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..And You Think We Fell Off? "Eric's Most Played For The Week"

by Eric C. on December 7, 2009

1. “Gimme 5″-Dres f. Tough Junkie

Damn, listening to the 90′s thump of “Gimme 5″ (taken from Dres’, 1/2 of the legendary Black Sheep, recently released EP, “From The Black Pool Of Genius), it feels as if this track picked up right where Black Sheep’s “Without A Doubt” (from Dres and Mista Lawnge’s sophomore LP, “Non-Fiction”) left off.  Someone get Salaam Remi on the horn, quickly!  Yeah, the EP’s first single “Forever Luvlee” did the job, spreading a nice word of mouth that “ehh, Dres hasn’t lost a step lyrically” or “damn, this cat’s really still got it!”  However, in my humble opinion if Dres’ truly wanted to raise a few eyebrows, “Gimme 5″ would have been a helluva’ drop for a first single!  With lyrical assistance from Tough Junkie, “Gimme 5″ should really have borrowed the track title from the aforementioned “Forever Luvlee” as it perfectly describes the flair and flavor of this instant classic.

2. “In The Air”-Rashid Hadee & Pugz Atomz

Make no bones about it, the Chi’s Rashid Hadee may have gone largely unnoticed to some in 2009, but with the release of this recent collabo with Pugz Atomz “Stormy” as well as his heavy involvement in the making of a future underground “classic”, Thaione Davis’ “Still Hear”, I’d say all in all dude’s had a pretty darn productive year!  I gotta’ admit, since this site’s inception back in the early stages of 2006, there’s about a dozen or so artist who’ve become the site’s “flagship” acts (i.e, Ill Poetic, yU, Finale, Jazz Addixx, Blu & Exile, etc.), artists who we really support and anxiously await any forthcoming musical output from, Rashid Hadee is one of those cats!

Of course, it was easy to take a liking to “In The Air”, especially when you incorporate a vocal sample for the hook from my favorite emcee of all-time, CL Smooth.  A breezy, almost summertime-vibish’ track, “In The Air” won’t get you up acting a fool, like say the recent release from A Disturbing New Trend, but tracks like these are one’s that truly set your mind free and put you at ease, all the while bobbing your head to the quality of production that we’ve come to expect from a talented artist such as Hadee.  And, here we go again, some of the best music/albums to drop in 2009 where once again FREE…go figure?

3. “Prosper”-Damu f. Raw Poetic (of Panacea)(at the request of artist, no link)

One of the things we most strive to do here at Bloggerhouse is to keep it fresh.  Seldom will you ever see the random emails and MP3s (that most sites do receive within a mass e-mail list) that have been posted on 50-75 of the so-called “top” Hip Hop sites” on the net post within a 5-10 minute time frame, posted here….unless it’s dope…period!  The least of my intent is to reiterate what one of my cohorts has already hipped you to.  Yet, on the same token, in instances that are mind-blowing as Damu & Raw Poetic’s “Prosper”, product this good deserves as much ink and praise as it can get!  When Trav designated “Prosper” as his top track for last week, it made me truly take notice to the beauty of this cut, even though, I saw that the YouTube video for “Prosper” had been floating around the blogs for a week or two prior to that.

All I can say is…damn, “Prosper” incorporates a handful of dope samples, one of which, many of you will take notice to immediately as it supplied the backing to Jay Electronica’s teaser “Dear Moleskin”.  Take it from me, you NEED to cop this track as it is included on Damu’s collective “Kilawatt:V1″, get it on Itunes..hell, it’s less than 4 bones!! Props to Damu!! One of a handful of producers out there that keep the “Golden Era” alive and well!!

4. “Wednesday”-Smoovth & Drums

Those damn Connection cats just won’t go away, it seems as if I can’t go without 3 months or so without re-discovering a hidden track or in the case of Smoovth (1/2 of Tha Connection) & Drums, “The Cosmic Bounce EP” which has been out for nearly two years.  Yet, this past weekend while cruising the revived and revamped “HipHopBootleggers” (thank goodness they’re back!!) I found this gem, specifically, “Wednesday”.  I gotta’ give it to tha Connection, no matter what the production style or the producer’s locale, these cats cat put it together over any track.  “Wednesday” is a prime example, as Smoovth unleashes his trademark raps (that sound more like a freestyle in most instances) over an electro, bounce backdrop that features an extremely slick bassline.

5. “The Plan”-BP & ODDS

LA Producer, Button Pusha and emcee Oddsequences of Jupitersciples came together to form BP and Odds and follow up their 2008 EP “”Hi’s and Lo’s with “The Medium”. Bringing back traditional, smooth and jazzy hip hop while speaking from the soul. “The Medium” also features guest appearances from El Da Sensei and Insight.  Over the last two weeks, I gotta’ say this was the album that most caught me off-guard in a pleasant way.  Solid, if not spectacular, “The Medium” is just pure, uncut, dope Hip Hop in it’s purest forms.  “The Medium” doesn’t contain one track that will truly knock you off your rocker, yet each and every cut on the album is extremely well executed, and the album’s sequencing is nearly flawless.  It almost took me just as long to figure out who “Odds” most reminds me of with his voice and flow, and after much thought, I’d have to say this cat sounds eerily similar to ToneDeff.  If there’s one album from this list that I’d recommend to you it would have to be “The Medium”, I assure you that you will not be let down one bit!

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O.M December 8, 2009 at 8:30 am

Doesn’t this guys Odds sound a bit like Sankofa aswell? Dope site btw. feelin the selections. Peace from Swedun

O.M December 8, 2009 at 8:32 am

This guy, I meant to write…

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