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Bloggerhouse & WYD Presents The Decade In Review: The Best Songs from 2003-2005

by Travis on December 30, 2009

With the end of the decade, we are going to go through the years and posting up my favorite Albums and tracks. You can already peep my favorite tracks for 2000 thru 2002 on WYDU. Today, we’ll cover some of the important tracks for 2003-2005. Some are favorites of the hip hop nation, some our my own personal choices. It’s a nice mix of popular and my own personal tastes mixed in with it.

Best Tracks of 2000-2002

Best of 2003

01 Pitch Black – Its All Real
02 Ras Kass – Golden Chyld (Primo Remix)
03 Nas – Made You Look
04 Black Moon – Stay Real
05 Jay-Z – 99 Problems
06 N*E*R*D – She Wants To Move (Native Tongue Remix)
07 OutKast – The Way You Move (Feat. Sleepy Brown)
08 50 Cent – 21 Questions
09 OutKast – Hey Ya!
10 Lil’ Kim – Magic Stick (Feat. 50 Cent)
11 Obie Trice – Got Some Teeth
12 Jaylib – The Red
13 Gangstarr – Rite Where You Stand (Feat. Jadakiss)
14 De La Soul – Much More (Dirty) feat Yummy
15 Vakill – The Creed
16 Jaylib – Mc Nasty Filth
17 Da Ranjahz feat Cee-Lo – Insp Her Ation
18 Little Brother – Whatever You Say
19 Louis Logic – Idiot Gear
20 Cunninlynguists – Seasons

The year 2003 was a start of a nice little run, with all three of these years featured today having some gems in them. I actually included some tracks that, well, it’s not really my style, but you can’t dismiss the impact that 50 Cent and the 50 assisted “Magic Stick”. I didn’t include any 50 Cent up to now, and for a reason (I’m not the biggest 50 fan). Don’t get me wrong, I listened to some Fifty in 2002 and 2003, but it was never my favorite, more of a being around it kind of thing. I do like “21 Questions” for the record, although I would never have it on my own list. Jay-Z’s “Black Album,” dropped right before the end of the year, but “99 Problems” was my jam, and this was before it was released as single. Nas dropped a banger with “Made You Look”. Black Moon and Pitch Black both contributed some “real” hip hop. “Stay Real” used a familiar sample (not so familiar at the time) and got me hyped anytime I would listen. “It’s All Real,” the Pitch Black track, possessed a Primo beat that gave them a hit. Speaking of Primo, Da Ranjhaz dropped “Insp Her Ation,” which was a great song on a crappy album, again thanks to Primo. 2003 was also the year of OutKast, with their dual albums. I had one song from each, Dre and Big Boi, of course the two major singles. I can’t lie, “Hey Ya!” got me on the dance floor after a few drinks and “The Way You Move” could rattle any trunk, even from a mile away. Can’t forget the Jaylib titles either. Both “The Red” and “Filthy Mc Nasty” were incredible tracks (pre re release tracks). Trav’s favorite track of the year? Cunninlynguists “Seasons”. RJD2 did a top 20 beat and just the whole concept of the song is flawless.

Best of 2004

01 Masta Ace – Good Ole Love
02 Royce Da 5’9 – Hip Hop
03 Big Noyd – Louder Feat. Prodigy
04 Fabolous – Breathe
05 T.I. – Bring Em Out
06 Jay-Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
07 Kanye West – Through The Wire
08 Common feat Kanye West – Food
09 Mos Def – Sunshine
10 Foreign Exchange – Raw Life
11 Masta Ace – Beautiful
12 De La Soul – Rock Co.Kane Flow
13 Slum Village – Selfish
14 Little Brother – Sinners
15 Kenn Starr, Asheru, & Talib Kweli – If
16 Terror Squad – Lean Back
17 Westside Connection – Gangsta Nation
18 Beastie Boys – Ch-Check It Out
19 The Boulevard Connection – CpH Claimin’ Respect #2 feat Common, Ed OG & Masta Ace
20 Supastition – The Williams

The Two Double O Quad was a great year, even the so called “mainstream” tracks were full of energy and spunk. I was a big fan of both Fabolous’ “Breathe” and T.I.’s “Bring ‘Em Out”. With “Breathe” being produced by Just Blaze (who would be one of my top 5 producers of the decade), Fabolous showed that he could be a legit NYC MC when not washed over with desires to some mainstream darling. “Bring Em Out” was produced by Swizz Beatz, who I usually despise, but you can’t argue with the arena rocking beat hooked up on the song. ’04 was also the first time we saw Kanye as an MC. Love or hate his MC skills, he made songs that people talked about. “Through The Wire” caught enough attention that it launched him into platinum dreams and a head the size of Colorado. The infectious “Lean Back” from the Terror Squad rocked many a radio station.

