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Mellow Music Signs Boog Brown and Apollo Brown, Forming New Duo UPS + Mixtape (Link inside)

by Eric C. on February 3, 2010

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just listened to this mixtape…PURE HEAT, a MUST Download!!!!!!


Newly signed Mello Music artist Boog Brown and producer Apollo Brown join forces to form UPS with their forthcoming album The Brown Study LP, due for release in the summer of 2010. In anticipation of their debut Boog Brown is releasing a mixtape entitled The Grind Season Vol. 1.

The Brown Study LP will be the debut release from UPS, comprising Atlanta-based emcee Boog Brown and hip-hop producer Apollo Brown. Recently signed to Mello Music Group, the two artists joined forces to create an album that Boog describes as “the most vulnerable” she has ever been musically. Due for release in the summer of 2010, The Brown Study LP will showcase the truth, confidence, style, and strong sense of hip-hop integrity that UPS represent.

In anticipation of the UPS album, Boog Brown entices fans with a taste of things to come on her latest mixtape The Grind Season Vol. 1. A collection of music from the Atlanta-based artist, this latest project features production from Illastrate, Lex Boogie, 14KT and appearances from staHHr, Fluxwonda of Binkis Recs, and Mojo Swagger. “Grind Season is a state of being,” says Boog on the meaning behind the mixtape’s title. “Every day you must grind for your vision. Mine is making honest music.” Tracks on the mixtape, including “Grind Season,” “Anymode,” and “The Essence” serve as perfect examples of Boog’s smooth flow and propensity for delivering strong rhymes over laid-back beats. It’s all the reassurance you need that, as Boog herself says, “The Boys Club is non-existent to me.”

Boog Brown – The Grind Season Vol. 1:


The Background:
In the world of Hip Hop, Atlanta based Boog Brown spreads her “Dope Girl Magic” like her life depends on it and returns us to the roots of a genre that has literally changed the world. Currently based in Atlanta, Detroit native Brown describes herself as a “lover, fighter and artist.” This is reflected in her personal style, lyrical approach and unique perspective. Though she has been an emcee for roughly 3 years, her writing goes back to the age of 15, allowing her to amass an arsenal of lyrics including two chapbooks of poetry, Swimming Against the Current State of Mind: My Life In Words and Black Tie Fish Fry, and her debut mixtape, the 2007 release entitled Extended Play. Currently, Brown is developing a spring 2010 tour and releasing her latest mixtape, The Grind Season Vol. 1. Following the mixtape, Boog will be teaming up with producer and fellow Detroit native Apollo Brown for the forthcoming summer release of The Brown Study LP on Mello Music Group.

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Jaz February 4, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Boog Brown is nice with it.

Dart February 5, 2010 at 3:13 am



chronwell February 7, 2010 at 11:26 am

Feelin this. She’s nice with the pen and Illastate is a beatmakin’ T-Rex!

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