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Dart’s 12 More Most Played For The Week AKA It’s Been A Really Busy Week

by Staff on January 16, 2010

Yeah…didn’t I just do one of these? Here’s the thing. I tend to immerse myself in new music so I often have a gang of stuff I’m listening to or perusing at a given time. That will be made painfully obvious in about 5 minutes real time as I have (at least) 12 new items to put my fellow Bloggerhouse readers up on in the following post. I’ll try to make this one quick and painless (something I’m terrible at…remember Poisonous Paragraphs? See how long winded I’m getting while doing this “short” intro paragraph?), let’s get into it:

1. Marv Won “Wayne Fontes Music

Marv Won has about three albums worth of music and he stays making more. This dude should be a household name by now. Hex Murda got a hold of him and asked him “What you waitin’ on?”. Houseshoes hit him on up on the cell & said “What you waitin’ on?”. The result? Marv Won’s “Way On The Won” and the completely ridiculous Wayne Fontes Music”. The whole jawn. From the intro all the way to “Ways To Go”. It’s really fuckin’ good © Barry from Championship Vinyl

2. Tanya Morgan “The Make Believer” (prod. by SMKA)

This song makes me wanna clothesline a motorcycle cop then get away by doing a gang of parkour & free running through Boston on some “Section B13″ shit. SMKA’s project drops this Monday so look for it. Don’t sleep.

3. Joe Budden “Keep On” (prod. by J. Cardim)

My boy J. Cardim crafted yet another banger for Joey, you think maybe J. Cardim & WMS The Sultan should be handling the bulk of the new “Mood Music”? I certainly think they should be. “The Great Escape” will drop on Amalgam Digital later this year. Be on the lookout.

4. D-Wirks (D. Schwartz & Beewirks) “Foot On The Gas” (prod. by Beewirks)

Goddamn! I say “Goddamn!” © Mia Wallace. You haven’t heard this? You didn’t hear D. Schwartz “Derek Operation” mixtape from last year? Or Beewirks production for Young Jeezy & Cam’ron? Just listen to this & prepare for the carnage that’s to come when the full project drops.

5. Freeway & Jake One “She Makes Me Feel Alright” (prod. by Jake One)

I can wait until February 16th to hear this whole album. No, seriously. I can. I’m not gonna hassle my peoples at Rhymesayers Entertainment to make sure they’ll be sending me an advance copy. It’ll probably show up in the mail any day now. Yep. It’s probably gonna show up some time in the next couple of weeks…*Begins scratching self & nodding off*

6. Joell Ortiz & Novel “Like I Know

Joell Ortiz & Novel’s upcoming mixtape “Defying The Predictable” is going to drop soon. Then comes the Joell Ortiz project “Free Agent”. Then Novel will drop something else ridiculous. It’s all a vicious cycle that repeats itself over and over again…

7. The Away Team (Sean Boog & Khrysis) f/9thmatic “Fire It Up” (prod. by Eric G)

The Away Team. 9th Wonder on the mic. Eric G behind the boards. Certified heat rock. Stop sleeping on the Away Team. Stop sleeping on Khrysis’ mic skills. Stop sleeping on Eric G’s beats. I stay woke © Erykah Badu & Georgia Anne Muldrow

8. Lupe Fiasco “I’m Beaming” (prod. by The Neptunes)

I’m not a huge fan of the beat but Lupe’s lyrics and flow make it a jam. I’m not head over heels about this track because I expect more and better from Lupe on “Lasers”. Moving on.. © Katt Williams

9. Rhymefest f/Little Brother “How High”

Apparently, Rhymefest’s long awaited opus “El Che” has finally been finished & mastered. It will be dropping in 2010 and according to those that heard it they say it’s his best and most concise work to date. “Blue Collar” was pretty damn good so I can’t wait to hear the finished product.

10. Jean Grae f/Styles P & Talib Kweli “Rock In The Pocket” (prod. by Ski)

Jean Grae. “Cake Or Death”. It’s coming soon. Jean Grae is one of my favorite emcees period. She’s not “great for a female”, she’s just great period. Jean, I hope your reading this. If you are then please make sure someone from Blacksmith sends me an advance. Seriously. *Scratches self & nods off*

11. Medina Green f/Mos Def “Party Done”

I remember back when Medina Green recorded that one off for Rawkus. Then they contributed “I See” to Tommy Boy’s Black Label. Then they got a deal on Mammoth Records for the Medina Green LP that never saw the light of day. Next, Jashiya Illson is dropping mixtapes with some Medina Green tracks on ‘em. Now, it looks like we’ll finally see a Medina Green LP in 2010. Better late than never.

12. NBS “Numbers” (prod. OBS)

Boston & Cambridge’s own NBS are easily one of the most underrated duos in Hip Hop. I’m not talking about just MA or New England, I mean PERIOD. E-Flash & V Knuckles murder this track and I can’t wait to hear the finished upcoming LP dropping later on this year.

Bonus D/L’s Of The Week: J-Live’s Do The Knowledge (The Late Pass) Mixtape & Anon & Moonsatellite’s “L’Ete Noir (Free LP)


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Tim January 17, 2010 at 3:37 am

Oh shit – I just moved house and got internet access for the first time in a month. I have a lot of music to catch up on. There’s a Freeway/Jake One album dropping? I’m out of the loop…

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