Not to be outdone, the underground came correct. Masta Ace appears in three different tracks, two from his “A Long Hot Summer” release, “Beautiful” and “Good Ole Love”. Both were favorites of mine, naturally. Then the collaboration with a Danish(?) producer and Common and Ed O.G. flew under the radar, but is easily one of the best “collabo” tracks of the decade. Not sure if you’d call De La Soul “underground”, but they came with a classic track with a classic beat in the form of “Rock.CoKane Flow”. Jake One killed it, and for me, it’s the beat that probably sticks out the most in the decade. It’s worth the price of admission just to see them perform the song live. “Sinners” is probably an odd pick from Little Brother, and obviously it’s a personal choice, but the tale of good and bad is one that talked to me on a personal level. Royce Da 5’9 dropped the Primo assisted “Hip Hop”, and shows why that combination is among the best in hip hop.

Best of 2005

01 Kanye West – Gold Digger (Feat. Jamie Foxx)
02 The Game ft 50 Cent – Hate It Or Love It
03 Mobb Deep – Out Of Control
04 Fat Joe – The Incredible
05 Common – The Corner
06 Afu Ra – Sucka Free
07 Sean Price – Onion Head
08 Buckshot and 9th Wonder – Side Talk
09 Ol Dirty Bastard – Pop Shots
10 Jay Z – Dear Summer
11 AZ – The Come Up (Prod. DJ Premier)
12 One Be Lo – Decepticons (Pete Rock Remix)
13 Felt (Slug and Murs) – Morris Day
14 Emanon – Six Million Ways
15 Tonedeff – Porcelain
16 Little Brother – Beautiful Morning
17 Big Pooh – I Don’t Care
18 Supastition – Fountain of Youth
19 Kaze – 50-50 (Amp Remix)
20 Atmosphere – The Arrival (The Baby Farmer)

As we went into the last half of the decade, my internet days were in full swing, thanks mostly to downloading a ton of crap at work. We’ll just leave it at that. WYDU was born, although started off with a crawl as 50 hits in a day was a good thing. Musically and song wise, it slowed, ever so slightly, but some good albums were dropped. Probably the surprise track is “The Incredible” by Fat Joe. I’ve never been a Fat Joe fan, NEVER. But Just Blaze assisted “The Incredible” lives up to it’s name. Scratches, a fuzzy guitar sample and organs. What the hell else do you want? The Game shoots in with 50 Cent on “Hate It Or Love It”. I was never a fan of The Game, but you can’t argue with the addictiveness of the joint. Kanye West dropped an album that I pretty much hate to this day, but “Gold Digger” was on the radio anytime I turned it on (my CD player in my car was broke that year and I had a route job driving around). Jay-Z didn’t have an album in 2005, but he dropped the melodic “Dear Summer”, one of my all-time favorite Jay tracks.

Underground wise, we see 9th Wonder productions all over the place. Although this is where I see 9th hitting a creative wall, he did his thing with tracks from Kaze, (“50-50 Amp Remix“), and album and track with Buckshot (“Side Talk”), and still had time to do an album with his former group, Little Brother, which has “Good Morning” blessing us. 9th’s fellow JL member, Khrysis started getting notice, especially with “Onion Head”, by Sean Price and doing a bunch of tracks for Big Pooh’s solid album. From “Sleepers”, we have “I Don’t Care”. Also from North Carolina is Supastition and the “made for me” track, “Fountain of Youth”, which speaks to me even more now than it did 2005. Real hip hop for real heads. One Be Lo had a Pete Rock remix in “Deceptitcons”, this pairing should have happened a handful of more times since then. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, who passed away in 2004, released the posthumously track, “Pop Shots”, produced by none other than DJ Premier. RIP Dirty!

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