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BC’s Top 10, 40 – 2007

by BC on January 7, 2010

I found the list of top LP’s to be a easier, as there weren’t as many great albums as the previous 2 years, but the number of great songs from ’07 was overwhelming.

BC’s Top 10 LP’s of 2007

10) Mac Lethal – 11:11 – I saw Mac Lethal open for Atmosphere and bought this at his show solely based on the strength of his live performance and I wasn’t disappointed. There are some real good songs on here.

9) Camp Lo – Black Hollywood – I dig this album. I thought the vast majority of this album was solid and there are some great songs on here.

8) C-Rayz Walz and Sharkey – Monster Maker – I remember this getting luke warm reviews when it came out, but I really liked this pairing. It’s a bit different, but C-Rayz always is. Check it out if you haven’t.

7) Atmosphere – Sad Clown Bad Summer/Fall/Winter (3 EP’s) – If you put these 3 EP’s together, you have a great 15 track album. Add Sad Clown Bad Spring from 2008 and you have 20 dope songs from the band that never sleeps (who also released a full album for free download, Strictly Leakage, in 2007).

6) Busdriver – RoadKillOvercoat – This album is still in my rotation, not as much as in ‘07, but it has had staying power with me.

5) Lupe Fiasco – The Cool – Lupe’s follow-up isn’t as good as his classic debut album, but it holds it’s own. Hopefully, #3 won’t be his last as he has threatened.

4) El-P – I’ll Sleep When Your Dead – This one took me a while to get into and it just snuck up on me. It’s weird and great at the same time.

3) DJ Jazzy Jeff – The Return of the Magnificent – One of those dope producer albums. There are only about 2 tracks that aren’t that great. Other than those songs, this LP is full of great songs.

2) Pharoahe Monch – Desire – It fades a little at the end, but pound for pound, this is one of the best albums of the 2000’s and I can only hope that we don’t have to wait 8 years between every release from Monch.

1) Blu & Exile – Below the Heavens – This is a great pairing that provided a dope album. This LP is solid from beginning to end and I played it (for what seemed to be) non-stop for a months upon months.

BC’s Top 40 Songs of 2007

40) Rebirth – One Be Lo – A solid start to One Be Lo’s LP. I liked rebirth, but not as much as sonogram.

39) Road to Riches – Atmosphere (cuts by DJ Plain Ol’ Bill) – An ode to Kool G Rap and DJ Polo.

38) Gutterfly – Lifesavas w/ Camp Lo – A nice funky horn based track featuring Camp Lo.

37) Loss of Niche – C-Rayz Walz and Sharkey w/ Zooks – I love C-Rayz Walz, he’s clever as hell. My favorite line, “That’s why I’m still shining like Shelley Duvall.”

36) One Shine – Panacea – Just a real dope song from a so-so album.

35) For the Future – Marco Polo w/ Critically Acclaimed – Marco Polo ends Port Authority with one of his best beats.

34) Havin’ Thangs – Planet Asia – This is the kind of beat that I wish Asia would spit over more often. He’s a nice MC, but I haven’t really gotten into many of his albums. Anyway, this is a nice track.

33) The World Is (Below the Heavens…) – Blu & Exile – Just another nice track from Blu & Exile’s great album.

32) Come On – DJ Jazzy Jeff w/ Dave Ghetto – Tales from the hood. Dave Ghetto spits about trying to make something out of a bad situation.

31) Mash’s Revenge – Peanut Butter Wolf w/ MF DOOM, Guilty Simpson and J Dilla – I assume this song is at least partially produced by Dilla and the piano loop is ill. DOOM and Guilty Simpson handle the mic duties.

30) Mr. Mistake (Bested by the Whisper Chasm) – Busdriver – The chorus makes this song (who doesn’t feel like this sometimes?): I’ve got people to disappoint, I got mistakes to make. How can you believe that I’m not a waste of space. Oh I’m sorry to disappoint, I seldom save face. But how can I speak your language when I don’t know my own.

29) Valley of Death – Cunninlynguists – I was disappointed with Dirty Acres. I was so excited for this album, but it was just too mellow for me. Maybe I would have preferred this as an instrumental LP. The beats are nice, I just don’t know why this LP was a diappointment, other than it was too slow for me. Anyway, this song is nice.

28) Supa Jean – DJ Jazzy Jeff w/ Jean Grae – This LP is great and this is another top-notch beat from Jeff with some more of those clever Jean Grae verses.

27) Chase the Clouds Away – Evidence – The beat from The Alchemist is, well, happy and Evidence raps about, well, being happy. He helps an old lady cross the street and he even shares his girl with you. How very generous of the man.

