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DJ Dyllemma & DJ Sav One – "Coming Up In '09" (Mixtape)

by Eric C. on January 18, 2010

DJ Dyllemma & I (DJ Sav One) put together over 65 tracks from some of our favorite MCs, who were either on the come-up or established MCs still putting out quality hip-hop in ’09. For the people who feel like there weren’t enough solid releases last year (I obviously disagree), this mix should fill in the gaps for some of the tracks you may have overlooked. If you’ve visited my site, TheUnderGroundComeUp, or checked out our previous mixtape, “Future Classics & Past Rarities,” you know the types of artists that we support & that these mixes are meant to sound real live, so expect scratching, cutting & a “live from the basement” feel throughout. Feedback is greatly appreciated & please share this mixtape freely. The download folder contains individual files, a full tracklist, coverart, & contact info – hit me up anytime ~ DJ SAV ONE.

Get it HERE

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DJ_SAV_ONE January 19, 2010 at 2:35 am

Been getting mixed responses on whether or not the mediafire linkS have been working, so just in case that doesn’t work for anyone who checks this, here is an additional option, which I think might work:

Thanks for supporting this mix – definitely appreciate any feedback. Peace & Respect,

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