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aboveGround Magazine x The Understudies – Collective Compliments 3.5.0

by Travis on December 16, 2009

If you follow me or have followed WYDU in the past, you know The Understudies are one of the groups that have my utmost support. Why? Besides the fact that they possess what I feel is the very essence of hip hop, I’m always impressed by any crew that can bring together roughly ten talented cats in a group dynamic and make it work. If you’d been sleeping on this Bay Area crew, now is your chance to catch up. - Trav

Collective Compliments 3.5 Mixtape

The Understudies crew is like a fine-tuned machine, having put out a barrage of 8 albums in just under 2 years of existence. Don’t let their youth fool you, these guys have taken the West Coast by force, touring with the Bay Area greats: Hiero, Legends, Shapeshifters and more. Collective Compliments 3.5 Mixtape is your chance to act like you’ve been bumping The Understudies since day 1. Enjoy.
Citizen – In Search of Her Soul EP

Venture Capitalists – Rate of Exchange w/ Free 7″

Self Advocate – Carpe Diem 7″


1. All Here [Manifest / Citizen / Cobbo / Maintain / Poe / Sean E Depp / Welsed / Self Ad] (Pr. DMP)
2. A Toast [Cobbo / Self Ad] (Pr. Geebz)
3. The Greatest Show on Earth [Citizen / Manifest] (Pr. Citizen)
4. King of The Bongos [Manifest / Self Ad / Cobbo] (Pr. Cobbo)
5. Escape From The Bay ft. G [G / Citizen / Sean E Depp] (Pr. Citizen)
6. This Is The One [Poe / Self Ad / Maintain / Citizen / Cobbo / Myers] (Pr. Myers)
7. Black Monday [Self Ad / Welsed] (Pr. Welsed)
8. Junkie [Citizen / Cobbo] (Pr. Cobbo)
9. Just Do It Pt. 2 ft. G [Sean E Depp / G / Citizen / Poe] (Pr. Citizen)
10. Crosswired [Welsed / Self Ad] (Pr. Self Ad)
11. A Family Joint [Citizen / Manifest / Maintain / Welsed] (Pr. Citizen)
12. Dreams [Poe / Self Ad] (Pr. Citizen)
13. (Lucid) Dreams [Manifest / Cobbo] (Co-Produced by Manifest & Cobbo)
14. Lucy, I’m Home! ft. E Buddah (of Sounds of Rebirth) (Pr. Cobbo)
15. Hip Hop (For Real) ft. Kevorkian [Poe / Citizen / Kevorkian] (Pr. Citizen)
16. Vital Output [Maintain / Poe] (Pr. Myers)
17. Or Something [Citizen / Cobbo] (Pr. Cinema)
18. Six Feet Deep [Welsed] (Pr. Welsed)
19. Miracle Business ft. Pigeon John + 2Mex, Matre & LAJAE of The Shapeshifters (Pr. Cobbo)
20. Radio Flyer ft. A Brother Named George, Donwill of Tanya Morgan & Abstract Rude (Pr. Citizen)
21. Beat For The Street (Citizen Remix) ft. Alexander Spit (Pr. Citizen)
22. Soul of The City Part 1 ft. G [Sean E Depp / G] (Pr. Citizen)

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