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Seattle STAYS Winnin'!!: Macklemore "The Town"

by Eric C. on December 25, 2009

I can’t front, I’ve been killin’ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “The Vs. EP” since it’s release. This dude is becoming one of my favorite emcees..quickly! Never even knew dude had product in the streets prior to “The Vs. EP”, but 2005 saw the release of Mack’s LP, “The Language Of The World” (downloading from Itunes right now as I type this!) You can find “Home” on Macklemore’s “The Unplanned Mixtape”, peep the track listing and DL link below….Seattle does it again!!! “The Town” picks up right where Jake One’s “Home” left off!!

01. The Town
02. At The Party
03. The Club
04. American
05. Nxnw Remix
06. Fallin
07. Church feat Geologic
08. Letterhead Remix feat Sapient & Illmaculate
09. Keep Marching feat XP
10. And We Danced


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