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Top Hip-Hop Singles of 2009 – BC's 71-90

by BC on February 2, 2010

I think early Febuarary is a perfect time to discuss the best songs of 2009. Most people would do it in January, but that’s what everyone is expecting. BLAM! Out of the blue, my top 90 of ’09.

90) How to Emcee – Rakim – I haven’t really gotten into the album, but this song is solid. To me, the LP had entirely way too much R&B. The beat here is raw and Rakim brings some fire as he tells you how to emcee. If anyone has the right to teach people how to emcee, it’s Rakim.

89) 2 Dope Boyz – Camp Lo – Camp Lo started Rob and Stone on the right note, although the LP didn’t hold up much after this song. They use a mash of Outkast and LL as the chorus and the beat comes hard, as do Geechie Suede and Sonny Cheeba.

88) Left Field – B.o.B – One of B.o.B’s many great songs from 2009. This song has Bobby Ray talking about his struggles in life and in music.

87) I’m An American – La Coka Nostra w/ B-Real – A nice hardcore track featuring B-Real.

86) Peppermint Patty – Zion I – Zion I likes to experiment with some different styles and “Peppermint Patty” is another different song from the group.

85) Me Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpset) – Busdriver – Busdriver spitting a mile a minute over some classical music.

84) Spotlight – Gift of Gab – The beat is funky, yet simple, with a piano loop and some futuristic bleeps. If I knew anything about producing music, maybe I’d be able to tell you what those bleepsd are, but I don’t, so give it a listen. Of course, Gab has one of the most unique flows in the game and he does his thing here, as usual. The R&B chorus works as well.

83) Freedom – Fashawn – Exile’s beat is solid and the Talib Kweli sample from “Definition” is nice. Lyrically, this might be one of the more random songs as Fashawn kind of just throws out a bunch of stuff really. If I were deep and stuff, maybe I could find some meaning between what his saying and the title of the song. Sorry, I’m not.

82) Brujeria – La Coka Nostra w/ Sick Jacken – Some more hardcore from LCN.

81) Over There – Ace and Edo – This song has a nice mellow vibe and is one of the better tracks from A&E.

80) Respectfully – Trife Diesel w/ Ghostface Killah – I always thought Trife was a nice MC, but I didn’t get into his LP that much. However, this song, featuring Ghostface, is a nice street track and both MC’s rip it up.

79) Hip Hop – N.A.S.A. feat. Fatlip and KRS-One – There were some good songs on the N.A.S.A album and this is a nice head nodder featuring 2 classic artists on the microphone.

78) New Bikini – Tash – I couldn’t find tash’s album anywhere and it looks like it got pulled off of amazon, at least the CD itself, so I didn’t hear anything except “New Bikini” from his MySpace page. I dig the beat and it reminds me of a song Tha Liks would do, a nice party track. Again, I didn’t hear anything from anyone about this, so if you’ve heard the album, let me know what you thought.

77) Double Barrel – Marco Polo and Torae – This song kicks off the album on a nice hardcore tip, which is basically what the album is. The production is nice and there’s some nice DJ work going on here.

76) Juicy Juice – Zion I – I don’t know what you call that Kidz in the Hall/The Cool Kids style of hip-hop, but this is right up that alley. They’re using that deep voice/slow down whatever the hell it is over the chorus, but I’m cool with it. The Cool Kids and the Dave Foley-less KITH sound is alright in small doses, and I like that this song is a little change of pace on The Takeover.

75) Bass For Your Trunk – Slug & Murs – Slug and Murs are both real nice MC’s and the production on this track from Aesop Rock is real nice.

74) Brother’s Song – Know Life & Tech-Omega – This was submitted to our inbox and I immediately dug this song. Both the producer and emcee have a lot of potential and I’m looking forward to hearing more in the future. Sample of their music:

73) The Preacher – Brother Ali – A horn heavy Ant produced song that finds Ali kicking crisp, tight rhymes.

72) Least Favorite Rapper – Busdriver feat. No Can Do – Busdriver and No Can Do calling out your favorite rappers. You have to hear this song just for the mention of Michael Richards and his infamous stand-up tape.

71) Good Lord – Brother Ali – This is from Ali’s EP, The Truth is Here. Instead of horns, here you have some piano loops. I’m still trying to figure out if Brother Ali is a religious man, I think he might be.

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