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BC’s Top 10, 60 – 2008

by BC on January 11, 2010

I was able to find a ton of real good music from 2008 and I ended up expanding my list of top songs to 60.

BC’s Top 10 LP’s of 2008

10) Substantial – Sacrifice – The last 2 LP’s on this list were hard to come up with. Substantial’s Sacrafice was a good album, but a little inconsistent. But, overall, well worth the purchase.

9) Guilty Simpson – Ode to the Ghetto – Guilty Simpson has a dope flow and the beats on this album are a little different then other albums, and that makes for a nice LP.

8) The Mighty Underdogs – Droppin’ Science Fiction – I didn’t get into this LP until this year, but I’m glad I gave it another chance.

7) EMC – The Show – It’s not entirely unsuitable, but it’s a real nice collabo from 4 dope MC’s, including one of the greats, Masta Ace.

6) Nicolay & Kay – Time:Line – There are a couple songs that I don’t really dig, but there are some real great songs on here.

5) Shawn Jackson – First of All – I’m looking forward to hearing more from Shawn Jackson. If you haven’t heard of this LP, please check it out.

4) J-Live – Then What Happened? – This is a real solid album from J-Live, as usual.

3) The Roots – Rising Down – Another classic from the great Roots crew.

2) Q-Tip – The Renaissance – I was impressed on how good this album was and I was glad that it lived up to the greatness of Q-Tip.

1) Atmosphere – When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold – They just keep getting better and better. This album features great beats from Ant and Slug kicking those deep lyrics.

Honorable Mentions:

Dagha – The Divorce, Jake One – White Van Music, Akrobatik – Absolute Value, EPMD – We Mean Business, The Knux – Remind Me In Three Days…, Heltah Skeltah – D.I.R.T., Reks – Grey Hairs, Black Milk – Tronic, Jedi Mind Tricks – A History of Violence

And, because there were a lot of LP’s that I just didn’t get into (yet), here are the LP’s that I didn’t give a fair shot to: GZA – Pro Tools, Almighty – Original S.I.N., Johnson & Jonson. I fully expect to get back to these in the near future, but the decade ran out before they got their fair shot.

BC’s Top 60 Songs of 2008

60) As the Wheel Turns – Nicolay & Kay

59) Wild Wild Horses – Atmosphere

58) Cappuccino – The Knux

57) Listen Up – EPMD – EPMD’s last LP was pretty good, even if they recycled old funk beats. Here’s another funk track.

56) Deathbed Doctrine – Jedi Mind Tricks – A great hardcore track with some cutting and Jus Allah is back.

55) Shaka – Q-Tip – A dope song that ends a dope album.

54) Everything – Murs – Who would have thought a song using a James Blunt sample would be good? But, it is and Blunt has actually grown on me.

53) Laughing At You – The Mighty Underdogs – A cool song that uses laughter as part of the beat.

52) Drinks Up! – Madlib w. Frank-N-Dank

51) The Zone – J-Live w/ Chali 2na – A up tempo party track with the former Jurassic 5 MC, known for his crazy deep voice.

50) Go! – Madlib w/ Guilty Simpson

49) Robbery – Guilty Simpson

48) I’m Coming – Jake One w/ Black Milk and Nottz – I love this beat.

47) Da Beginning of Da End – Heltah Skeltah

46) Losing Out – Black Milk w/ Royce Da 5’9”

45) Blizzard – Nicolay & Kay

44) Butcher Knife Bloodbath – Jedi Mind Tricks – This is another example of what Stoupe can do on a beat. Just a cool beat.

43) Intro: The Formula – 9th Wonder and Buckshot – I didn’t really get into the LP, but I really dig this song.

42) We Fight-We Love – Q-Tip w/ Raphael Saadiq

41) Say Goodnight – Reks
– A real nice beat from DJ Premier and some hardcore mic work from Reks.

40) Black Hell Breaks Loose – Akrobatik w/ Therapy and Willie Evans

39) We Alright – EMC

38) Bang! Bang! – The Knux – The Knux showed some real potential on their debut LP.

37) Resurrection of the House Party – Substantial – A party starter.

36) Bac Stabbers – EPMD – This is one of the better songs from the last EPMD effort.

35) Road is My Religion – Murs – Murs’ ode to touring.

34) Yesterday – Atmosphere – A deep song from Slug and Ant (surprise!). Slug thinks he’s just seen someone from his past, but realizes that it can’t be that person.

