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A day with the Master

by DJSoulClap on December 2, 2009

So on Monday Masta Ace and Edo.G came to the town where I study, Kiel. I’ve seen Ace for the seventh time, each time it’s different, but this time it was really special!

I arrived in Kiel on Sunday,I drove 2 1/2 hours with my brother, since I don’t really live in Kiel anymore, I just go there to write my exams (but pssssst). So that night there was supposed to be a Ustream of Ace and Edo from Birmingham, England. Right on time at 9pm my time they were sitting in front of the laptop ready to stream. During the chat i mentioned that I’m watching football, and they asked how I can do that in Germany. I got Digital TV with ESPN America, so I can watch all the NFL games. Ace and Ed got all excited, since they are huge football fans and they knew they would come to Kiel the next day. They said they might wanna watch Monday Night Football over at my crib. The stream continued for over an hour, whoever wants to watch it, you can check it here (It was really cool):

The same night I emailed Ace if they really wanted to come to the crib to watch the game, and he was like: DEFINITELY. So the next day I went grocery shopping and got some beer and coke (cola, lol). I was preparing a lasagna and some chicken curry for the night. I also got the word 2 days ago, that Strick would come too, he will be the Merch Guy this tour. Akrobatik and Paten Locke were also announced for the show.

My boys Esperado and Matt Sense also had their first big performance with 12 Finger Dan as the local act, they had a couple beats from me too, and they ripped it, they did a great job. Matt picked me up around 4 and we went over to Epserado to do a last little rehearsal (I had to kick a verse too). We went to the Luna Club around 6 to do the sound check. Ace, Edo, Ak, P, Strick and DJ Moe-D arrived around 7. It was a very warm welcome and Ace told me that they would premiere the joint I did for their album. I didn’t even get to hear it before that day, so I was really excited about it. I heard it during the sound check and it sounded crazy.
Anyway, my boys got on stage around 9.30 and did a great show, Ak and Paten went on afterwards and ripped it too. Ace and Edo got on stage around 11. They did ALL the classic joint like – I got to have it, The Symphony, Love comes and goes, Born 2 roll (with the 3rd verse over the Ante Up beat) Good ol love, Beautiful, Rock the beat and a lot more, they also played a lot of the songs off the new album. The people went totally crazy and since it was a prettysmall club and it was packed, it had a really great feel to it.
So they left the stage for a short moment to come back for an Encore, it started with Take a walk, by Ace and then there was my moment, I don’t wanna tell y’all too much, besides that it was a world premiere, just check the video right here: (The Sound quality is really good)

So after the show I jumped in the tour van and we went to the hotel for a quick second, before we got over to my brothers (my former) crib. My brother and a couple friends were already there, and since the living room is pretty small, it was PACKED!
Ace was really classic, while watching football he was drinking tea and Henny, lol. We talked about a lot of things, but I can’t tell y’all everything, I just say it reached from music to plastic surgery… Ak and Edo were a little pissed that the Pats were getting their ass beat tho. Akrobatik was ustreaming live from the appartment, making bets when Ace would fall asleep, but Ace stayed awake doing some, what Ak called “Pre-Game-Routines”. I also finished the lasagna and cooked the rice to go with the chicken curry, and everybody was really happy about getting something to eat late at night, don’t need to tell y’all that I’m a hobby chef, just ask these dudes, lol. I brought em back to the hotel around 6 am, they had to leave for Oslo, Norway around 7, so you can be pretty sure they didn’t catch any sleep… But that’s how it is if you do what you love.

All of these MC’s are great people and I felt really fotunate to spend a whole night with em. See y’all next year!


Edit: Ace gave me an A&E shirt plus… one of the CD’S that were already pressed up, with the A&E logo on it and in a digi pack, which is way cooler than the jewel case. I will leave that motherfucker sealed! This version can never be sold and I’m really fortunate to have one, HA!

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