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New E The Real EP "Headlock"

by Travis on February 2, 2010

Today we have the privilege to feature one of my personal favorites. My man Ethereal Plains aka E The Real, is dropping a free EP, Headlock, today on his new Kinda Dusty website.

For those of you that read WYDU on the regular, you will be familiar with E The Real, maybe as part of the Nite People and the Social Light Sounds collective. He has since moved onto other projects, but the skill and talent is still as prevalent. I’ve been a long time fan of his work, so naturally I support anything he drops.

The new EP, Headlock, is a bit different from some of his previous works. It honestly took me a few listens to get used to the sound, which is based in the drum and bass works of the producer the Remix Villian, but once I did, I can appreciate the EP that much more as a daring and creative piece of work it is. It’s not for those that are monotonous in their listening habits, but for those of you with an open mind to music in general, this is well worth the download….. And we have an interview with him today on WYDU, so feel free to check for that as well - Trav




E The Real & Remix Villain Present: Headlock

“Headlock” is a five song EP which is entirely produced, mixed and arranged by Remix Villain. All the vocals were performed by myself except for “Vengeance”, which features my friend Alanna, who is the former lead singer for the Boston based group Medicated Kisses. Remix Villain and I linked up a couple years ago in Cambridge, MA and recording all these songs. RV has an electronica/ drum and bass background. This was my first time collaborating on a project with a non Hip Hop producer. Luckily it was an easy transition since the beats were on point. What I love about these songs is that they are completely different from anything I have ever recorded. It was challenging to experiment with new sounds and styles but I feel this experience made me a stronger writer and performer.

My good friend Richard Tibbetts III created the amazing collage for the front cover. The heavy political imagery was a perfect match. There is a political aspect to this project because it was conceived during the Bush era. I don’t consider myself a political person or artist, but during these sessions RV brought out a new side of me. Even though the Bush era is over, I feel some of the subjects I touched on are still relevant. War, corruption, corporate abuse, social injustices, these are all realities that we can all identify with no matter who is in office.

- E The Real Plains

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Eric February 2, 2010 at 8:29 am

yeah, this cat is dope..dug his last ep

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