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Top Hip-Hop Singles of 2009 – BC's 1-10

by BC on February 9, 2010

10) The WWKYA Tour (remix) – Cunninlynguists w/ EFamm – The chanting background vocals start and stop throughout this song and EFamm takes care of the vocal duties. Tonedeff, PackFM and Substantial talk about life on the road. Any song that ends with a House Party sample of the high pitched dude from Full Force is alright with me.

9) Mellow Fellow – B.o.B – This is a catchy tune and the one that first stood out when I checked out his stuff. Lyrically, it’s just Bobby Ray talking about Bobby Ray, or is it B.o.B? Something like that. Snippet:

Here’s the full album that was once posted on his MySpace page:

8) Takeover – Zion I – This is one of the more straight up hip-hop tracks from The Takeover. I think this is the best beat on the album as well.

7) Empire State of Mind – Jay Z w/ Alicia Keys – Jay’s ode to NY featuring Alicia Key’s tour de force chorus. I don’t need to say much about this song because you’ve heard it.

6) Cudi Zone – Kid Cudi – This is my favorite track from Cudi’s Man On the Moon LP. This song is very melodic, especially the chorus and there’s just something about the beat that I really like. It’s kind of a synthesizer orchestral beat.

5) Life As a Shorty – Fashawn – Fashawn’s song about growing up poor without a father (that did finally show up) and a few step-fathers, getting into fights and being cheated on by his first girl. Even through all of this, he enjoyed his childhood (to a certain extent) and learned from those experiences.

4) Generation Lost – B.o.B – I like this song because it’s cool to hear a dude in his early 20′s talk about changing his perspective on life and basically growing up. He doesn’t really explain what sparked the change, if you can call it that, but it’s a cool song.

3) New Wu – Raekwon feat. Ghostface and Method Man – Man, this song got me real excited for OB4CLII. I was skeptical, but the LP actually lived up to the years of hype. This is something you could throw on any one of the Wu LP’s in the 90′s and it would fit right in, and that’s for damn sure a compliment.

2) The Sun – Mr. Lif – I’m not sure what the sample is, I’ve had no luck trying to find it, but I love it. This is the stand out song on a real nice LP from Lif. Check it out if you haven’t.

1) Never Come Down (The Brownie Song) – CunninLynguists – Well, I agree with Travis on this one. I think the song is hilarious and I have been known to ignore weed songs in the past because usually they’re just the same old same old, but CunninLynguists pull off something original and it’s also WYDU’s video of 2009.

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