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Trav's Most Played

by Travis on February 2, 2010

DTMD (aka Dunc Toine Makin’ Dollars) – Fantastic

This young DC duo have been poppin’ up on recent releases, with Dunc contributing a track to Diamond District’s album along with some X.O. stuff and Toine has been on some Oddisee and X.O. tracks. I don’t know much else about them, other than reading they are still a little young. If that’s the case, these young cats have a future. I was going through my recently downloaded tracks, ones that I either get sent to me or I pick up while tripping through the internet and ran into “Fantastic”. I was hooked by the melodic sound, it’s simple but very catchy, almost Dilla-esque, in a vintage turn of the century variety. Toine is simple on the mic as well, but meshes so well with the beat, it’s hard not to just play this joint over and over and nod your head along to it. You can pick up the free EP here.

Oddisee - Khartoum

Amazingly enough, I still haven’t heard Oddisee’s Traveling Man joint that dropped last week. I’m behind on my game, but I plan on giving it a listen tonight after hearing the three tracks that were sent to me as promo items then the “Detroit” track that Eric posted up a couple days ago. “Khartoum” is filled with lush horns, bangin’ percussion and all the good stuff that I need to feel that slight tingle in that audio area of my brain. Oddisse has been on a tear for about a year now, he’s turned me from a casual listener to eagerly awaiting what he is going to do next. And best of all, my love of dope instrumentals continue.

DJ Rob-A - Stacks In the Lab (Hear Song Here)

I’ve seen the name DJ Rob-A scattered about here and there over the past 15 years or so, usually it was associated with an MF Grimm or MF DOOM joint. Last year, Rob dropped The New Mortal Sin, a full project that features Rob on the boards, behind the mic and on the cuts. It featured the dope track with MF DOOM “She Still Got Dimples”, which was produced by the masked one himself. The track “Stacks in the Lab” got me hooked though. Rob incorporates a bluesy sounding guitar lick that rides over a “humming” like sample. It’s got that 90′s flavor to it, which automatically makes it a winner in my book.

Krs-One & Buckshot feat Talib Kweli & Geologic of Blue Scholars - Oh Really? (remix…kind of)

While the so called remix of “Oh Really” isn’t much different, the fact that it was pushed as a remix has made me appreciate the song more than I originally did. Produced by Marco Polo, it’s the type of beat we come to expect of Marco Polo, and provides KRS, Buckshot and Geo to do what they do best, which is drop rhymes by the pound. It’s good that the remix contains Geologic of Blue Scholars fame, and he holds his own against the vets of the game in Kris and Buckshot.

Brass Knuckle MentalitySome Say

This is a track that I was jamming a lot this past fall, but when all the year end/holiday/4th quarter bullshit kicked off, I kinda forgot about it. Who is Brass Knuckle Mentality? Well it was a mix of EtheReal, Arablak, Ivan Drago, and Race Bannon with producers Frank the Butcher & Tone Capone. Oh yeah, it’s from 2006 as well. My man Jaz wanted to hear some Arablak material, so I dug this out of stack of CDs and hooked him. This particular track, “Some Say,” is a EtheReal solo joint. It’s a rather haunting track, with a vocal sample that sounds like the same artist that Diz Gibran sampled on last year’s track “Impossible”, that really sets the mood. E drops that no nonsense style that works so well on beats like these. He attacks those that can’t take responsibility for their own actions and instead play their actions on other things, such as video games, movies, what ever it is.

108 Dragons - Loose Talk In the Lab

One thing I like to do during the slow time of the first quarter of a year is go back and try to listen to some of the older shit that I might have missed over the years. This is one such group that I “discovered”. Nobody said these posts had to contain new stuff. 108 Dragons dropped The Black Dragon EP back in 1998, which I slept on. I had heard “Loose Talk In the Lab” on a mixtape or two in the past and it always caught my attention. I don’t know how long I’ve had this on my computer, but I finally got around to listening to it and the whole thing is actually pretty good. Naughty Ax and D-Roc handle the mic chores, one of them sounds like a more talented Fat Joe. The beat is freakin’ phenomenal (this is coming from an old school head), with a ill ass piano sample and that straight up head noddin’ shit.

Blame One - Small Town Cops

Why this wasn’t on the recently put on the recently dropped Leaks & Gemz, I don’t know, but it should have. “Small Town Cops” was something that Blame dropped on twitter one night and being the fan of his music that I am, I snatched it up. It’s basically a story about Exile and Blame getting harassed by some small town cops on a way to show. This is all over a freakin’ classic Exile beat (I’m assuming). I don’t know the year or any of that on this song, but damn, it should have been included on the recent release.

Black Milk - Keep It Going

Why do I want to put a fist through a well every time I hear this song? “Keep It Going” is Black Milk with his foot on the pedal all the way down to the floor. The herky-jerky choppy drums and beat makes one want to roll some bums in the park or something. It’s got those Black Milk drums that smack hard. It probably could lose the female vocal sample on the chorus, but the rest of the song is too crazy to hold that it against it too long. I have a feeling the upcoming Black Milk projects are going to be nuts.

Basic VocabPrescription

I just realized that Eric just included the same track by Basic Vocab, but too late to turn back and besides, it’s not often that we agree (and I already dropped the new Jake One/Freeway/Rae track cause he had it). E also jogged my memory this duo dropped a project a few years back. I’m going to be checking out the new album when it drops as both cuts I’ve heard from it are straight up nice, with “Prescription” being the better of the two. It’s a mellow joint that incorporates a nice soul joint on the beat. Diggin’ it….

Von Pea -

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I’ll admit, I have dual purposes for including this track. First and foremost, it’s f*ckin’ dope. Von Pea has improved leaps and bounds lyrically over the first time when I heard him back in ’03 or ’04, as he has dropped some of the most memorable verses on the Tanya Morgan joints and comes with heat burners on the solo tip such as “Toss It Over”. The beat is nice too, produced by Suhburb. Lot’s of “stop and go” on the samples along with a tinny piano sample that adds a classical feel to it. Diggin’ this track a lot.

The other reason I wanted to throw this track in the mix was the fact it’s part of my man DJ Low Key’s upcoming mixtape with Sound Supreme for the infamous The Solution club in which Low Key and Sound Supreme rule for the past three years, playing real hip hop in the Denver area:

For close to three years, DJ Low Key and Sounds Supreme have blessed Denver with a quality hip hop party that’s second to none. Since it’s birth in February ’07, the Solution has played host to variety of events that’d impress the pickiest of hip hop snobs from NY to LA, including performances from Blu, Kidz In The Hall, Tanya Morgan, Median, Theophilus London, Mickey Factz and more, special guest DJs like Vajra, Benzi, Chonz, Risk One and others and unique events like an annual chicken and waffles party, a yearly J Dilla tribute and more. With a recently launched web site at, the mixtape on the way and a move to a bigger, better venue coming at the end of February, the Solution w/DJ Low Key & Sounds Supreme is just getting started.

About the DJs: Radio Bums crew members DJ Low Key & Sounds Supreme have been making big moves on the Colorado scene and beyond for years. With almost twenty years of club, radio and mixtape experience between them, they’re two of the best DJs in the thriving Denver scene. DJ Low Key is the tour DJ for Tanya Morgan, co-captain of Frank151′s Denver Diggers and is known for mixtape collabs with some of the best up and coming artists out, including TiRon, Che Grand, Median and more. Sounds Supreme is a veteran DJ at KS 107.5, Denver’s premier hip hop station, Denver rep for the Scratch Academy and has had mixtapes featured on the likes of MTV Mixtape Mondays, and more.

So be sure to check for that when it drops!

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