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New E The Real EP "Headlock" & Interview

by Travis on February 2, 2010

Today we have the privilege to feature one of the WYDU favorites. My man Ethereal Plains aka E The Real, is dropping a free EP, Headlock, today on his new Kinda Dusty website.

For those of you that have been reading WYDU, you will be familiar with E The Real, maybe as part of the Nite People and the Social Light Sounds collective. He has since moved onto other projects, but the skill and talent is still as prevalent. I’ve been a long time fan of his work, so naturally I support anything he drops.

The new EP, Headlock, is a bit different from some of his previous works. It honestly took me a few listens to get used to the sound, which is based in the drum and bass works of the producer the Remix Villian, but once I did, I can appreciate the EP that much more as a daring and creative piece of work it is. It’s not for those that are monotonous in their listening habits, but for those of you with an open mind to music in general, this is well worth the download….. - Trav




E The Real & Remix Villain Present: Headlock

“Headlock” is a five song EP which is entirely produced, mixed and arranged by Remix Villain. All the vocals were performed by myself except for “Vengeance”, which features my friend Alanna, who is the former lead singer for the Boston based group Medicated Kisses. Remix Villain and I linked up a couple years ago in Cambridge, MA and recording all these songs. RV has an electronica/ drum and bass background. This was my first time collaborating on a project with a non Hip Hop producer. Luckily it was an easy transition since the beats were on point. What I love about these songs is that they are completely different from anything I have ever recorded. It was challenging to experiment with new sounds and styles but I feel this experience made me a stronger writer and performer.

My good friend Richard Tibbetts III created the amazing collage for the front cover. The heavy political imagery was a perfect match. There is a political aspect to this project because it was conceived during the Bush era. I don’t consider myself a political person or artist, but during these sessions RV brought out a new side of me. Even though the Bush era is over, I feel some of the subjects I touched on are still relevant. War, corruption, corporate abuse, social injustices, these are all realities that we can all identify with no matter who is in office.

- E The Real Plains

WYDU: What’s good man, how’s life since we last talked?

EtheReal: In the words of Voroul Mega, “Life’s ill, sometimes life might kill” but I’m still standing.

W: How about a quicker reminder of who you are for the readers?

E: My name is EtheReal Plains but many call me E The Real because it’s simple and plain. I am what the kids call a “rapper” and I’m coming straight out of Boston.

W: So a lot has changed since we last spoke. You recently split with Social Light Sounds and started Kinda Dusty. Without going into the specifics of the split, why was the move made?

E: I reached a point where I didn’t have the freedom to work on music with the people I wanted to work with. My work ethic is very intense and Kinda Dusty is an environment where I can do my thing without any restrictions.

W: As mentioned, you started Kinda Dusty, can you kind of explain what that is and who it consists of?

E: Kinda Dusty is an artist collective from Massachusetts. Emcees, Producers, DJ’s, Graphic Artists, Engineers, etc. It consists of Paul Mighty, DJ Manipulator, Spit Supreme, Skivi B, and myself. We all work together as a support system to promote each other’s music with the goal to reach a larger audience.

W: Let’s talk about the new project, Headlock, it’s with Remix Villain, how did you two hook up?

E: We met back in 06-07 in Boston. RV was looking to work with an Emcee on some material he had produced. He had a lot of interesting ideas he pitched to me and I was up for the challenge.

W: The EP consists of a different sound from what’s found on your earlier projects. Why the change in the sound? Why the drum and bass influence?

E: We both come from two different music backgrounds which is what attracted me to this project. I’m from the Hip Hop world and Remix Villain is from the Drum and Bass/ Electronic world. Sometimes it’s good to get away from what your used to and try something new. This isn’t a permanent change in sound for me, it’s more of an experiment. There is an Electronic element in the music, but it’s still Hip Hop. I don’t even listen to Electronic or Drum and Bass music but I respect it. Good music is g
ood music regardless of where it comes from. Artists are afraid to take chances. They stick to their routine formula and never develop. My favorite artists are the one’s who strive to sound different than their previous work.

W: What are you hoping to accomplish with Headlock? Why should cats check for this?

E: It’s something different than your everyday Hip Hop. If you appreciate experimental music, than this is something you can enjoy. If your looking for the same old sounds and styles, I’m not your man. This year my plan is to release as much music as possible. I’m at the point in my career where it’s do or die. I have a very deep catalog of music I’ve recorded over the past couple years and I want to show the world what I have to offer. I like the free download approach because it’s the best way to be heard. The Headlock EP is just the beginning.

W: The track “Ultimate Rant” is becoming one of my favorites off the EP, basically because that’s exactly what it is, a rant, with lots of ideas that I happen to agree with (drug companies and the such). How did that song come about?

E: Remix Villain sent me the beat and it was heavy. I basically wrote how the music made me feel, which is summed up in the chorus. “Who the hell are you, trying to tell me what to do” like fuck you, I’m going to do what I want. It’s an intense track. When we recorded the song, he told me to go off at the end and see what happens. When I’m in the booth, I’m willing to try anything and I mean anything! It’s moments like these that take the music to new levels.

W: The track “Vengeance”, holds true to the album’s path as it too is a bit different than a lot of the material you’ve released in the past. I thought the singing touch was nice and worked well with the theme of the song and the music. Is that something you were shooting for?

E: My friend Alanna is the singer on that track. She used to be the lead singer for a Rock group called “Medicated Kisses” in Boston. We had a mutual respect for each others talents and we wanted to figure out some way to collaborate. I thought she could fit in well with what I was recording with Remix Villain so we decided to make a song. This was another case of me wanting to try something out of the ordinary and it worked.

W: What’s the background story for the “For All Mankind” Parts one and two? The production on Part Two is great!

E: “For All Mankind Pt. 1″ was the first song me and RV recorded. We knew after that song that we had something going, which sparked the whole EP. Part 2 was just a continuation of the song. Those tracks are basically me showcasing my skills. I didn’t get into any specifics with that joint, I just wanted to show the world what I’m all about.

W: You mentioned that you have a lot of music in the vaults, so what’s next for E The Real after this EP? What else are you and the Kinda of Dusty camp dropping in 2010?

E: I’m coming out Gordon Gekko style this year (April 23). Kinda Dusty has too much material in the works to mention. We’ve been busy in the lab.

W: Anything we might have left out?

E: Shout out to the whole Kinda Dusty fam. Paul Mighty, Spit Supreme, Skivi B, and DJ Manipulator. We are all very dedicated to our crafts and our fans and supporters is what keeps us moving forward. Travis and Wake Your Daughter Up have been extremely supportive to me over the years and it is truly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

“You gotta get your fingers dusty…and keep your ear to the streets so you won’t get rusty”- Diamond D

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Paul Mighty February 2, 2010 at 10:02 pm

Great interview. Thanks to Trav and WYDU for the continued support. We appreciate it!

Abigail February 3, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Liked the update. The album cover looks really good, the mixed media is really creative.

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