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Dart's Top 5 Played For The Week AKA I Borrowed A MacBook For 18 Hours

by Staff on December 5, 2009

This week has sucked up until about last night when I was able to secure the usage of a MacBook from my brother for 18 straight hours. In that time I’ve done about 12 separate pieces. This is why eMusic pretended that they didn’t get my e-mails and decided to let me go rather then allow me to bankrupt them by myself I guess. Either way, here are my 5 most played for the week.


1. Portformat f/ Suzi Analogue “U$

This song is so chill that I’ve kept it in constant rotation since I first got the Portformat album. It just dropped on the 3rd so make sure to hit up iTunes and Amazon to cop it. It’s heat from beginning to end. Look out for Tokimonsta & Suzi Analogue teaming up to make an Analog Monsta project, too. 2010 isn’t only gonna be Bloggerhouse’s year!

2. DJ Khalil “Chinatown Wars Beat Tape

Pick a beat off this project. Any beat. Between his work on this and The Clipse’s new album he’s dominated my iPod over the past two weeks easy. He’s a beast, dammit! Shout to the homie Chace Infinite. I need a new Self Scientific album in 2010. Hip Hop needs it as well.


3. A Disturbing New Trend “Year Of The Carnivore

This song makes me want to beat a policeman unconscious with a Crown Royal bag full of quarters and nickels like it’s 1987 again. Boston was crazy back in the days, boy. Oh man, I got stories. One time me & my friend Berwyn were out back of Roxse Homes in the South End when a crackhead tried to rob us. So I…nah, I’ll save it for the book instead. This song reminds me of the Wild Wild West days. Props to Silva & Affiliate for showing the world what Boston Hip Hop sounds like. Some of us forgot.

4. Alicia Keys “Unthinkable (I’m Ready)

For whatever reason this was my favorite track from Alicia Keys’ “The Element Of Freedom” album. I liked the whole album but this jawn had the most total plays. Let’s print it.

5. Timbaland f/ The Fray & Esthero “Undertow

Can we please get another Esthero album. Someone sign this woman please. Stat. This song isn’t pandering to a club audience and isn’t overproduced. It allows the artists to do their thing. I wish more of the album took this kind of approach actually. I just really dig this jawn.

Bonus pick: LMNO & Yann Kesz “Never Stop . Motivational music. I’ll never stop. Word to LMNO. Now on to my 12th piece of the day. I’ve been gone for almost two weeks. That ain’t gonna stop me from doing my thing. Salute to my Bloggerhouse brethren for holdin’ it down in my absence. Thanks fam.


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Eric December 6, 2009 at 7:20 am

Yeah..caught the vibe off that LMNO project from you…..very, very dope….good workout tunes..just dl’d that Khalil joint last that “official” tho??

Ronnie December 7, 2009 at 1:05 pm

Yes, the new LMNO album is bonkers…copped that on iTunes over the weekend. And I don’t even have to mention Khalil- becoming one of the greatest of our time.

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