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Dart's 12 Most Played For The Week AKA I've Been Away For A While…

by Staff on December 16, 2009

I’ve been away for a while and quite a few things happened during that time. I’ll deal with that at a later date. Right now, I’m gonna go in on my 12 most played songs while I was trying to get a new laptop to close out Poisonous Paragraphs with. Let’s get to it, shall we?:

1. Statik Selektah f/JFK, Sha Stimuli & Skyzoo “Different Day Same Shit” (prod. by Statik Selektah)

Statik Selektah’s “The Pre-Game EP” just dropped on Tuesday although I’ve been playin’ this jawn for weeks with the scrunchface on. I can finally share with you what’s dominated my iPod Touch plays lately.

2. Paul White “Highlife” (prod. by Paul White)

Paul White dropped another free instrumental project on Bandcamp called “Sounds From The Skylight” right when I thought I had my End Of Year lists all set. December always changes the game. Always. Check out the entire 2 part project here

3. A Disturbing New Trend “Winters” (prod. by Silvamore)

This is the new Boston anthem. Get ya damn hands up! *Throws threes*

4. Strange Fruit Project f/Kam Moye “Day By Day” (prod. by Symbolyc One)

Strange Fruit Project. Underrated. Kam Moye AKA Supastition. Underrated. Symbolyc One on the boards. Underrated. Day By Day? Heat rock.

5. Custom Fit f/Wallis Bird “Yer Daddy” (Domu Remix)

The Custom Fit “Polyshufflez Remixes” project drops on December 17th via the good people @ Tokyo Dawn Records. If you’re into the whole Brainfeeder/beat circuit or scene then you should definitely check for it.

6. Kidz In The Hall “Life I Know” (prod. by Double 0)

This is the jawn where Naledge & Double 0 both spit verses off of the free album/mixtape/EP “The Professional Leisure Tour”. I can’t wait to hear what they do on “The Land Of Make Believe” dropping March 2010 on Duck Down Records.

7. Eternia “Foul Child” (prod. by Ant B)

This one is off of the new Eternia mixtape “Get Caught Up” which you can download via this very site. Eternia & MoSS’ “At Last” album drops in early early 2010. Eternia>>>>>>Nicki Minaj. I’d love to see a female Slaughterhouse but it’d be tough picking only four emcees. Jean Grae, Tiye Phoenix, Invincible, Eternia & Boog Brown would make an interesting five. I need an A&R job *Sigh*

8. Elzhi f/Danny Brown “Contra” (prod. by Apollo Brown)

I played NES Contra on my Mac G5 Tower while playing this song on iTunes. I cannot wait for Danny Brown’s “The Hybrid” & Elzhi’s “Elmatic” (Elzhi over “Illmatic” instrumentals) to drop. This “mixtape” can also be acquired via the almighty Bloggerhouse site.

9. Obie Trice & MoSS “Roughnecks” (prod. by MoSS)

I could’ve picked any song off of “Special Reserve”. Obie’s ferocious bars & delivery matched with MoSS’ beats makes for some unadulterated beast music. December has been bananas so far. Some albums are getting knocked out of the Top 50 for sure.

10. Slum Village “Money Right” (prod. by Young RJ)

I love this entire EP but this song really, really made me realize how much future generations of Hip Hop fans are going to miss what Baatin brings/brought to the table that is Hip Hop. R.I.P Baatin. Slum Village forever.

11. Marv Won “Way It Goes” (prod. by 14KT)

Marv told me that he has enough material for 3 more of these and he also has a project titled “Wayne Fontes Music” full of new shit on the way as well. Damn, damn, damn James! © Florida Evans

12. Strong Arm Steady f/Talib Kweli “Get Started” (prod. by Madlib)

I stated on Twitter a while back that this album makes me wanna dropkick a kangaroo. After a few more plays I no longer want to do that. I’ll probably just shoot one instead. I kid, I kid! No, not really. Thank God kangaroos are in short supply in the metro Boston area. Seriously, because I’d make the news.


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Olli December 16, 2009 at 12:14 pm

Thanks for these! The Eternia track is unexpectedly dope!

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