26) Keep Off the Lawn – Aesop Rock – Aesop’s None Shall Pass was a nice LP, but the first 2 songs were the best to me. It takes 30-45 seconds before the beat kicks in, but when it does, it is a truly unique experience.

25) Calm Down Baby – Mac Lethal – A dope beat and Mac Lethal telling you his likes, dislikes and other random information. How’s that for some in-depth analysis?

24) Run the Numbers – El-P w/ Aesop Rock – Find those detonators! This LP (get it El-P) is on some space age stuff, so the lyrics are kind of sci-fi tinged.

23) Pain to the Picture – C-Rayz Walz and Sharkey ong> – C-Rayz kicking those crazy rhymes and I like the mixture of C-Rayz and Sharkey.

22) When the Gun Draws – Pharaohe Monch w/ Mr. Porter – Pharaohe’s anti-gun song were he speaks from the point of view of a bullet in the first verse and kicks some more anti-gun rhymes in the second.

21) Desire – Pharaohe Monch w/ Showtime – Even with an R&B hook, this song is dope.

20) Little Weapon – Lupe Fiasco w/ Bishop G and Nikki Jean – Lupe and gang dropping a song about violence among/from young people. Child soldiers in Africa and kids playing violent video games.

19) Second Chapter – Blue Scholars – I don’t know exactly how to explain this beat, which you can probably tell if you’ve read my lists, but it’s a phenomenal beat.

18) Take Me Home – Brother Ali – This is my favorite track from Ali’s The Undisputed Truth. Ant’s beat is a head nodder and Ali holds it down.

17) Body Baby – Pharaohe Monch – Man, Pharaohe’s LP had some bangers. Here’s another one.

16) Marquee – Marco Polo w/ O.C. – I love this beat and O.C. brings some fire.

15) Small Town U.S.A. – Foul Mouth Jerk w/ Masta Ace – Ace and FMJ speak about the dopeness of small towns and how they can get down as much as the city (plus a little shout out to Minnesota). A real nice song, but I have to admit that I haven’t heard anything else from Foul Mouth Jerk, but based on him putting MA on a track, I should support it. Let me know if it’s any good, if you’ve heard it.

14) Tasmanian Pain Coaster – El-P – It’s a slow build to a wonderfully odd and brilliant song.

13) So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’) – Blu & Exile – A real soulful beat featuring a M.O.P. sample, which is always a good idea.

12) Don’t Forget – Atmosphere – This beat is just great. Another dope piano loop and Slug speaks on some real life experiences from his youth.

11) Mr. Slow Flow/Mr. Slow Flow (remix) – Evidence – The hook enhances the greatness of the song. The remix featurs Mr. (original) Slow Flow himself, PMD, with Rakaa, and, well… Mr. Slow Flow, Evidence.

10) Opening Salvo – Blue Scholars - Another great beat, this one features a dope cello (bass?) and some great rhymes by Geologic.

9) Pushahoe – Camp Lo – I love this beat, it’s an old-school nod to Run DMC’s Peter Piper.

8) The Definition – DJ Jazzy Jeff w/ Kel Spencer – The piano laced scratch beat on this track is straight dope and Kel Spencer in niiiiice. He’s definitely an up-and-comer that I am looking forward to hearing more from.

7) Push – Pharaohe Monch w/ Showtime, Mela Machinko and Tower of Power – I had a hard time picking the best song from Desire and for now, it’s Push. It’s a funky, soulful beat.

6) The Troglodyte Wins – Busdriver – Mostly random lyrics from what I can tell, but with an obvious George W. Bush dis.

5) Practice – DJ Jazzy Jeff w/ J-Live – Probably the best beat on Return and the Allen Iverson sample is just classic. J-Live lets you know that his a better MC then you… and, chances are, he is. There aren’t too many better in my eyes.

4) Nostalgia – Marco Polo w/ Masta Ace – Marco’s beat and Ace’s lyrics create a classic joint. Extra points for the scratch heavy hook. Video (w/ cameos):

3) Show Me the Good Life – Blu & Exile w/ Aloe Blacc and Joseph – Blu talks about the pressure of providing for a child when he can hardly provide for himself. Aloe Blacc provides another solid verse as well. Exile’s beat is a damn good one.

2) Superstar – Lupe Fiasco w/ Matthew Santos – Verse 3 is just one of the best verses I’ve ever heard, The cadence and flow are just on point.

