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BC’s Top 10, 20 – 2004

by BC on December 29, 2009

Another good year, although not quite as good as ’03.

BC’s Top 10 LP’s of 2004

10) MF DOOM – MM.. FOOD – The main reason this is #10, is the break that DOOM takes in the middle of the LP from his mic duties.

9) Murs & 9th Wonder – Murs 3:16 The 9th Edition – A real nice collaboration and the only big flaw is the short length.

8) Ghostface Killah – The Pretty Toney Album - Here’s one it took a little while for me to get into, but I finally realized how good it was. This might be my favorite Ghostface LP.

7) The Roots – The Tipping Point – I think they keep getting better and better. This LP is another in a long line of great albums from the hip-hop band and Late Night with Jimmy fallon house band. Which, by the way, I’m cool with. You can’t sell out anymore (ask Snoop and his Orbitz gum commercial and, even worse, that one he did w/ Lee Iacocca), so get some exposure and some money y’all.

6) De La Soul – The Grind Date – The great songs on this LP are really great, but there are a few mediocre tracks, which dropped it a little lower on my list.

5) R.A. the Rugged Man – Die, Rugged Man, Die – I didn’t really follow the man’s career at all, but heard good things about this LP and checked it out. I was pleasantly surprised, as this album is great all the way through. I looked up self-deprecating in the dictionary, and while I didn’t find R.A.’s picture, I did learn that, I do indeed know what the term means.

4) Beastie Boys – To the 5 Boroughs – This might be the Beasties’ must hip-hop album ever. I think it’s damn good and I can’t wait for the new one, whenever that will be, since it was delayed due to MCA’s cancer diagnosis this summer.

3) Jean Grae – This Week – Man, I dig this LP. I think there’s one song that I don’t like and Jean Grae is a phenomenally clever MC.

2) Masta Ace – A Long Hot Summer – Not quite as good as Disposable Arts, but another great one from the Masta.

1) Madvillain – Madvillainy – Another DOOM and Madlib collaboration album, but this time with DOOM and Madlib. It’s a great album from beginning to end and the best of 2004.

BC’s Top 20 Songs of 2004

20) The Dum Dum – Tajai – The beat is Asian influenced and Tajai drops some sold rhymes. A nice song from a decent LP.

19) Bad Man! – Murs and 9th Wonder – This is great beat and a great MC working together.

18) Through the Wire – Kanye West – I love this beat and you have to dig that West drops his verses through a wired jaw from his car crash.

17) The Worst – Jedi Mind Tricks – This wasn’t my favorite JMT LP, but this is the best song from the album in my opinion.

16) The Grind Date – De La Soul – One of 5-6 classic songs from The Grind Date.

15) Good Ol’ Love – Masta Ace – A real nice mellow track from A Long Hot Summer.

14) 3 the Hard Way – Beastie Boys – The hook is ill and the Beasties wreck the beat. Thanks to a stint in toy merchandising, I know that Gnip Gnop is a board game and not just some jibberish from Ad-Rock. I don’t know how many times I have gotten Ad-Rock lyrics years after the song is released (another example, when The taking of the Pelham 123 remake came out, I finally knew what the reference was from Sure Shot, as I was unfamiliar with the original movie).

13) Lessons – R.A. the Rugged Man – This dope song starts off an underrated album from R.A.

12) Potholderz – MF DOOM w/ Count Bass D – Just a nice pairing of two unique MC’s.

11) 3:16 – Murs and 9th Wonder – A short, but great song that kicks off the collabo.

10) I Try – Talib Kweli w/ Mary J. Blige – I haven’t found a Kweli LP that I would consider a classic, but this song is real nice.

9) Ch-Check It Out – Beastie Boys – Some old school Beastie Boys type stuff. Just the Beasties being their goofy selves and having fun. Real cool appearance on Letterman:

8) Don’t Say Nuthin’ – The Roots – The best song you’ll hear with a jibberish chorus. Nice, I used jibberish again… and again.

7) All Good Things – Haiku d’Etat – A dope mellow song with a real nice chorus.

6) Holla – Ghostface Killah – Ghostface rapping over an old R&B song w/o removing the original vocals. Pretty cool song. I was in Cub Foods today and heard the actual song (I don’t know the original artist) and was trying to figure out why I knew the lyrics. Thank you Ghostface Killah! Oh, and 2 songs later was the song sampled and interpolated in Masta Ace’s Let’s Take a Walk. Thought that was a cool coincidence.

5) All Caps – Madvillain – My second favorite beat from the DOOM/Madlib LP.

4) Supa Luv – Jean Grae – Your typical dope 9th Wonder produced beat. I love this song.

3) H.O.O.D. – Masta Ace – MA kicking some knowledge about the ‘hood. These are the kinds of songs that
Ace specializes in and the beat is nice as well.

2) Strange Ways – Madvillain – Like all the songs on Madvillainy, this song is too short, but it’s great. The beat is just amazing.

1) Rock Co. Kane Flow – De La Soul w/ MF DOOM – I think this is a Jake One beat and it’s crazy. Mix Pos and dave with DOOM, and you have a winner.

Honorable Mentions:

He Comes – De La Soul w/ Ghostface Killah
The Writz – Gift of Gab –
A crazy piano based track with Gab matching his flow with the beat.
It’s Nothing – The Beatnuts - I was listening to Milk Me again recently and I liked it better than I remembered. This song features one of those crazy Beatnut beats and some “I’ll kick your ass” lyrics.
Spoiled Rotten – J-Zone w/ Celph Titled - J-Zone comes with another great beat. I always liked these 2 paired up together, although I didn’t really get into Bo$$ Hog Barbarian$.
A-Alikes – Jean Grae - Jean Grae comes hard on the first track off of This Week.
Ain’t Changed – Truth Enola - There were a few good tracks from this LP and this was one of the best.
Crazy – Truth Enola - This song survives a lame reggae dude kicking a bar or 2 in the middle of the song.
Oh My God – Masta Ace w/ The Beatnuts and Rahzel
Biscuits – Ghostface Killah w/ Trife
Brawl – R.A. the Rugged Man –
The Rugged Man spittin’ over some crazy xelophone loop.
One Beer – MF DOOM

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chronwell December 31, 2009 at 9:18 pm

Long Hot Summer is in my top 5 from this decade. Bangin beats and lyrics which spoke to the experience of livin inthe hood, workin evryday, talkin to pretty women, etc. On the Grind is my favorite track. Also eMC fans, check Travelocity.

Anonymous January 2, 2010 at 4:31 am

An album that I should have made the list imo is The U.N. UN or U Out. It had a 90's feel to it with production from pete rock and large pro. Pretty good list though.

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