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Mixtape Saturdays

by Travis on February 13, 2010

Peace kiddies, what’s good. It’s a drab and gloomy day here at the WYDU offices. No football, baseball hasn’t started yet (for those of us who still watch it) and I’m already tired of watching speed skating on the Olympics. So I figured it was time for some mixtapes. I’m not talking about Lil Yung’s lastest “street album”, I’m talking about REAL mixtapes, or the closest to what we had back in the 90′s when DJ’s such as R&R, Ron G, Kid Capri, and others used to put out. Meaning, it’s just hot tracks, mixed by some dope cats. I’m not much of a mixtape head anymore, there is just way too many of them, but all of these are quality. Good music to throw on while playing some Madden, or fuckin’ around the house, or whatever else you do on a snowy, rainy, cloudy weekend day.

First up, remember Polarity? If there are still any cats out there that have been reading WYDU since it’s conception, you will remember Polarity was the cat I started WYDU with. He goes by Debonair P now, and is the producer/DJ for Australia’s Low Budget. P has always done mixes and blends for himself and others, and they are always top notch. He grabs a bunch of rare and obscure stuff for Debonair Blends #5, some stuff I din’t even know about, but P got some bangers on this for sure.

Debonair Blends 5:


PMD – Kool Kat
Reyel & Khaliyl – Eye See
Easy Moe Bee – Elements I’m Among (Instrumental)
Lowly Ones – All Night
Artifacts – Collaboration of Mics
Grand Puba – Keep On
Lux – Don’t Give a Fuck
Q Ball & Curt Cazall – Anything U Want
Jamal – Beez Like That
Encore – The Essence
Frankenstein – UV
Redman – Bobyahed2dis
Jaz-O – Bring It On
Lo Lifes – Lo Lifes are Low
Royal Flush – Rotten Apple
Lord Digga – Feel It
Masta Ace – Dopes Pushers Addicts
Mad Skillz – Skillz in 95
Adagio – The Obvious Part 2
K-Def – Jam On It
Ak Skills – Nights of Fear
Money Boss – Walk With The Limp
Fat Cat Clique – Da Flow
Sic Sense – Positional Bypass
E-Boogie – Da Muthafuckin Man
Souls of Mischief – Fa Sho Fa Real
Cella Dwellas – I’m Tellin’ U
Large Professor – Dancing Girl
Afu Ra – Whirlwind Through Cities (Instrumental)
Ghetto Concept – Livin It Up
All City – Just Live
Massinfluence – Atlanta Ya On
Diamond – This One (instrumental)
Lone Catalysts – Due Process
Union of Opposites – Continuations
Showbiz & AG – Stand Strong
Godfather Don – Do You Know?
Citizen Kane – Blackrain
Nas – One on One
Nick Wiz – Lockness
Bahamadia – Uknowhowwedo RMX
OC – What I Represent
Gauge – Break Through
Saukrates – Play Dis
Big Daddy Kane – Three’s Company
Aboriginals – Chemistry
Sound Providers – Jazz at the Cove
Rakim – We’ll Never Stop
DJ Shok – Book Of Death (Instrumental)
Reservoir Dogs – The Difference
K Terroribul – Feel It
Nomaads – The Ultimate
Double X – Knock It Off Will Ya
Thrust – Emcee
Pudgee – Stayin Alive
REC Centre – Mind Body & Soul
Hieroglyphics – Miles to the Sun

Good friends and colleagues,

In case you missed it last summer – We have just Re-Upped DJ Superix’s – ‘Teddy Riley: King Of Swing’ mixtape. If you haven’t heard it – please check it – we had great feedback on this during last summer and has gained well over two and a half thousand downloads.

Please feel free to post it anywhere and distribute it to anyone you know.

Original post here:

Here’s some blurb should you need it:

‘Unless you have either been born after 1999 or just woken up after being frozen in carbonite from 1983 until now – then you will no doubt be familiar with one of the greatest producers ever in modern music – Teddy Riley. Not only responsible for creating the ‘New Jack Swing’ sound, he completely changed modern soul music, flipped it, and took it back to the streets again. This is a mix that certifies what a genius hitmaker he was in both hip-hop and R&B. It will of course be confirmed to you from listening to just 30 seconds of this mix hearing the beat from Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew’s ‘The Show’ – a classic hip hop track that was co-produced and arranged by the man himself. When Teddy wasn’t producing for his own groups such as Guy and Blackstreet he was working with heavyweight’s such as Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson (and of course actual scientifically proven heavyweight – Heavy-D). We think this mix sums up the wide range and flexibility of Teddy’s musical genius, from uptempo cuts such as Big Daddy Kane’s ‘I Get The Job Done’ to Blackstreet’s ‘Joy’ (which was originally intended for Michael Jackson, who also wrote the track btw).

