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Bloggerhouse & WYDU Present the Decade In Review: Favorite Tracks 06-08

by Travis on January 8, 2010

As we wrap up our review of the double zero zero’s and get ready to say goodbye to 2009 (we are always a little late around here), we cover the last three years, 2006-2008. These past three years will probably go down in history as the year of the blogs. Let’s face it you, you are reading this, so you had some help in this. Good and bad, the blogs and online in general became the new “streets”. We were influential on many fronts and many artists, hell, we even coined the term Blogger rapper. Cats like Drake, Mickey Factz, Blu, Kid Cudi, all got major pushes from the bloggers (I’m sorry, except for Blu). The whole explosion made it easy for artists to promote their music, which in turn made for more bedroom rappers, which in turn made for a lot more music, which in turn made for a lot of mediocre music. You get the picture. Like I said, it’s good and bad on all fronts.

We could debate it all day, and being an old school myself at heart, I have mixed views on it. I have more music from ’08 and ’09 than I do than the rest of the decade combined. I got so far behind on listening to music this year, that I might as well just gave up trying to keep up. But all that digging is worth it, you never know when you might run into that Archetype, which I found in ’07, or Poorly Drawn People which was another group that I discovered thanks to the internet these last few years. Yes, the game is forever changed, and 06-08 are hold a great key to that whole change. Whether it’s good or bad is something that I have a feeling will be debated even ten years from now. Until then though, we look back and find some great music was released in the time period, especially ’07, which is in the running for my favorite year in hip hop.

WYDU’s Favorite Tracks of 2006

01 Royce Da 5’9 – Ding!
02 Pete Rock & Grap Luva – Revenge
03 Busta Rhymes – You Can’t Hold The Torch (Feat. Q-Tip & Chauncey Black)
04 Cunninlynguists – Beautiful Girl
05 J Dilla – E=MC2 Featuring Common
06 Rhymefest – Dynomite (Going Postal)
07 Obie Trice – Wanna Know
08 Oh No feat Pos – Smile a Lil Bit
09 Nas – The N
10 J Dilla – Love Featuring Pharoahe Monch
11 AZ – The Format
12 Jay-Z – Lost Ones
13 J Dilla – So Far To Go (Featuring Common & D’Angelo)
14 Lone Catalyst – One’s We Miss
15 Ghostface – You Know I’m No Good
16 eMC – Four Brothers
17 Little Brother – Life of the Party
18 Blaq Poet – Bang Dis
19 Termanology – Watch How It Go Down
20 Krs-One – When I’m On The Mic

The funny thing is, I’m looking at this list of songs (which first appeared back in Jan of 2007) and nothing really sticks out to me today. I mean, yeah, obviously I liked this collection of songs and still do, only a few really stick out as “personal classics”. One such track would be Busta’s “You Can’t Hold The Torch”. One of my guilty pleasures of 2006 was Busta’s “The Big Bang”, and this track was one of the main reasons. I remember playing it over and over, as the Native Tongue like vibes, mellowly played through the speakers. The oft-forgotten eMC track, “4 Brothers”, comes in toward the end, but I think it’d probably be higher today. The beat is simple, yet infectious and all four emcees do their thing. With the year ’06 being the first year I heard of Rhymefest, with all the “Jesus Walks” (fake) drama, he demonstrated why he should be considered one of the best emcees of the decade with “Dynomite (Going Postal)”. For me, Nas always released his best music that wasn’t on the album. That happened again when he dropped “The N”, a track that sees Nas being the Nas we all know and love over a loud, horn filled track. The Oh No/Pos collaboration brings out the best in both artists. Oh No’s beat sounds like something that could have been on “De La Soul is Dead”, and Pos drops some insightful lines, demonstrating why De La and Pos are my favorites in the hip hop culture. Then of course we have three tracks from J Dilla’s “The Shining” album, which I obviously loved. Dilla always brought out the best in Common IMO, and it shows with “E=MC2″, a track that I played constantly that year. There is also “So Far To Go”, which is on some “Electric Circus”/Soulaquarians vibe, but it works well. Pharaohe Monch and Dilla connect on “Love”, a bouncy groovy song that gets the head noddin’, and Monch rides the beat with ease and brings a smile to the hardest hardrock. No excuses for the “You Know I’m No Good” track, except it was before we all knew that Amy Winehouse was a boozing, crack head that she has exposed herself as being. I love the beat and Ghost sounds right at home over the whole thing. The top track of the year in my opinion though, was the Primo assisted “Ding!” from Royce. It’s tracks like this that make me pray each night before bed that we’ll get a Primo PRODUCED album from Royce. Maybe next year?

The Best of 2007 (Back Up Link)

01 Marco Polo feat Masta Ace – Nostalgia
02 Nas – Can`t Forget About You
03 Cunninlynguists (feat. Phonte & Witchdoctor) – Yellow Lines
04 Blue & Exile – So(ul) Amazin (Steel Blazin’)
05 Royce Da 5’9 – Hit ‘Em
06 eMC- What It Stand For
07 Evidence – Mr. Slow Flow
08 Kanye West feat T-Pain – Good Life
09 Blu & Exile – Simply Amazin’
10 Buff1 – Pretty Baby
11 Juggaknots – Leon Phelps
12 Marco Polo feat O.C. – Marquee
13 Archetype – Keep It Comin’
14 Blu & Exile – No Greater Love
15 Common – The Game
16 The Smile Rays feat Akrobatic – Smilin’ On You
17 Blue Scholars – Still Got Love
18 Atmosphere – Sunshine
19 Archetype – I’ll Be Honored
20 Blue Scholars – Second Chapter

