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Artist Spotlight: 2 Hungry Bros

by Travis on December 17, 2009

That twitter is a weird thing. I turn it on sometimes at night when I’m working on things. It can be distracting, but sometimes it can be fun and you can run into something into something interesting people. It’s actually there that I ran into Deep from 2 Hungry Bros, a NYC production group that has been doing their thing for the past couple month. I was already familiar with the duo after hearing their “Table Manners” and “My Crew is All Thinner” projects that dropped last year and this year respectively. I was a fan of the crews production, so we got to talking. That of course led to this spotlight….

1. 8thw1 – Walk Tall
2. Substantial – King Strut
3. Mickey Factz – Move On Up
4. Fresh Daily & $trictlyBusine$$ – Bed-Stuy Bullet Dodge
5. Senor Kaos – Wandering Soul
6. 8thw1 – The Expose’
7. Critical – Holy Are You
8. Reef the Lost Cauze – Ripped By Loud Metal Explosions
9. 8thw1 – Executive Lounge
10. P.CASSO – Second Wind
11. Little Vic – Black Night
12. 8thw1 – Harlem Hindu
13. Daniel Joseph – Holy Thursday
14. Nikkobya Bisou – Le Machete’
15. Gary Bartz – Celestial Blues
16. 8thw1 – Small Crib
17. Von Pea – Foodstamps
18. K Gaines – Rum Raisin
19. 8thw1 & Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
20. Mazzi – SOUL Propulsion
21. Homeboy Sandman – Parallel Perpendicular
22. 10 Wheel Drive – Ain’t Gonna Happen
23. Willie Colon – Te Conozco

DOWNLOAD: 2 Hungry Bros. – My Crew’s All Thinner (Mixtape)

WYDU: What’s good man? So let’s just jump right into it, how was it producing a classic jam for an album such as Illmatic??…..nah, just kidding (inside joke)….Who exactly are the 2 Hungry Brothers and how did y’all come together?

2 Hungry Bros: Well here are 2 answers for those 3 questions. I think it’s good to have your friend from childhood (since 5) as your production & business partner and best friend. We grew up across the street, in the same school, and Church in the L.E.S. The 2 Hungry Bros are Deep & Ben Boogz. We’re even two different personality types with only a few things in common, love for food and music. We’ve also have always been class clowns.

W: The two of you rep the AOK collective. For those out there not familiar with the crew, who is in it and what is the purpose of rolling as a large collective?

2HB: We represent good timeless music and the appreciation of it. Lots of fads come and go so musically we feel its our responsibility musically to maintain that timeless aspect. The lyrics are the mc’s responsibility and I roll with the collective because as long as they stay true to themselves, the message will be universal. Isn’t that a paradox? How a personal experience and perspective can touch millions.

The 2 Hungry Bros have been working with some great artists in the last decade. Each have been wonderful experiences. In this stage in our lives God has found it appropriate to provide the soundtrack to the experiences Homeboy Sandman, P.So, Fresh Daily, Nola Darling, and 8thw1 share.

W: Did you guys do the production the latest Fresh Daily project? That was pretty dope for sure….

2HB: Fresh Daily’s album, Gorgeous Killa, was a triumph for everyone who knows him personally. We would’ve loved to produce that whole album, but variety is the spice of life in the sense that a lot of great producers got together to make sure the album took off. We originally had 2 beats on the album. The first was “Assassination Tango”.

We’re happy to be the masterminds behind the beat for Fresh Daily’s definitive song, “Superspectacular”.

W: Deep, I know you do some DJing on the side as well, how is being a good DJ help being a good producer? How do they go hand in hand?

2HB: Deep started spinning out in 7th grade for his classmates parties. We decided to appreciate our parents’ record collections. Our fathers would identify samples to songs. We decided to do more research and find our own samples. Deep would make loops with a pause button and play break records over them with a Gemini mixer and then record that. Music appreciation has made us better producers and djs.

W: What joint is that “life saver”, a joint that will rock any party?

2HB: Slick Rick’s “Mona Lisa” or “Hot Music” by Soho.

W: How did y’all get into producing? How long you been going at it?

2HB: We’ve been making beats together since 2003. We’ve been machine hopping since 1999 till we got our own setup. Finding out that the beats to our favorite hip Hop songs were sampled was a revelation.

W: I gotta ask this of all the producers I talk to, what’s your weapons of choice? Do you make a beat wi
th an artist in mind?

