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Top Hip-Hop Singles of 2009 – BC's 31-50

by BC on February 6, 2010

50) When She Calls – Fashawn – A tale of suicide over an orchestral sounding beat.

49) The Distance – Cunninlynguists w/ Tonedeff – This is off of Strange Journey Volume 1 and Tonedeff handles the vocals by himself. The beat is pretty standard, but fits well with the theme of the song.

48) Folklore – Mr. Lif w/ Vinnie Paz and Dumbtron – The beat features a cool bassline and Lif, Dumbtron (DOOM and ???) and Vinnie Paz rock well.

47) Bang Bang – La Coka Nostra w/ Snoop Dogg – Snoop guests on this track, handling the chorus, and Everlast calls himself white in about 20 different ways.

46) El Gifto Magnifico – Gift of Gab – This beat is real nice and Gift of Gab flows that crazy flow. I just wish I knew Spanish.

45) Roses – Mos Def – I think I’ve compared this song to something that Andre 3000 would do and that could have something to do with the title, which was also the title of one of Andre’s tracks on The Love Below. This isn’t your typical rap song and heavily features a singer other than Mos.

44) Country Baked Yams – Zion I feat. Devin the Dude – Man, I don’t even know how to explain this song. It’s weird, but I dig it.

43) Up Up & Away – Kid Cudi – This acoustic guitar and live band song ended Cudi’s solo debut and it’s a catchy little tune mostly about smoking.

42) Cloud 9 – B.o.B – A real mellow track that sounds like it would make a nice end to a proper album.

41) Wake Up Call – Poe Picasso – We got this in the inbox a ew months ago and this song is dope. The beat is real nice and Poe calls out thug and hipster rappers before hipping you to the man himself.

40) Ei8ht is Enough – Ace and Edo – A slow and eerie beat accompanies Ace and Edo as they spit 8 bars at a time.

39) Gun Harmonizing – Royce Da 5’9″ – It’s a weird idea to make gun sounds as your hook, but I like it. The beat mixes a break beat, some piano, strings and vocalization.

38) Permanent Standby – Slug & Murs – The drum heavy beat and scratching make for an interesting sound on this track. Murs and Slug kicks some verses about gals.

Here’s a weird video:

37) Survival Skills – KRS-One and Buckshot – KRS and Buckshot calling out rappers and ask that you don’t sleep on
their music. Which, you really shouldn’t do.

36) Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes) – CunninLynguists feat. Slug – A real nice song about being on the road and longing to get home.

35) Purexed – P.O.S. – I love this song. It’s almost acapella until the chorus kicks in and the drums kick in. It slows back down after the chorus and builds back up again.

34) Boy Meets World – Fashawn – Like pretty much every song on Fashawn’s album, the beat is phenominal. Fashawn talks about growing up and the struggles in his life and he’s been through a lot.

33) Clean Up Crew – KRS-One and Buckshot w/ Rock – I still really dig Rock and he puts in a nice guest appearance on this song. It’s my new favorite song that features numerous shout outs to cleaning products.

32) I’ll Be N Da Sky – B.o.B. – I’m finding it hard to find B.o.B songs and videos right now. This single was available on iTunes earlier in the year and seems like it could have been a big hit if it was attached to an album and a little bit more promotion. Or, maybe some payola.

31) Lifetime – Marco Polo and Torae w/ DJ Revolution – This is one of the better songs on Double Barrel and souns like a Premo beat. Real nice all-around song, great beat, nice MC and some turntable work. Sample:

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George Aston June 1, 2010 at 2:21 pm

Hey there!
My band just made our very own proper song!!!

Check it out, we’ve learnt a lot from your blog! :)

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