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Above The Ground x The Understudies – Collective Compliments 3.5.

by Travis on December 16, 2009

My boys from the Understudies drop a little Christmas gift for all those out there in blogger land. The Bay Area crew drops a ‘lil mixtape to get you caught up if you have, and you shouldn’t, been sleeping on them. Now you have no excuse – Trav

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The Understudies crew is like a fine-tuned machine, having put out a barrage of 8 albums in just under 2 years of existence. Don’t let their youth fool you, these guys have taken the West Coast by force, touring with the Bay Area greats: Hiero, Legends, Shapeshifters and more. Collective Compliments 3.5 Mixtape is your chance to act like you’ve been bumping The Understudies since day 1. Enjoy.

Citizen – In Search of Her Soul EP

Venture Capitalists – Rate of Exchange w/ Free 7″

Self Advocate – Carpe Diem 7″


1. All Here [Manifest / Citizen / Cobbo / Maintain / Poe / Sean E Depp / Welsed / Self Ad] (Pr. DMP)
2. A Toast [Cobbo / Self Ad] (Pr. Geebz)
3. The Greatest Show on Earth [Citizen / Manifest] (Pr. Citizen)
4. King of The Bongos [Manifest / Self Ad / Cobbo] (Pr. Cobbo)
5. Escape From The Bay ft. G [G / Citizen / Sean E Depp] (Pr. Citizen)
6. This Is The One [Poe / Self Ad / Maintain / Citizen / Cobbo / Myers] (Pr. Myers)
7. Black Monday [Self Ad / Welsed] (Pr. Welsed)
8. Junkie [Citizen / Cobbo] (Pr. Cobbo)
9. Just Do It Pt. 2 ft. G [Sean E Depp / G / Citizen / Poe] (Pr. Citizen)
10. Crosswired [Welsed / Self Ad] (Pr. Self Ad)
11. A Family Joint [Citizen / Manifest / Maintain / Welsed] (Pr. Citizen)
12. Dreams [Poe / Self Ad] (Pr. Citizen)
13. (Lucid) Dreams [Manifest / Cobbo] (Co-Produced by Manifest & Cobbo)
14. Lucy, I’m Home! ft. E Buddah (of Sounds of Rebirth) (Pr. Cobbo)
15. Hip Hop (For Real) ft. Kevorkian [Poe / Citizen / Kevorkian] (Pr. Citizen)
16. Vital Output [Maintain / Poe] (Pr. Myers)
17. Or Something [Citizen / Cobbo] (Pr. Cinema)
18. Six Feet Deep [Welsed] (Pr. Welsed)
19. Miracle Business ft. Pigeon John + 2Mex, Matre & LAJAE of The Shapeshifters (Pr. Cobbo)
20. Radio Flyer ft. A Brother Named George, Donwill of Tanya Morgan & Abstract Rude (Pr. Citizen)
21. Beat For The Street (Citizen Remix) ft. Alexander Spit (Pr. Citizen)
22. Soul of The City Part 1 ft. G [Sean E Depp / G] (Pr. Citizen)

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