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The Plexiglass Fountain – Left of the Scenery

by Travis on February 1, 2010

1. Anti-Matter 04:12
2. Rational Geographic 02:47
3. Chase the wind 03:51
4. Time featuring Ella 03:57
5. Buggin out Part 3 03:35
6. Mine 03:51
7. Rainbow in my Tearz featuring DJ Addikt 04:25
8. What you wanna do? 03:45
9. Carbon-14 featuring Cause and Mally 03:46
10. The Sponsorz featuring DJ Addikt 03:28
11. What I’m After is………… 04:46
12. True 03:48
13. Still Life ( interlude ) 01:21
14. Caged beauty 03:22
15. Neighborhood Skecth Artist 03:06
16. Another Candle 04:05
17. Love/War 03:53

This album has been floating around on the internet since December. In typical WYDU fashion, we are bit late, but also in typical WYDU fashion, I wouldn’t be posting this if I wasn’t feeling it. Plexiglass Fountain is Tokyo Cigar (who has been featured numerous times on WYDU) and (new to me) Cyclops. Cyclops is quite nice on the mic, I might have to check out some of his previous works. You know what to expect from Tokyo, bangin’ beats and of course he holds it down on the mic as well. The album is a little deeper than your average hip hop opus, so it takes some listens to “get it”, but that to me, isn’t a bad thing. So check out Kevin Nottingham’s “Best Freed Download Album of 2009″, Plexiglass Fountain’s Left of the Scenery.

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