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Drama Class Presents "Hip Hop Appreciation 101"

by Travis on November 24, 2009

Straight from the Social Light Sounds family, we have a real dope project dropping on us. Mr. Live and his Drama Class cohort Earl Blaize come at us with “Hip Hop 101 Appreciation”, a project that is a humorous concept album that tackles some important topics in hip hop in semi-serious/half joking kind of way.

Some of you may remember Mr. Live from his single on Fondle ‘Em in the late 90′s, Relax Y’self/Supa Dupa/Hunger Strike 12inch single. And this is what this project reminds me of, some straight up classic hip hop in the same vein of Masta Ace’s “Disposable Arts”, but with the humor of Phonte’s and Eccentric’s “Story of U.S.” project. Live covers a lot of different sorts of music, all tongue in cheek of course. Definitely one of the more original releases of the year. A MUST DOWNLOAD!!! - Trav


MR LIVE (Fondle em Records, Get These Records) and EARL BLAIZE (Anti-Pop Consortium) are the founding members of DRAMA CLASS…

“HIP-HOP APPRECIATION 101″ is a concept project, meant to spotlight a number of topics inside the music and in society itself.

Set in a scholastic atmosphere, The project presents HIP-HOP as an art form and touches on subjects such as…artistic knowledge and responsibility, materialism and misogyny within the music and a host of other subjects that has contributed to the perceived decline of a still vibrant genre.

All of this is done in a light-hearted, entertaining manner that is done not to indict, but to create a platform for discussion.

Mr. Live – ‘Hip-Hop Appreciation 101

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