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BC’s Top 10, 20 – 2002

by BC on December 26, 2009

BC’s Top 10 LP’s of 2002

I have to say that 2002 was like 2001 in retrospect. I didn’t find a whole lot that I was psyched to include on this list as far as LP’s were concerned. My top songs are heavy on songs that aren’t included on a top 10 LP from my list. I guess that’s indicative of what the year was like.

10) The Demigodz – The Godz Must Be Crazy – I liked this EP from the Earplug series, although it is pound for pound filled with the most homophobic lyrics this side of an Eminem LP. The beats are all solid.

9) Atmosphere – God Loves Ugly – Atmosphere keeps getting better and better to me. their last 2 are their best and i really didn’t think this one was that great until I went back and listened to it. Based on what I listened to in ’02, it makes the top 10, but if I keep listening, it could move up (if I were forced to make another list by future BC).

8) Jurassic 5 – Power in Numbers – When they made good songs, man, they made good songs. But, this LP, like the rest of theirs, just had too many adequate songs to make it a top 5 LP.

7) Mr. Lif – I Phantom – This is a pretty good effort from Lif. I can listen to it all the way through, but there are a few songs that just don’t demand too much attention. Overall, though, it’s worth it.

6) Blackalicious – Blazing Arrow – This LP is like all of their albums, a bit inconsistent. When they make good hip-hop songs, they are right up there with the best, but they always have a few songs that I just don’t like.

5) Camp Lo – Let’s Do It Again – I really like this album from start to finish, with the exception of 1 really, really bad song (8 Moons Ago).

4) MF Grimm – The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera – I still really like this album and it took me a little while to get into, but when I did, I was playing it on a daily basis for a good month or two.

3) Emanon – Anon & On – This is another EP from the Earplug series. There are a couple amazing songs on here and this is high on the list because I ran those into the ground.

2) The Roots – Phrenology – I like this LP a lot, but i didn’t think it would be this high up. But, after looking at what I had in ’02, I had to make this high on my list.

1) J- Live – All of the Above – This LP is solid all the way through, like most of J-Live’s albums. This guy is one of my all-time favorites now and this album was the one that really got me into J-Live.

BC’s Top 20 Songs of 2002

20) Multiply – Xzibit w/ Nate Dogg – A nice commercial song for the masses. The beat is funky and Nate Dogg does his Nate Dogg thang. To me, X to the Z’s music just wasn’t as good when he had Dr. Dre and other’s doing the producing and not the Liks.

19) The CIA is Trying to Kill Me – Non-Phixion – The CIA is trying to kill some paranoid dudes, aka Non-Phixion. This beat is a nice one.

18) Ultimate – Large Professor – I dig this beat and listened to it a lot back in 2002.

17) Whodafuckareyou?!? – C-Rayz Walz – The first time I heard this song, and C-Rayz, I couldn’t stand him (that sounds dumb like Outkast breaking up), but then something happened. His flow just grew on me and he became an MC that I always look for.

16) Together – MF Grimm – The beat features a nice piano loop. The lyrics are about snitches basically, and there are some violent lyrics and the chorus gets a little more violent as it progresses.

15) Captivate/Deactivate – The Demigodz – This beat is sick and you just have a couple MC’s bragging on the mic. I just dig this song.

14) Modern Man’s Hustle – Atmosphere – I think the best track off of God Loves Ugly. Live performance:

13) A Glimpse at the Struggle – Mr. Lif – Mr. Lif as a man that needs some money and robs a store. The last 30 seconds is Fakts-One cutting Cannibal Ox, “Imma live life after this one crime.”

12) Rolling With Heat – The Roots w/ Talib Kweli – Mostly some raw drums from Questo on the beat and Kweli and Black Thought wreck the mic on some hardcore.

11) Celly – Extended Famm – This is a track that is destined to be crazy outdated someday, and kind of is now. But, it’s a funny song about bad cell service and misunderstandings over a dope track.

10) Bad Babysitter – Princess Superstar – I was curious about Princess Superstar and checked out the LP this song is on. This is a funny song with a horn heavy beat. If Lady Gaga needs an emcee to kick a verse, she should pick the Princess. Whatever, I like this song.

9) It’s Going Down – Blackalicious w/ Lateef – The beat is hot and Lateef and Gab work off each other well. Even the R&B chorus is nice.

8) Let’s Do It Again – Camp Lo – I feel like this track fits in where they left off on Uptown Saturday Night. If you threw this on there, you wouldn’t have any idea that it wasn’t part of their classic debut.

7) High Fidelity – Jurassic 5 – I just love this beat. Jurassic 5 doing what they do best, kicking old-school rhymes.

6) One For the Griot – J-Live – J-Live kicks 3 similar verses with varying outcomes from a one night stand.

5) React – Erick Sermon w/ Redman – I had high hopes when I heard this song. I never really got into the LP, but this song is a good one.

4) Life and Death – MF Grimm – Grimm possibly getting a bit personal about good and evil. Life and Death are women in his life that he goes back and forth with, along with his girl Coma. He talks about Life wanting him to do the right things, but Death is crazy fun to hang out with and just seems to be more fun for whatever reason. I don’t know, it’s deeper than I am. Can’t vouch for the image, but you can listen to the song:

3) Listen – Yaggfu Front w/ Esau the Anti Emcee- I loved Yaggfu’s debut in high school and it took years upon years for anything else to be released. This comes from their The Secret Tapes that has mostly older unreleased material and this dope track. The beat is sick and the guest MC, Esau, drops a crazy ass verse about the music industry that includes the line, “That’s why Atmosphere ain’t selling shit, but Ludacris is.” And, that’s from 2002. Future Shock from this release is another more than worthy listen.

2) The Seed – The Roots w/ Cody Chestnut – I love this song. Watch/listen:

1) Blind Love – Emanon – This is a song you need to hear if you haven’t. Exile produces a crazy beat and Aloe Blacc speaks on trying to get girls. His friends tell him that “…she look good but she ain’t all that, her behind is fat, but her mind is wack.” You don’t hear about a girl’s mind all that much in hip-hop.

A couple honorable mentions because I had some extra songs that almost made the cut:

Frontline – El da Sensai w/ Pharoahe Monch, Prince Po, Mike Zoot and F.T.

The Lyricist – J-Live

How U Walkin‘ – Camp Lo – A crazy tribalish beat and some masochistic lyrics, but a great song.

Home of the Brave – Mr. Lif – Can’t say that I always agree with the man’s politics, and I’m a liberal ass dude (I’m not the conspiracy theorist that I once was as a teen). This is a scathing track about the Bush administration and 9/11 from Lif’s Emergency Rations EP.

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chronwell December 26, 2009 at 7:42 pm

02 was a good year for indie hiphop.I was listening to the Camp Lo, the J-Live and AZ and Cormega's albums from this year alot but Im glad u mentioned that MF Grimm joint.Its a a true classic!

9@home December 28, 2009 at 1:07 am

Emanon's "Blind Love" beat is by DJ Cheapshot. Other than that, I agree. The beat is stupid infectious. ;)

BC December 28, 2009 at 4:25 am

Yeah, I love that Grimm LP.

9 – No kidding? Thanks for the heads up. I usually do research, but it was xmas and I just assumed Exile produced it. Love that song.

Misz Angie B December 31, 2009 at 8:31 am

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The Raw Underground

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