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BC’s Top 10, 20 – 2001

by BC on December 24, 2009

I have to preface this list by saying I have no idea what I was listening to in 2001. I think I spent ’01 catching up on 1999 and 2000, because there are a couple LP’s in here that I really can’t believe are a top 10 for me, but when I look at what I was listening to and what I have from ’01, this is it. And, I wasn’t a Jay-Z guy back in the day, so, no Blueprint. Feel free to stone me.

BC’s Top 10 LP’s of 2001

10) Wee Bee Foolish – Brighton Beach Memoirs – This LP is a bit inconsistent, but there are some real good songs on here that make this worth your time.

9) Dilated Peoples – Expansion Team – Dilated makes solid all-around hip-hop with 2 MC’s and a DJ. No exception here.

8) Atmosphere – The Lucy Ford EP’s – If you’re familiar w/ Atmosphere, then you know there are some classics on this album. Basically it combines earlier EP’s into 1 LP, but since this came out in ‘01 and it’s the first stuff I heard from them, I’m putting it up here.

7) Aceyalone – Accepted Eclectic – A nice LP, if not a little inconsistent, but I played it a ton in ‘01 (that rhymes, y’all).

6) Reks – Along Came the Chosen – I don’t really think there’s a single on here worthy of top 20 status, but I found the album as a whole great.

5) Pep Love – Ascension – I wish Pep Love made more music. This LP was solid and he’s a real nice MC that never really got too many props. If you haven’t heard this, it’s worth your time.

4) Tha Liks – X.O. Experience – I don’t know what other’s think about this LP, but it got constant play all the way through from me in 2001. I found this to be a song without a skipable song.

3) J-Zone – Pimps Don’t Pay Taxes – J-Zone at his best, which he really isn’t ever off of. His production is amazing and he is an underrated MC, even if he might claim to not be. He’s not spitting knowledge or anything, but his flow is tight and he sets forth to make you laugh, and succeeds.

2) CunninLynguists – Will Rap For Food – What a great debut LP. This album is solid all the way through and I still listen to this on the regular.

1) Masta Ace – Disposable Arts – Man, it seemed like forever that I waited for this LP to come out. I started checking for Ace again in ‘00 and snatched up a bunch of 12 inches and found and started my wait for DA. It didn’t disappoint and this LP got the vast majority of spins the next 6 months after my purchase.

BC’s Top 20 Songs of 2001

20) Iron Galaxy – Cannibal Ox – I never really got into this LP, but I dug the hell out of this song. It’s eerie and weird, on some Def Jux type stuff. I think it takes a while to get into El-P and Aesop sometimes, so I might need to revisit this.

19) 5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO – The Coup – Surprise! The Coup aren’t down with rich, white corporate douche bags and on this song, Boots gives you a few ways to get rid of the swine, over a funky track.

18) Rap Beautician – Edan – Some old school sounding stuff from Edan off of the Boston Underground compilation.

17) Best U Can – The Liks – They changed their name, but turned out a nice LP. The name change didn’t really make them stars, as they probably hoped, hence this Neptunes produced track w/ Pharell singing the hook.

16) Da Da Da Da – Tha Liks – Some classic Alkaholiks from an LP that I liked a lot.

15) Worst Comes to Worst – Dilated Peoples – I actually saw this video get played on MTV back in the day and I was shocked. Don’t hold that against it, it’s a dope song and Babu cuts throughout, which DP is usually good for.

14) B-Boy Real McCoy – Aceyalone w/ Ab Rude – I think these 2 mix together well like peanut butter and chocolate, or almonds and joy.

13) Whatcha Need – Wee Bee Foolish – One of the best songs on the LP. Dope beats, nice lyrics and some scratching.

12) Accepted Eclectic – Aceyalone – The beat is weird, yet nice. Acey spit’s a bunch of random lyrics to go.

11) Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz – I loved this LP, but it’s not a hip-hop LP, but this song is in my mind. Del kicks lyrics over a dope beat from Dan the Automater while Damon Albarn sings the chorus.

10) Take a Walk – Masta Ace w/ Apocalypse – Take a walk in the hood with Ace and Apocalypse. Great lyrics and chorus along with a nice beat make this a favorite of mine.

9) Turn It Out – Wee Bee Foolish – Another nice track from WBF. It’s basically just some old-school braggadocios type lyrics with a nice chorus and some DJing.

8) HalfAnimal – Cunninlynguists - Back when it was just Deacon and Kno, they made a song with an Eminem and Nas sample over the hook, and it was fresh.

7) Different – Pep Love – Pep’s smooth ass flow laid over a simple bass line beat. The subject matter speaks on Pep being different and all that jazz. Real simple, dope track.

6) No Regrets – Aesop Rock - This might be my favorite Aesop Rock track. In 3 verses, Aesop paints a picture of his character, Lucy, from her youth to her death. “…Dream a little dream or you can live a little dream. I’d rather live it, because dreamers always chase, but never live it.”

5) Lynguistics – Cunninlynguists – One of those songs that’s real short, and you wish had another minute tacked on. An orchestral loop and a quick verse each from Kno and Deacon make a dope, dope song.

4) No Escapin’ This – The Beatnuts feat. Greg Nice – One of those catchy ass Beatnuts beats and this is one of the best.

3) The Fight Club – Pep Love – I think Pep is a hugely underrated MC and he spits some crazy flows over this track.

2) Acknowledge – Masta Ace – Ace’s diss track for The High and Mighty and Boogieman. It turned out the High and Mighty thing was a misunderstanding involving a freestyle Cage kicked and Boogieman was getting smacked back for Just You Wait, a track where BM claims Ace stole his concept about commenting on the ghetto (Ace‘s Ghetto Like, BM‘s Who-knows-what).

1) Don’t Understand – Masta Ace feat. Greg Nice – The first single from DA and a great party jam with Greg Nice on the chorus. I just love this song.

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DJSoulClap December 26, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Great List! That Pep Love album is one of my favs! Pacific Heights, Living is beautiful, TAMI, a lot of good joints on that one.
BC, You have a really diverse taste, i like that!

BC December 28, 2009 at 4:22 am

Thanks Clap! I really think Pep is a dope MC, I wish he'd put out some more stuff.

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