2HB: Our first official machine was the mpc2000. Then we both met two lovely ladies. One bought ben boogz his mpc2500 and the other bought Deep the mpc4000 (she is now his wife). We don’t make beats with mcees in mind. We make beats whenever we’re inspired. We make beats when we are happy, mad, frustrated, bored. If an Mcee relates to that beat, he picks it. It’s similar to the way an artist paints a picture except we’re making more of a collage with our style. We’ve also recently as of last Christmas incorporated the Mini Korg.

W: Another often asked question, what’s your take on the software vs. hardware debate for producing?

2HB: We like to bang out beats. We’ve seen Pso and Fresh Daily make beats on their computers with their programs. It looks like playing computer games. We like our hands on approach rather then laying drums or sounds on a meter count. It doesn’t look as fun. In the end it’s what you as the artist bring to the table rather than the tools you use.

W: You’ve had two projects in the past two years, My Crew Is All Thinner and Table Manners. What is each of those about? How did you hook up with cats like Reef?

2HB: Table Manners was our little baby! It’s a compilation we made to show AOK Collective’s talent could roll with the best of them such as C Rayz Walz, Vastare, Pumpkinhead, Skyzoo, John Robinson, Substantial, Reef, etc. My Crew’s All Thinner was a continuation to the AOK COLLECTIVE Mixtape we put out called My Crew’s All Winners, since we were the portliest of the squad at the time. Instead of sampling and making beats, we used the actual grooves the way Mcees jack instrumentals. It was a nod to our compilations and groove mixtapes from when we spun at the Nuyorican. Reef’s a great dude and an incredible rapper. Cat’s like Reef? There is no other like Reef. Also as producers, we try to set a standard for ourselves to work with a certain quality artist.

W: Any artist out there you want to work with and haven’t yet? What do you look for in an MC for potentially working for?

2HB: Well in the future, we’d like to work with artists who don’t suffer from insecurities and have their $hit together in life. This way we don’t have to deal with any extra emotional baggage that comes with a project. There’s already the creative process, where we brainstorm with the artist. At the same time life has it’s foul ups and those define us as artists. How we deal with them end up refining ourselves. Soooooo having said that ….we’d love to work with Lady Gaga after we complete a developing Reef the Lost Cauze project and we released the 2 Hungry Bros presents 8thw1 in No Room For dessert (which is completed).

W: What does the future hold for the 2 Hungry Bros?

2HB: Before we release No Room For Dessert, there’s another mix cd like My Crew’s All Thinner coming. Homeboy Sandman’s new album is coming out next year and it’s called the GOOD SUN. It’s got some treats from yours truly. We’re also working with and Nola Darling on their upcoming magic. We are also working with this incredible vocalist named Janelle Renee on her project, Equilibrium. We’ve got some hits coming. Also ben Sure to look out for us on Ciph Diggy of the Sleepwalkas solo album, “UNTITLED WAVE”

W: Any last words for the fan club out there?

2HB: We appreciate all the “Hey we heard about you guys!” “Wow you are the bros, we know you!”s! We appreciate the love. Keep an ear out and an eye out for all the gigs we’re spinning at. Look for us for special announcements, excluseez, freebeez, and new mixes! For some fun mixes by Deep of the 2 Hungry bros go to

W: Thanks man!

2HB: No doubt. Thanks for the love bro!

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P.CASSO December 18, 2009 at 2:49 pm

Dope interview!

Homeboy Sandman December 18, 2009 at 4:36 pm

"as long as they stay true to themselves, the message will be universal. Isn’t that a paradox?"

lines like this remind me just how wise this Deep character is.

more brilliant sounds from Deep and Ben please.

Coole High December 18, 2009 at 4:39 pm

Lookin good fellas

TheIII December 18, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Props . Dope interview . 2hungrybros!!!

kemblepdx December 18, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Dope Interview Doper Mixtape! P.Casso when's the next mixtape coming out I got Earthtones on Heavy Rotation in the Whip!

Anonymous December 19, 2009 at 9:23 am

2 Hungry Bros got that shit for sure. mad slept on…

k.gaines December 20, 2009 at 8:55 am

sleepwalkas say very good bros

Ms. Machete December 20, 2009 at 4:05 pm

YEAH!!! **jamaican lasers** We love 2 Hungry Bros!!!

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