Anyway, let the music do the talking – enjoy the mix.

Southern Hospitality Presents:
Teddy Riley: King Of Swing
Mixed By DJ Superix



Don’t forget to check our site here:

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Here’s the link:
Brooklyn Dust Mixtape

Tracklist for you: (my blends marked with a *)

1. Intro
2. *Too Many Haters ft Nas
3. Root Down (Prunes remix)
4. *Rhyme Nostalgia
5. Body Movin (Def Squad remix) ft Erick Sermon, Redman + Biz Markie
6. *NY Scientists
7. Get It Together (Buckwild remix) ft Q-Tip
8. *Right Now Feel The Horns
9. Gratitude
10. Sabotage
11. Remote Control
12. *Disturbed Word
13. Squat – De La Soul ft Mike D + Adrock
14. Intergalactic (’94 demo)
15. *Jay-Unit
16. 4 Fly Guys ft Hurricane
17. *Insane B-Boys
18. Jay-Z Live Interlude
19. No Sleep Till Brooklyn (original mix)
20. 99 Problems (Just Blaze blend) – Jay-Z
21. *Stop That Black Mag
22. So What’cha Want? (Soul Assassins remix) ft B-Real
23. *Three The Nubian Way
24. *NY We Go Hard
25. Ricky’s Theme
26. Shake Your Rump / Madlib remix
27. *Police Negotiation
28. *Turn Alive
29. *Ooh-Wee Check It
30. *Triple Rappers Delight ft Sugarhill Gang
31. *Me, Myself + My Lifestyle
32. Once Around The Corner (The Fowl Song)
33. Fight For Your Right To Party (alternate lyrics mix)
34. Something’s Got To Give

More write up over here:

DJ Dopeshoes - Sole Food: Cold Bologna, Mayonnaise & Bread.

A new DJ to me, out of San Diego it appears. Really dug this mix, as it was perfect to throw on the iPod while I was bumping around the house a couple times this past month. Got a little bit of everything, from the new to old, to hip hop to soul. Gotta love it.,-Mayonnaise,-&-Bread


1. Masta Ace – ‘Me & the Biz’
2. People Under the Stairs – ‘We’ll Be There’
3. DITC – ‘Day One’
4. Common – ‘In My Own World’
5. Mad Kap – ‘When It Rains It Pours (Cheeba)’
6. Funkdoobiest – ‘You’re Dumin’’
7. Scarface – ‘A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die’
8. Marvin Gaye – ‘Innercity Blues’
9. Marco Polo – ‘Nostalgia (feat. Masta Ace)’
10. The Procussions – ‘For the Camera’
11. Chill Rob G – ‘Court is Now in Session’
12. Organized Konfusion – ‘Fudge Pudge’
13. Grand Puba – ‘I Like It’
14. Mary J. Blige – ‘All My Love’
15. DeBarge – ‘I Like It’
16. Freddie Joachim & Cypher Optics – ‘Drum Machine’
17. Eric B & Rakim – ‘In the Ghetto’
18. Dr. Dre (feat. Snoop) – ‘Lil’ Ghetto Boy’
19. Donny Hathaway – ‘Little Ghetto Boy’
20. Jeff Lorber Fusion – ‘Rain Dance’
21. Speak – ‘Ballad of the Pop, Lock, & Drop’
22. One Be Lo – ‘Unparalleled’
23. Intuition & Verbs – ‘Touch the Moon’
24. Tokimonsta – ‘Fool’
25. The Bar-Kays – ‘You Can’t Run Away From My Love’
26. Spice 1 – ‘Doncha Runaway’
27. UTD – ‘My Kung Fu’
28. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – ‘Back on the Block’
29. B.T. Express – ‘If It Don’t Turn You On (You Oughta Leave It Alone)’
30. De La Soul (feat. Mos Def) – ‘Big Brother Beat’
31. Casual – ‘We Got It Like That’
32. Jungle Brothers – ‘Because I Got It Like That’
33. Sly & The Family Stone – ‘You Can Make It If You Try’
34. Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – ‘I Went For Mine’
35. Presto (feat. Lowd & DJ Haul) – ‘Breath Control’
36. Bill Withers – ‘Harlem/Cold Bologna (live at Carnegie Hall)’

Much respect and gratitude.


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jrrider February 14, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Thanks for these and the WYDU classics, my Ipod is hooked up for a few weeks!!!

And the only cool thing about Valentine's Day is for people to get away for the weekend and get some quality mozy wozy time.

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