came on, I had to repeat it a few times. Again, nostalgia kicks in with this track, as it sounds like some nasty Ron C/Nemesis track from the early 90′s (or maybe it’s just the title that makes me think that). Living up to it’s name, this has some wicked bass drops in it along nice, noisy production. Piano keys sprinkled about, some synths, bottom heavy bass and plain noise is always a way to hook me (and sampling King Tee is another good way).  Murs and Slug both drop memorable lines in their one verse each, I just wish there were more tracks like this on Felt 3.

V.I.T.A.L. EmceeBoomerang

I know hip hop is mostly about boasting and bragging, talking about what you can do on the mic and how many crews you wreck. At least that’s the way it should be and that’s the way it was in the beginning, but that slowly changed, for better and worse. Of course, we have the bling, bitches, brew and buds of today’s music, which has it place. In the early 80′s, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five dropped “The Message”, and hip hop started tackling real issues. I still like powerful hip hop that provokes thoughts and thinking. That’s exactly what V.I.T.A.L. Emcee’s “Boomerang” does, it makes you think and, if you have any conscious or feelings, it might even move you some. Backed by a nice guitar and some vocal backing that reminds me of some Suzanne Vega type shit, V.I.T.A.L. spits a song about a life of a woman who has had a rough life. After being sexually abused as a child, she turns to the life of turning tricks. The story continues on over the haunting music, as a business man watches her day in and day out from his cubicle and starts to fall for her. Soon, this business dude starts dating a hooker…and well, you have to listen to the rest of the story. Haunting music and a good story that makes you wonder about the ills of society, oh and teaches you to never date a hooker.

HippoCigarette Love

Every now and then, I’ll listen to something for a week, then get tugged into another direction and forget about the album that was enjoying, it just gets lost in the shuffle. That happy earlier this year with Hippo’s “Father Funk, Mother Salsa, Son Flava”. An instrumental project that captured my attention after it was sent to me by my man Nobs for a week or two, then for some reason, I forgot about it. Last week, I was looking on WYDU for something and ran into the post for it. I couldn’t find the file on my computer, so I downloaded it again and have been playing it ever since. Entrenched deep in just what the title says, funk and heavy Latin influences, I could have chose numerous tracks from “Father Funk….”, but “Cigarette Love”, had me playing it over and over most of this week. It’s one of the stronger Latin influenced tracks, with some Spanish singing, a sample I’m assuming, and the Spanish guitar thick in it. Glad I re-found this, would have missed this in my life….

BLCTXT - Fred E. Hubbard

I sat down at my desk earlier this week and my now incredibly shitty job, put the headphones on and the first track that came on was “Fred E. Hubbard” and soon my head was nodding away. Good way to start out the day. I had been checking some of BLCTXT’s music (I’m not even sure how to pronounce that) over the past few months and could see the talent, but this by far the best effort I’ve heard from him. The track is fresh off his Acknowledgment EP/project, a nice little introduction to the masses of who he is. The track in question though is banging as it possess an ill horn sample that and the rest of the beat is straight headnod fire. The south is showing a new breed of MC, as BLCTXT is as lyrical as any of his northern cohorts, but he still uses his southern twang and it works really well over this Just Blaze like track. Banging!

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BLCTXT November 22, 2009 at 11:08 am

Thanks for the love fam.
Been checking me out for a while?
More soon come.

Marty November 24, 2009 at 9:10 pm

“Bass For Your Truck” is probably my favorite joint on that album.

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