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The Gift That Keeps On Givin': Astronote Remixes Volume I

by Eric C. on December 14, 2009

Some of you may recall Astronote as the mastermind behind When They’s “#2 Track Of 2008″, Now On’s “All You Ever Knew”, while some may have just picked up on this talent-heavy producer via our “artists to watch out for in 2010″. Whatever the case, Astronote is back with a peek into his vault of past remix work, “The Remixes Vol. 1″ (Click To DL).  Personally, I can’t wait to get this one on the Ipod to accompany my evening of NCAA Basketball 2010 (hit me up on XBOXLive, gamer tag: Foyesdaman), as the Wife and kids are outta’ town for the day.  Shouts out to DJ Graffiti and AsideWorldWide!!

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