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Yo WYDU Raps

by Travis on February 11, 2010

A sneak peak…..

Paten LockeVentilation

My man Paten Locke is set to release his second single, “Ventilation,” which happens to be my favorite joint from the album. He shot the video while out in L.A. toward the end of last year. Here is just a little behind the scenes love before the video, which is P. Locke’s first video.

Dillon & Paten Locke - Stay Relative

Speaking of Paten Locke, he brought along a friend. Dillon Mauer and Paten Locke dropped a great album in The Studies In Hunger, it just happened to come during the whole year end crap and kinda got lost in the mess. But I’ve made up for it as I’ve played the shit out of it over the month of January. The beat is nothing short of special as Paten Locke crafts the perfect soundtrack for Dillon to drop that realness. No, I’m not talking about poppin’ shots, I’m talking about family. Dillon brings out his family tree, literally. The video is well crafted and it’s perfect to bring home the meaning of the song.

NoCanDoExploits & Glitches

Alright, so I’ve been sleeping on this Project Blowed graduate. I got the wake up call earlier this week when NoCanDo’s Jimmy The Lock, he’s latest album got passed to me and I’ve been playing fairly non stop since then. It’s got noise, I love noise. Loud drums too. The video is creative as hell, which just adds to the song. This is how you do it…

Mike Schpitz aka LoveJones - The Rain

In some ways I almost prefer Mike Schpitz aka LoveJones over the Phys Ed beats, but I can’t argue with the beat he borrowed from 9th Wonder neither. The video has some cool shots and holds the interest, but should have been shot during a rainy day, or a hurricane, Mike’s choice….

ZerostarIntro (Everybody)

We featured Zerostar in the past, this Ohio MC is part of the Weightless crew and is currently working on a full length that (I believe) is supposed to be produced by Blueprint. We’ll find out for sure when we talk to him in the next week or so. He dropped his free EP Are We There Yet last summer, which you can pick up……now

Download the EP

The video is dope enough, produced by Shankar, it’s the typical day-n-the-life, around the city, black and white video, but it’s done professionally. Very sharp actually.

Kam Moye - Forever Fresh

North Carolina’s own, Kam Moye aka Supastition, teams up with up and coming Bay Area director, Charles Barcelona (Homegrown Outfitters/Right Lane Ent) for the Marco Polo-produced banger, “Forever Fresh.” The video is done documentary-style and showcases Kam in various behind-the-scenes clips, past videos, and show footage from performances in the U.S. and abroad. The rest of the video was shot on location in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The song itself is reminiscent of the former Supastition sound with Kam spitting rapid fire, while still dropping jewels like “I’m what happens when a child prodigy grows up.” Marco Polo’s head nodding production shines brilliantly throughout the track triumphant horn stabs and classic boom bap drums leave the perfect backdrop for K
ferocity. “Forever Fresh” is the b-side to Kam Moye’s official second single and album title track, “Splitting Image.” – Press

Ali Vegas feat Eyes LowStrugglin’ Artist

The video isn’t anything special, it’s got all your typcial hip hop subjects. I like the track a lot though, the production is on some smooth string shit.

Download track Here.

Children of the Night - Rumpus

RUMPUS, Children of the Night from Jon Wasserman on Vimeo.

I’m not sure where I stand on this video/track. The video is kinda boring in the sense I’m just watching a dude rap, with some other clips mixed in. The image they are portraying almost feels like that hipster stuff which I’m rather sick of. The beat sounds like something that came off of Kanye’s 808 & Heartbreaks debacle. I had a love/hate relationship with the beats on that album, just like I do with this track. The emcees are nice though with theirs, which is where my confusion on whether to like this track or not lies. I don’t think the video helps it all, but I’m still debating on the actual song.

Fat Rat Da CzarSomething Ain’t Right

As far as videos go, this video from Fat Rat Da Czar might be the best one of the week. It might read a little too much like an after school special for some people, but I found the “mini movie” to be rather powerful. It follows along with the song, so it’s basically a visual of what is going on in the song, and it follows it beautifully. The song itself is powerful in it’s message, but not drawn out or dull, thanks to a beat that gives the song the needed character to be a moving song.

Jern EyeGet Down

Jern Eye’s new video for “Get Down” is anything but a “vision all helter skelter.” Jam-packed with beautiful girls, special effects, and an energetic front man, the video for “Get Down,” the official first single from Jern’s sophomore album, Vision, is something provides the perfect visuals for the upbeat party-vibe. “Since the song is very high energy, we decided to make it visually dynamic in the post editing,” says Jern. “A lot of cool affects were used on the set as well, like having projection transposed during some of the performance shots.” As the infectious drumbeat takes hold, explosive special effects and colors pop at all the right moments, the result being a visually stunning viewing experience. Director Jon Santos took a very simple shoot, added the many facets of Jern Eye’s personality, and created a unique and exciting experience perfect as the backdrop of a funky dance club. Although not apparent on first watch, Jern Eye’s album cover for Vision is inserted into the video numerous times as well as a visual reminder of the song’s name, “Get Down.” The video also highlights the instruments that make the song so powerful with shots of the synthesizer playing its catchy lick and drummer pushing the beat. Jern Eye’s sophomore album, Vision, is now available via MYX Music Label.

Buy the album here

Richie Cunning - Richie Cunning’s Day Off

RoutineFly and Richie Cunning are proud to present the official video for “Richie Cunning’s Day Off”, shot and directed by Trevor Traynor ( / The video is filmed in a grip of locations including but not limited to; someone else’s limo, a matinee showing of “More Than A Game”, and a cave. The song itself is available on Richie Cunning’s “Late Night Special”
mixtape as well as Rec-League’s “Season Two” compilation, both released in December of 2009. Richie Cunning’s debut album “Night Train“ is available now on as well as iTunes, Amazon and other fine internet music retailers.

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