The year 2007 was obviously dominated by a select few albums, all of which had two and even three tracks on the original list that appeared in Jan of 2008. First, there was my personal classic and probably my favorite album that I received as a promo the whole decade. Archetype, a duo from Kansas, had two tracks on the final list. Both “Keep It Comin’” and “I’ll Be Honored”, are great tracks that shine the light on the group’s talents. Blue Scholars got a lot of play from in me in ’07 and that shows, since even the album’s “intro” made the list in the form of “Second Chapter”. “Still Got Love” was a great topic from the duo, since I’ve dealt with my share of “snakes”, I still got love for ya! Then of course the number one album of the year, “Below The Heavens”, from Blu & Exile had a whopping three tracks. “So(ul) Amazing”, “Simply Amazin”, and “No Greater Love”, exemplify why “Below The Heavens” is among my favorite albums of the year (now if I could only find a copy of it somewhere). A couple tracks that actually came from 2006 show up as well. The first, Nas with “Can’t Forget About You” actually did drop as a single in 2007, and that’s when I really got into it, so it stays. Juggaknots dropped “Use Your Confusion” in October of 2006. My dumbass didn’t listen to it until late December/early January, so I’m making an exception and putting the dope track, “Leon Phelps” in with the collection. In the end, there are soooo many great songs in this top 20, that I’m not sure it’d change much if I was to reorder it. Of course the number would still remain “Nostalgia”, from Marco Polo’s “Port Authority” LP featuring none other than Masta Ace. This song would be in the top three of my favorite tracks of 2007. Classic….

The Best of 2008

01 The P Brothers – Outta Control (ft. Roc Marciano)
02 1773 – Sounds of Life
03 Ludacris – MVP
04 Has Lo – The Quiet Things
05 The Grouch – Artsy
06 Tha Connection – Take It Higher (Revamped)
07 Baje One – Mission Statement
08 Shawn Jackson – Fix Ya Face
09 Castor Pollux – 1979
10 Praverb – The King
11 eMC – Leak It Out
12 Amad Jamal – Goin’ Postal
13 DJ K.O. – Ladder of Success (feat. Phonte, Wordsworth, K-Hill, Masta Ace)
14 Fat Joe – That White
15 Jake One – Kissin The Curb (feat. Bishop Lamont and Busta Rhymes)
16 All Natural – The All
17 Mr. Green & Pacewon – Children Sing
18 Black Milk – Hold It Down
19 Zilla Rocca – Flow God Zilla
20 Storm Davis feat. Ams Uno & Prolyphic – Fatbackburners

It what seems like yesterday, our 2008 year end appeared last January 13th (so at least I’m not too far behind last year’s pace) in which we dropped our top 25. All these tracks should be fairly fresh in everyone’s subconscious and of course the list contains my own tastes directly influencing it. Artists like Has-Lo who remains on the up and up, but not yet on the radar’s of a lot of the spoon feed rap consumers popped up with his somber “The Quiet Things”. Another WYDU favorite in Storm Davis dropped “Fatbackburners”, a fuzzy guitar inspired track that makes me want to punch a whole through a wall. The same vibe is also found on Zilla Rocca’s “Flow God Zilla”, that uses the same energy as the previously mentioned track. Cator Pollux, yet another WYDU favorite, made himself known with the extremely ill “1979″, a track that I play almost weekly to this day. All Natural’s “The All” was another “holier than thou, fire and brimstone, smack a hooker in the snot box” type of track as well. Even more mainstream artists such as Ludacris got their music on the illustrious WYDU list with the Primo beat on “M.V.P”. Jake One enlisted Busta and Bishop Lamont for “Kiss the Curb”, but it was the beat that stole the show, or at least matched Busta’s
intensity. The best track of the year went to The P Brothers and “Outta Control”, which featured Roc Marcio. Straight up hip hop in all it’s goodness, the bass line and drums get my headin’ noddin’ every time I hear it.

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jrrider January 9, 2010 at 3:20 am

Damn still no gangsta rap made do it? I figured with three of you, you would have figured out besides MVP this is the dopest track and not to mention video of '08:

Ice Cube – Gangsta rap made me do it

Oh well maybe slaughtahouse will get in your guys best of '09

hanck January 10, 2010 at 9:56 am

Travis, thanks for all!
the link of best of 2007 don't run.

Travis January 10, 2010 at 8:34 pm

It was working for me, but it was being a little sluggish. I posted a rapidshare link just in case.

Travis January 10, 2010 at 8:37 pm

Jr, admittedly, my gangsta rap listening days are pretty much no more. If I want to hear gangsta rap, I go back to the oldies. I did like that Cube album for the most part. I only listened to it because a buddy of mine played it non stop for three days when he came to town to visit me. Besides, there was a westside connection song in there somewhere…hahaha

Congrats on your cowgirls winning yesterday. I hope to see them lose next week though.

hanck January 10, 2010 at 11:16 pm


jrrider January 10, 2010 at 11:42 pm

I don't bump too much gangsta rap myself and I think the title of the song is misleading. The song is about Cube getting back to his storytelling and fresh ass lines after a couple of lackluster albums. Dude brings classic lines like:

You lookin at the grand wizard / warlord vocal chord so vicious /
And I don't have to show riches to pull up pull off with some bad bitches / And it ain't about chivalry / It's about dope lyrics and delivery / It's about my persona ain't nothing like a man that can do wha he wanna

Thank God when I bless the mic /
You finally get to hear the shit that you like

Overall the album was average but the track is outstanding. A throwback to his america's most and Death certificate days. Cube back on top of his game after all of these years.

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