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Trav's Underrated West Coast Posse Tracks Part One: The 304 Posse

by Travis on December 1, 2009

The fabled 304 Posse consisted of DJ Quik, AMG, Hi-C & 2nd II None, which made appearances on each others earlier albums. They were always the highlights for me, as there was sure to be some incredibly ignorant and equally hilarious lyrics to be spit. Whether is was fucking babysitters or just cussing some nasty female with her “female funk”. These series of tracks start showing up on Quik’s first album, “Quik Is The Name”, which coincidentally is the first from the crew. They would then show up on 2nd II None’s self titled debut album (which contained two tracks featuring the crew), Hi-C’s “Skanless” album, and Quik’s second album “Way 2 Fonky”.

DJ Quik feat AMG, Tha D, The Funky White N*gga, Hi-CN*ggaz Still Trippin’

“N*ggaz Still Trippin’”, of the “Way 2 Fonky” LP, was a “part two” of sorts for a track found 2nd II None’s album. As all the tracks, it follows the blueprint of letting MC getting their 16 bars to make the most offensive rhymes they could, and that they did. Easily giving 2 Live Crew a run for their money back in the day on some ole nasty, sexist shit, which as a young kid right out of high school, I loved it.

Out of the four cuts, this was probably at the bottom if I had to rank them, but that’s saying much since I still consider the cut a personal classic. The reason why it’s the least favorite is the one non 304 Posse member that the track features. “The Funky White N*gga”, which might possibly be the worse rap never invented, was rather forgettable and had a horrible flow. But it was the rest of the crew that saved the day. Hi-C ends off the track like he would on three of the tracks, and saying something about “spitting the sperm out your mouth” after he suggests the skanless bitches can brush their teeth with his dick. Not to be out done, my favorite verse comes from Tha D from 2nd II None:

Hey bitch! It’s Tha D again
You gotta pay a fee to get freaked again
I hope you didn’t think you’d get the dick for free
Because a nigga like Tha D gotta pimp the pussy
So take off your silky drawers
You can 68 me now and owe you 1 to the jaw
Bitch, fuck you once a month, dirty bleedin ass bump
Attractin flies with your female funk
So bitch, you better scrub and wash your bush
And while you’re at it, scrape your hoofs, yeah
Cause no one really wants you
See if your feet look clean, your pussy must be clean too
But I don’t give a motherfuck
A bitch ain’t nuttin but a trick tramp slut, yeah
So get the fuck out my face, cause you’re makin me sick
Bitch, cause you smell like sheeit

2nd II None feat DJ Quik, AMG, Hi-CN*ggaz Trippin’

Another hype DJ Quik beat (as they all are), as the crew drops more skanless tales of groupies, nasty ass chicks from around the corner. It’s the longest of the four songs we are featuring today from the 304 Posse. It might be a little tamer on the offensive side, at least until Hi-C comes with his verse as he tells a chick he just got done with to “wipe your pussy with some chapstick”. A nice advertisement for Chapstick. Once again Tha D comes correct as he leads off the track, but this time, it might be Quik’s first verse (he has a couple) that steals the show. He is a little more tame on the verse as he spits mostly about drinking E&J and cruising the blocks, he just flows real nice and was one that really stuck out in my head. A little call and response comes in the middle that reminds one of a westcoast version of 2 Live Crew.

2nd II None feat DJ Quik, AMG, Hi-C - Comin’ Like This

One of the funkier tracks beat wise, with a bouncy bass line, horns, and just straight up funk. It even has a slight reggae feel to it, with the chanting on the chorus and the keys. It’s also one of the nastier ones as the crew as they all rhyme straight up about getting the ass, the booty, the coochie, whatever you want to call it, as AMG says, “I’m AMG baby and big butts I buss”. Never have truer words been spoken. The award for the best verse comes down to AMG and DJ Quik, as they both drop equally laugh out loud lyrics that sounded great to a horny 18 year old that I was when I was bumping these tracks on my home made 304 Posse tape. Quik takes it tho
ugh after dropping the line “To kiss you on the cheek is rather bleak, I’d rather rub my hand down way up in your pants and make you squeak..”

Hi-C feat DJ Quik, AMG, & 2nd II None2 Skanless

My favorite of the 304 Posse tracks, “2 Skanless”, is blessed with a bangin’ ass track produced by Hi-C’s DJ, Tony A. One of the musical appealing parts of this track is Tony’s ability to switch up the tracks beat from time to time. AMG’s verse has the wicked guitar lick from his “Bitch Better Have My Money” track. It’s switches up yet again over KK’s verse and yet again for “Frog’s” aka Hi-C alter ego verse. It doesn’t hurt that the drums are banging and just more funk for the guys to get crazy over. The best verse has to go to Hi-C as he drops a hilarious verse:

Once again it’s the Crawf, the C-r-a-w-f
Now I’ma take a big, deep breath

Let’s see..
Which happy hooker wanna mess with me

Ehm – mirror mirror, on the wall

Who is the Skanless of them all?

The mirror said, “Hi-C take no falls
Because he got a big, fat dick and balls
Maybe one day I might meet my match
Jump in some coochie and never come baaaaaaack

Cause I got girls that’s deep

Dive in a pussy, drownin six feet

Now how your parents gon’ tell me I need to quit

Talkin that Skanless shit

Last time I bust a nut on your little baby’s head, nigga

Your child is born, now I’m fuckin the baby sitter
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