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Yo! WYDU Raps…..

by Travis on December 8, 2009

I was hoping to make this a weekly thing, but my internet scoping has been limited lately and the video submissions have been aight, but only a few that made me jump out and say “oh shit!” Of course you’ll see those this week along with some joints I was feeling I found scattered across the net that I did find. It just took me a little longer than usual is all.

RhymefestGive It To Me

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Rhymefest is giving Royce Da 5’9 a run for his money in the best lyricist in the game right in my book. Dude is plain wicked with the rhymes. I’ve been following the contest going on, which ‘Fest was looking for a verse from cats to get on this track with him and Saigon and I first I wasn’t feeling this Scram Jones beat, and while it’s kinda generic, it’s getting at me now. I know certain people will hate on me for liking it (I see you!), but shit is hyped.

The video is….well, basic I guess, but it makes you realize how racist some of those cartoons us late 70′s and early 80′s babies watched.

Clavius Crates feat Silas GreenClassically Trained

I’ve posted this over at Bloggerhouse already, but “Classically Trained” from Ann Arbor MC, Clavius Crates who is part of the Tree City group who did a nice little mixtape over Black Milk joints. I love the “Break The Levee” drums and the classical music samples, my kind of shit.

The video has a dope feel to it as well, walking around in dusty vinyl, with that grainy black & white footage just gives the song that added touch.

Clavius Crates ft. Silas Green – Classically Trained from Peter Spears Dean on Vimeo.

A Disturbing New TrendThe Year of the Carnivore

My man Dart Adams showed me the light on this joint. A Disturbing New Trend’s “The Year of the Carnivore” is nothing but straight up in ya face hip hop. This is the shit I miss and the shit I want to hear. No frontin’ on this in the least. My only problem it’s too short…..makes me want to run through a wall screaming the way time. Wow…..

Pacewon & Mr. Green – Who Am I

Still not done pushing the album that finished 11th on my year end list last year, Pacewon and Mr. Green aim to release every track on their “Only Color That Matters is Green” album. Which is totally okay, because that track doesn’t really have a weak track on it. This was one of my favorite joints on the album, so good to see it make it to a video

Intuition – Al Bundy

I’m not sure which I love more, the song or the video. Intuition comes with a great song that should be the true jam of the frat boy and that is by no means a dis, no Asher Roth comparisons here. The beat by Dibase is one of those coolin’ beats that you kick back and just slowly nod your head to.

Then there is the video that adds to the songs likeablity (is that a word?) Maybe because I’ve could have been in that video during my life many times over (I would have been the cat sleeping with the rug over him in the videos beginning). It’s straight up hilarious. A great story that you can watch over and over again. Great for being “low budget”.

Intuition – Al Bundy from Lee Shaner on Vimeo.

P.Casso feat Von Pea & Homeboy Sandman – Best In Show

I’m not to up on P.Casso, so I slept on this video when it dropped this past spring. I finally caught on when Deep from 2 Hungry Brothers (who produced this track) shot me the remix in an email he sent (more on that coming). The beat is dope as fuck, with a killer sax sample and the video is one of those reminds of when videos were actually fun to watch. It would have been right at home on Yo! back in the day….

5 O’Clock Shadowboxers – Weak Stomach

5′O Clock Shadowboxers have really caught on to me as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I was digging the album, but lately, it’s really just struck something in my ear drum and I’m craving to hear it. It’s music that I would make if I had an ounce of musical talent in my body.

I didn’t even know this was out there until I started searching. While “Weak Stomach” isn’t my favorite track from the album, it’ll make do. Creative video as well.

D. Black - Yesterday

I’m late on D. Black, but the album has been getting some spins from me lately. Dude is nice on the mic and makes a nice song with “Yesterday”, which might not be the best track on the album, but it’s a nice little show for those that haven’t heard much from D.Black.

Slum Village – Actin’ Normal

In celebration of the new Slum EP dropping next week (which you can listen to on their myspace page), and the fact that Baatin is no longer with us (RIP), I figured I’d post this video that Has-Lo hipped me to. Kind of on some chill smooth shit, this joint grew on me….

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