33) Official – Q-Tip

32) Get ‘Er Done – Jake One w/ DOOM
– This is the closest I will ever come to liking Larry the Cable Guy.

31) Criminal – The Roots w/Truck North and Saigon

30) Cliché – Dagha
– Dagha spits out a bunch of clichés and puns on a nice track.

29) The American Dream – Guilty Simpson

28) The Grudge – EMC
– The fells from EMC speak on some people that wronged them in the past and the grudges they’ve held.

27) Labor Pains – Substantial – I’m a sucker for those “9 to 5 cube jobs suck” songs. I guess it’s because I can relate to that.

26) Devil’s Work – Dagha – When this beat kicks in I just start nodding my head. I could just listen to the first 10-20 seconds on a loop over and over again.

25) Grey Hairs – Reks

24) Git Sum – EMC w/ Sean Price
– This was one of the nicer beats on The Show.

23) Feelin’ Jack – Shawn Jackson

22) Get Busy – The Roots w/ Dice Raw and Peedi Pedi
– All three MC’s on this track come with heat.

21) Puppets – Atmosphere – This song comes in nice and slow and kicks into a harder track about half way through.

20) Oh Really – Jake One w/ Posdnuos and Slug – It’s a real short track, but it’s nice to hear these 2 MC’s together on the same track.

19) You Out There – J-Live – A real nice song and a nice way for J-Live to end his last LP.

18) Dreamer – Atmosphere – The story of a lady struggling through life and a deadbeat boyfriend/father.

17) Hands in the Air – The Mighty Underdogs – Do you remember Velemints? I just wish this song was longer.

16) Life Is Better – Q-Tip w/ Norah Jones – This is almost a Norah Jones song, but it’s a real nice song. And, Norah Jones seems like a cool lady because she likes Evil Dead. Yes, that is what I base my opinion of Norah Jones on.

15) Not Another Day – Atmosphere – This is a great song from their Sad Clown Bad Spring EP.

14) I Must Love You – Guilty Simpson – And, I love this song.

13) The Understanding – J-Live – Just a great song with a great use of a Jeru the Damaja sample.

12) UFC (remix) – The Mighty Underdogs

11) Painting – Atmosphere

10) The Gunshot – Nicolay & Kay – This is my favorite song from the Nicolay and Kay collaboration.

9) The Wake Up Call – Substantial

8) Fix Ya Face – Shawn Jackson
– The best song on a nice album from up-and-comer Shawn Jackson.

7) It Don’t Stop – J-Live – One of those perfect examples of great hip-hop from J-Live.

6) Royal Flush – Big Boi w/ Andre 3000 and Raekwon – A read somewhere that this song contains one of the best uses of a tuba in a song. Just thought I’d share that.

5) MVP – Ludicris – The only song by Luda that I actually like. He always drops some great guest verses on other people’s albums, but his own music is boring and clichéd. It helps that he got a dope Premo beat to rock over.

4) Rising Down – The Roots w/ Mos Def and Styles P – The beat is great and all three MC’s kick some lyrics that make your motor go ‘skur’.

3) Better Than the Best – Murs – For some reason this wasn’t on Murs’ major label debut. This song got my pumped for the Murs release, and although it wasn’t a classic, there were some good songs on there (first half was great, 2nd half was awful). The sample of The Four Tops’ I Can’t Help Myself works and Murs is more than happy to tell you why he‘s the best.

2) Won’t Trade – Q-Tip – Real nice use of some old school R&B samples.

1) You – Atmosphere – I could never have thought in the 90’s that a song about a waitress could be so good.

Honorable Mentions:

Happymess – Atmosphere
Rising Up – The Roots w/ Wale and Chrisette Michele

Everything is Heltah Skeltah
What Up Man – The Cool Kids
Soul Glo – Akrobatik
ILL Vacation – The Mighty Underdogs
Backstage – Shawn Jackson
Lookin’ Fly – Murs -
Ill Kill Bill sample.
The One – Reks
The Train – The Knux
Johnny Is Dead – Q-Tip
The Show – EMC w/ Ladybug Mecca
Make It Better – EMC
One To 31 – J-Live
Time: Line – Nicolay & Kay
Grand Theft Auto – Nicolay & Kay
Long Story Short – Black Milk
Actin’ Up – EPMD w/ Tre and Vic D.
Me – Atmosphere
Shoulda Known – Atmosphere
Scared – Jake One w/ Blueprint
Trap Door – Jake One w/ DOOM
Ratrace – Madlib w/ Murs

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