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Top Hip-Hop Singles of 2009 – BC's 51-70

by BC on February 4, 2010

70) Protagonists – Slug & Murs – This track starts Felt 3 and features a nice Aesop beat.

69) Us – Brother Ali – The album starts with a gospel chorus and an intro from Chuck D, and this last song from the album of the same name, uses that chorus to start slowly and build to a nice backdrop for Ali’s rhymes. Slightly different version from the LP:

68) Father – Fashawn – I’m not entirely sure if Fashawn is speaking about the Lord, or his father, or a mixture of both. The sample would have you think Jesus, but I’m not sure. Either way, the beat is on point and the song is dope.

67) Dinner Time – Royce Da 5’9″ w/ Busta Rhymes – This song reminded me of how good Busta Rhymes used to be. Royce does a nice job flowing over this beat, but Busta Bus just kills it. I just think the beat and style of this track fits Busta well.

66) On Smash – Camp Lo w/ Styles P – This the other stand out track from Stone and Rob.

65) Thank You – Jay-Z – I love this beat and Jay has some great stuff on this track. At first, it sounds like he’s saying thank you to his fans possibly, but then he kind of loses me as to why this song is called thank you. I guess it’s a sarcastic thank you to all the “haters” or something (especially based on the last verse). Either way it’s a cool track.

64) Geek to the Beat – Zion I – This song is a little like “Juicy Juice”, but with even more energy and some heavy bass. This video is pretty crazy, check it:

63) King Chief – B.o.B – I can’t quite make out the producer of this track from the mixtape, but the beat is something I haven’t really heard before. It features some American-Indian type chanting in the background, which sounds pretty damn cool.

62) Push N’ Pull – Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones – The old-school doo-wop/hip-hop mix really comes together on this horn heavy song.

61) Dawn – Mr. Lif – Lif ends I Heard It Today with this dope track about his discovery of hip-hop, music making process and fans, among other topics.

60) Drumsticks – Doomtree – This beat is ill and Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Dessa, P.O.S. and Sims hold down the mic. The video is pretty damn cool and gets a few more points from me for being filmed within blocks of where I live.

59) Imperial – Cunninlynguists w/ Freddie Gibbs – The bass heavy organ beat is a nice way to start CL’s 2nd release of the year.

58) Intro – Fashawn – About 30 seconds into the first track you get a crazy beat and Fashawn dropping some inspiring mic work. The last 30 seconds you have some turntable work, which I’m always a sucker for. This type of intro is a good way to get someone like me excited for the rest of the album.

57) 16 – B.o.B – This song is basically B.o.B rapping over “Only Sixteen” by Sam Cooke. Pretty cool song.

56) What About Us? – Mr. Lif – Lif’s always good for a message song or 30 and on this song you hear Lif discussing the monetary gap between the rich and poor in the USA.

55) Palm the Joker – Brother Ali – This is another song from Ali’s nice EP, The Truth Is Here. The beat is, to use one of the 3-4 adjectives I use to describe songs in my extremely, um, big vocabulary, is dope.

54) Hold Up – Marco Polo and Torae feat. Masta Ace and Sean Price – The beat uses a familiar bassline and a sporadic horn. Ace starts off by letting you know how much better than you he is, and he is. Although, Sean P. and Torae drop some great verses on this song as well. Hold up, did I just say drop some great verses on this song? I could have said ripped the mic like your mom rocks a bong. (Yeah, that’s why I wasn’t on this song.)

53) Brooklyn Bridge – Bekay w/ Masta Ace – An ode to Brooklyn from a dude that named himself after his favorite borough and the boroughs finest.

52) Little Young – Ace & Edo – Man, I was amped when I heard this song and it’s subject matter, as I’ve been saying for years that any rapper (with the exception of Fame) with Lil’ in his, of her, name is wack as hell.

51) Running Wild – Cunninlynguists w/ E-40 and Evidence – I think I mentioned this song in my vivid album description that made you think you were actually listening to the LP. E-40 is worth the price of admission on this song. damn, it’s like you can hear him right now.

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