1) Sunshine – Atmosphere – A song about waking up hung over, but it’s so damn nice out, Slug just had to grab that 10 speed and get out there and enjoy Minneapolis.

Honorable Mentions:

Peyote – Atmosphere
Truth Is – Brother Ali
Between Earth and Sky – Panacea -
Mmmm… DROP! Any song that samples Ad-Rock’s patented Mmmm… Drop, can’t be all bad. I also dig the very whistle friendly beat.
NC to CA – Evidence w/ Defari, Joe Scudda and Big Pooh
Things You Do – Evidence
They All Get Mad at You – Atmosphere
The Old Style – Atmosphere (cuts by DJ Plain Ol’ Bill) -
An old-school track from Strictly Leakage.
Crewed Up – Atmosphere w/ Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright and Blueprint
Hold It Down – DJ Jazzy Jeff w/ Method Man
Smash – Polyrhythm Addicts -
One of those nice DJ Spinna beats and Shaabam, Complex and the gal that took over for Apani kick some battle type rhymes.
Up All Night – El-P
The Overly Dramatic Truth – El-P
Paper Planes – M.I.A. -
I debated this and decided to leave it off, but you have to admit, it’s a great song.
Jumping Off at the Jump Off – C-Rayz Walz and Sharkey
The Clinic – Lords of the Underground -
I liked this album, and I was a huge LOTUG fan back in the day (don‘t think too much since the debut has been that great), so I think that means something. This beat is dope.

I Love Hip Hop – Lords of the Underground
Hip-Hop Lives – KRS-One and Marley Marl
Fish Fillet – Sa-Ra w/ Pharoahe Monch -
Childish lyrics, but a funky song.
Double Up – Lifesavas
Let’s Go – Pharaohe Monch w/ Mela Machinko
Chedda – Big City -
A head nodding part beat and a mix of braggadocio and battle rhymes.
Posse From the Bronx – Camp Lo
My World Is… – Blu & Exile
Blu Colla Workers – Blu & Exile
Dump the Clip – Army of the Pharoahs -
The beat isn’t as great as I once thought it was. I think the sample makes the song (in whatever language it‘s in), along with Celph Titled.
Jihad! – Mac Lethal - Mac Lethal hates Boulevard beer, Applebees and other corporate sell outs. All hail George Carlin!
Pound That Beer - Mac Lethal – Here’s that beer drinking anthem you’ve been looking for. The LP version can’t quite match the energy of the live version, but it comes pretty close.
Make-Out Bandit – Mac Lethal
The Coolest – Lupe Fiasco
Church – Sean P w/ Rock and Loudmouf Choir

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Commish CH January 7, 2010 at 7:04 pm

Nice list brah, but no Aesop Rock or Sean Price! The horror! Really grown on Senim Silla's joint from 07 too.

Love that Jean Grae and "Practice" joint on Jazzy Jeff.

The El-P intro with the Twin Peaks sample is just ill.

Court January 8, 2010 at 2:00 am

All those Jazzy Jeff tracks and no mention of Jeff and Fess? Easily my favorite track off the album.

BC January 8, 2010 at 3:43 am

CH – I had one Aesop Rock song in my top 40 songs and that Sean P was something I liked a lot when I first got it, but I just didn't like it as much as everything else. I never did get that Senim Silla LP, but I heard good things. I couldn't find it and I like to have physical copies, so I might need to order online.

I loved that whole Jazzy Jeff LP. Court – I think that was my 7th or 8th favorite track on that LP, which doesn't mean at all that it's bad. I justy like the other songs I listed better.

Travis January 8, 2010 at 4:58 am

We had a few of the same songs for sure. You get into some of that "weird" stuff, bus driver and Sharkey…lol…all good though.

I got a promo copy of that Foul Mouth Jerk, it's actually not that bad of an album (even though he did stand me up for an interview here in town). I can send it to you. Not much mentions of it on the net though. hell I even forgot about it when I did that Masta Ace collection earlier this summer

BC January 8, 2010 at 4:37 pm

Ha! Yeah, I think I am making up for being so rigid in the 90's about things that were a little different. I was skeptical about The Roots when they came on the scene because they played instruments, that was too weird for me, not hardcore enough (Stetsasonic too, they were too ahead of their time). I've opened my mind up (I learned that from Busdriver). :)

Just wait until you see one of my top 5 of '09, I think I'll catch hell for that one.

Yeah, I'd like to check that FMJ out. I try to support anyone that puts Ace on a record. But, I wouldn't have known about it if you didn't mention it on WYDU previously. Same w/ Play Hard, I need to check out those Sloppy Seconds LP's.

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