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"The Best Albums of January"

by Eric on February 2, 2010


Apspect. One-”Vibe. Over” & Oddisee’s “Traveling Man”

Two instrumental albums boasting production courtesy of artists on opposite coasts, both equally effective, yet different in their own right.  My daily routine usually consists of : waking up, working out, work, get home (play with the girls), watch College B-Ball and finish the night off with a few games of NBA 2k10 or NCAA Hoops 2010, even more so recently as my Wife has returned back to school to finish up here nursing degree.  Usually I like to throw some new ‘ish on Itunes to accompany more than an hour or two of “gaming”, and as of late the choice albums have been mainly instrumental joints.  Thank goodness for Aspect. One’s recent instrumental opus (on the heels of ’09′s equally potent “Vibe. Ready”) and Oddisee’s “Traveling Man” (again, a follow up, or coinciding release to his free DL, “Odd Winter”).

While Oddisee’s album is fueled by a more “worldly” sound, Aspect. One’s production found on “Vibe. Over” reminds me alot of the LabTechs sound, bass heavy beats that are reliant on clarity. Jerking samples from popular 80′s new wave hits “Tainted Love”, “Hanging On” and even Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” and chopping them to pieces, L.A.’s Aspect. One has dropped 23 tracks of pure heat.  I can’t identify one single instance of wackness on “Vibe. Over” nor his prior release “Vibe. Ready”, for that matter.

You can DL “Vibe. Over” HERE (via AboveGround Magazine)

Oddisee’s “Traveling Man” accurately depicts the signature sounds of Oddisee’s travels throughout the world, ranging from the jazzy-tinged beats that can often be heard in “Tokyo” to the signature soul sound that captures the true essence of “Philly”.  You gotta’ ask yourself, with as much material as Oddisee has dropped over the last two years or so, is this cat ever gonna’ deplete his production pipeline?  This cat is the true definition of consistency, delivering classics such as Diamond District’s “In The Ruff” as well as his “Odd” seasonal releases.

Be sure to cop “Traveling Man” on Itunes:

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